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10 Stationery Self Care Ideas To Try


Self care is important to practise and it comes in so many different forms. Yes, a face mask or a soak in the bath is relaxing and pampering, but have you ever thought about self care ideas centred around stationery?

Stationery self care ideas to me sound so appealing and I was doing some of these without even thinking about the self care benefits they were giving me. If you follow my Instagram or Twitter, you will know I am a huge stationery lover. I am sharing a list of 10 ideas that you could practise as part of your self care routine.

1. Colouring

Bust out those colouring pencils or pens and get creative. It is a therapeutic activity that is been known to have so many benefits including relieves stress and anxiety, improves sleep and focus as well as improves your motor skills and vision. I have always loved colouring even as a child, it is one of my activities I go for if I am feeling stressed and anxious.

2. Treat yourself to new stationery

Why not treat yourself to a new notebook or some cute washi tape? Self care is also about making yourself happy, so treating yourself should be something you do regularly. You can never have too much stationery, am I right? Also having Stationery Week coming up from April 20th – April 26th, you are bound to find some bargains. I am also hosting a giveaway of stationery goodies too, so look out for that!

New notebook from WHSmith

3. Write in your journal

Writing in a journal is such a powerful form of self care. Putting all your thoughts, worries and feelings down on paper, it can declutter your mind. Some well known benefits of journaling are relieving stress and boosts your memory. I have a blog post next week sharing all the benefits from journaling.

4. Make homemade cards

Making homemade cards for others, is a great way to show you are thinking about them as well as giving you a creative outlet. When I was younger we all used to make homemade cards. Showing gratitude is so important. My mum had and still has so many crafting supplies, so there was always so much to choose from, probably where I get my creative flare from ha ha! Last year during stationery week I shared how you can make cards using a Stampin’ Up kit. You can see all of my card making and what designs I came up with.

5. Decorate a journal or notebook

Decorating a journal or notebook is a great way to make it unique and make it your own. You can use stickers, washi tapes, photographs or even your own doodles. I have done this to a few of my notebooks, my HP Sprocket has been getting a lot of use for this reason. I love having personal photographs on my diary and notebooks.

6. Practise lettering

There are so many different styles of lettering that you can master. Self care can be about developing and learning and not just about pampering, so why not learn a new skill or hobby. I experimented in my bullet journal with different lettering styles, but I am still practising and learning. I recently brought a youtuber I follow Cindy GB’s lettering book, so I am excited to try it out. Why not give it a try?

7. Try scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to keep and store your favourite memories, whether that is photographs or tickets etc. I have always liked scrapbooking, I think from a young age at home and school we were always creating collages and so it developed into making books of these memories. Scrapbooking allows you to channel all your creative energy.

8. Organise your stationery/art supplies

Having a tidy and organised space can help you be more organised in other areas of your life. With all your supplies and tools having their own place, it allows you find supplies with ease. Less clutter reduces stress levels and having a clean desk boosts creativity. I have shared storage ideas for stationery fans, if you are struggling on how you can organise your supplies.

9. Write down one positive thing about each day

Reflecting at the end of each day and taking note of one positive aspect, is a great way to practise mindfulness and gratitude. Even when your day has not gone according to plan, it is important to focus on one good thing that happened rather than the negatives. This exercise is so grounding and humbling.

10. Set up a bullet journal or spend time bullet journaling

Bullet journals are a great creative outlet and the chance to explore your creativity, creating your own individual journal that is unique for you and your needs. Whether that is purely for a planner purpose, or whether you want to experiment with lettering or doodles. If you are wanting to start a bullet journal, I have shared my April set up, which is back to basics due to the current situation, so it is easy to follow. I have shared some bullet journal essentials and the pros and cons of bullet journaling if you are wondering if it is for you.

These are just 10 stationery self care ideas you can indulge in. There are so many art and craft ideas you can try out, Youtube and Pinterest are a hub of inspiration for these and different challenges. There is something so calming and relaxing about being creative.

What kind of stationery related activities do you like to do? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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