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Bastet & Bee Notebook Review


Happy Stationery Week! If you missed my first post, I teamed up with Archer & Olive to review one of their bullet journals. Today, I am sharing a new brand with you, that I have recently discovered and I am delighted that they agreed to collaborate with me.

If you are new here reading about Stationery Week, over on my Twitter, I have a giveaway, where you can win some products from some of the brands I am working with, including Bastet and Bee. So if you enter, good luck!

Bastet & Bee is run by Anglo-French couple Sakina and Andrew Robinson. They wish to bring an innovative look at everyday objects and inspire people to unleash their creative potential. They want you to be able to take inspiration from the colours.

Bastet & Bee reinvent the page of the classic notepad and create unique graphic compositions to inspire and delight. Every detail has been considered, even down to using sustainable paper. This is so important to help protect the environment.

See what you think about their designs:

This seeds pad has 50 identical sheets, which are glued at that the side. It is flexible, which makes it comfortable to write in. Their pads are made with premium quality and sustainable offset paper. This pad is an A5 size which is perfect for working from home or working on the go. I love the different design, its so unique and I love the bursts of yellow!

This stack pad has the identical design on each page also. Pages like these are great because it can be used for so many purposes. You can take it with you to meetings to take notes, to doodle in, journal in and get your thoughts on paper, or even be great for making to-do lists. I like the splashes of yellow that are throughout this notebook. It is more adventurous than the standard lined paper. Their notepads are made in Bourges, France.

These HB pencils came at a great time as I have currently run out of pencils. I like to use pencils in my bullet journal when I draft lettering or different designs and layouts. These pencils are also made in France. I like that they also reflect the brands colours.

If you follow my Twitter, you will see that my pinned tweet is a giveaway. I have included a flow notebook from Bastet & Bee, which has the fun geometric print. If you want the chance to win this notebook and the rest of the stationery, make sure you follow the instructions.

I like this sustainable brand, it has quirky designs with the splashes of yellow, that can make writing on these pages fun! You can follow Bastet and Bee on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What is your favourite design on the notepads? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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