Archer & Olive Journal Review

National Stationery Week is finally here! I am so excited to be sharing 7 posts for 7 days, sharing some stationery brands that I love and some new brands I have discovered.

I have a giveaway over on my Twitter where you can have the opportunity to win lots of stationery goodies from the brands I am working with this week. So make sure you check  out how to enter on my pinned tweet.

I am collaborating today with a brand that I have adored for a while Archer and Olive. They are such a huge deal in the journaling world. I am so humbled that they agreed to collaborate with me.

Bonnie Kuhl the owner of Archer and Olive, found journalling changed her life after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and general anxiety order. Her mentor introduced her to journaling and the powerful benefits. Journaling allows her to organise her thoughts and it reduces her anxiety.After her transformation she wanted to share the empowerment brought through journalling with as many people as possible through her paper studio Archer and Olive. They have designed dot grid journals and daily agenda planners to help you achieve your goals and giving you the tools to manage your mental health.

They have studio mascots, cats Archer and Olive. Archer named after her favourite font. Love that! Olive will make herself at home anywhere including clean laundry. Mine are the same ha ha!

Archer & Olive notebook gift box with leaves and gold logo

I am sharing my thoughts on the Crescent Moon Dot Grid Notebook. Each notebook comes in a gift box, wrapped in paper. It is such a beautiful way to send a notebook, especially if you are gifting it to someone. It allows it to be sent safely and undamaged in the mail.

message inside archer & olive gift box

Archer & Olive gift box with the journal

This notebook has 160 pages, the pages are dotted. The notebook has 160 gsm pages. The notebook features a crescent moon and stars, that are stamped in a gold foil on a linen cover. It also comes with a pen loop and a back pocket to store planner stickers or notes. It has two bookmarks, one of them has a gold signature charm of the brand, which I think it such a nice touch. I use the bookmarks in journals all the time, it saves so much time. Having a secure strap on notebooks is so helpful, any extra pieces of paper or notes can be stored safely within the notebook.

Black bullet journal with gold moon and stars from archer and olive

Archer & Olive black and gold stars and moon

Dotted pages in archer and olive bullet journal

I love the black and gold design, I think that combination is such a classic look. How beautiful is this gold edging on the pages, I love that it matches the design on the cover. Such an aesthetically pleasing notebook!

black bullet journal with gold moon and stars with gold page edges

I hate when you turn the page and all you see if the writing or designs from the page before. I love that the pages are thick and therefore there is less ghosting or bleeding through. When I carried out a pen test, Crayola Supertips did not bleed through, neither did the Uniball 0.2mm fine-liner, as you can see from the picture the black Sharpie has ghosted slightly.

archer and olive pen test with sharpie and crayola super tips

dotted page with pen test

When using a journal or notebook I like it to be able to lie flat. Nothing worse than trying to write on a page that is not flat to the rest of the notebook. As you can see below Archer and Olive notebooks do not have that problem.

white dotted page with black book mark in a bullet journal

I love bullet journaling and journaling and it is a great way to channel my anxieties and help reduce them. If you are looking for a notebook that you can water colour in and experiment with different pens, I would definitely recommend one of their journals.

Thank you to Archer and Olive for working with me this year! I hope you all have a lovely Stationery Week!

Do you like to journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

47 thoughts on “Archer & Olive Journal Review

  1. Thanks for this Lauren. I’m totally in love with their journals and I’m really tempted to get one next time even if they are quite costly. I’m currently using a STM but I’m not keep on the new paper as it ends up being too bulky cos I stick stuff in.

    1. They are definitely worth the money! That’s for sure! That’s fair enough. Maybe try out one of these next time. I have giveaway over on my Twitter too, if you’d like to enter

  2. Yay! I’m so excited for National Stationery Week and even more excited to read all your posts! This is a fantastic way to start, Archer & Olive have such gorgeous journals. I love the gold edging on the pages and how it matches the pretty design on the front. The pages look amazing quality too! Will have to remember this one for when I am buying a new bullet journal next year! Thanks for sharing, brilliant review Lauren! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  3. This journal looks so cute! I love the moon on the cover. The story behind the start of the brand is inspiring too-journaling can certainly help with mental health! And it’s so cute that it’s named after her cats!

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand but that notebook is so cute! I just got into the joys of bullet journaling for certain things, and was looking around the other day for a couple of cute journals to build up a collection (that’s what I need, more office supplies!) so I’ll have to take a closer look at Archer & Olive!

  5. Such a great post. I’ve heard of Archer & Olive notebooks before, but learned a lot from your review. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy a new notebook until I’ve filled out my previous ones. I have 3 LTs I’ve yet to finish 🙈😃

  6. Oh gosh this is so beautiful! I love the fact it has dotted pages as well to give you way more freedom with what you want to design as well. Great post – thanks for sharing and look forward to catching up on your others!

  7. Ooh, elegant is an awesome word for this journal. I love the fold edges and the marker, and the story behind the journal. Since so many people journal away their anxiety, I love that the creator of these notebooks journaled her way to happiness as well.

    On a side note, I adore your new blog look!

    1. Thank you, I haven’t mentioned my new blog look yet, but it is so kind of you to notice! I wanted something more simple and classic. It’s a brilliant way to channel those anxieties!

  8. I never knew there was such a thing as stationary week! How fun! This journal is gorgeous, I love one with a bookmark & strap! Thanks for sharing, love. ♡

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