Glitter and Earth Notebooks

How are you enjoying Stationery Week so far? I am sharing stationery from a brand I worked with last year for Stationery Week, I am so excited to be working with such a talented illustrator again and sharing some more of her designs.

Jacqueline moved to Cornwall 20 years ago into an old miner’s cottage on the edge of St Just with her husband where they both fell in love with surfing. Her surroundings and the landscapes inspire her a lot.

Jacqueline always thought that she would become a writer, however after the birth of her daughter Tabitha, she got an iPad and learned how to draw digitally. It was her creative outlet whilst raising her daughter Tabitha.Jacqueline took part in the 100 day project and she created a 100 fairies, which led to the book called Glitter and Earth: Tales of magic and wonder, how amazing is that? Jacqueline loves all things magical and her hope is that her work makes people smile and inspires them.

All of the notebooks I am sharing are designed and illustrated by Jacqueline and you are going to see just how talented she is.

black notebook with gold butterflies with wooden stars

black notebook with gold butterflies and flowers

black notebook with gold butterflies and flowers

I love the black and gold contrast of this notebook. The gold and copper colours makes the design look so elegant. You can see the effort Jacqueline has gone too, with the detail in each butterfly. With the background colours, it really makes the butterflies and flowers stand out.

white notebook with blue and purple Unicorn

White notebook with blue and purple Unicorn

Let your magic shine quote on a white notebook with blue and purple Unicorn

Look how beautiful these colours are! The colours on the unicorn are blended so well together. It makes the unicorn look even more magical. What a great to have on a notebook and to consistently remind yourself of this! I love the lettering she has used, it really makes me think of an ink pen.

Woodland design on a notebook with an owl and wooden stars

Woodland print on a notebook cover

Flowers and butterflies print on a blank page notebook

Flowers and owl on a blank page notebook

This cover is so beautiful. It just gives off the Spring vibes. I love the colours. Jacqueline has designed the flowers so well, they look so pretty. You can see all the details and the blending of the colours. The shades that are on the butterflies add texture. The owl works so beautifully with the background.

Each of these notebooks have plain paper, that is thick and perfect for drawing, journaling or even painting on. The covers have a shiny smooth finish. The notebooks are the perfect size to use at home or on the go.

If you haven’t already seen, I have a giveaway over on my Twitter, where you can actually win these three notebooks, so head over to my pinned tweet and follow the instructions. Good luck!

notebook selection and rollerball pens and flower prints.

Jacqueline was so sweet and gifted me a notebook. Look how magical and whimsical this design looks. I like the mystic forest vibes it gives me. I love all the animals and it will be a great addition to my collection. This notebook cover has a craft paper texture, which adds such a rustic feel to this design. I love it!

deer print notebook wooden stars

deer and flower print on a blank page notebook

deer print with flowers notebook cover

Jacqueline has some beautifully designed notebooks, you should check out her other designs in her shop. She is even starting to add t-shirts to her shop, which not only has her amazing designs printed on them, but are eco friendly too, how amazing! Make sure you head over to her Instagram and Facebook page to see her work.

What is your favourite design Jacqueline has sent over? I’d love to hear in the comments.

45 thoughts on “Glitter and Earth Notebooks

  1. These notebooks are beautiful! Such lovely designs. Thank you so much for bringing them into my life – please excuse me while I go and join in your giveaway!!

  2. Wow, these are all gorgeous! I would love to have all of them, and especially the last one that one is just too pretty. Thanks for sharing~

  3. The one you were given is gorgeous and inspiring to have. As a write I need inspirational notebooks to encourage my muse 😆I will catch you on twitter because Although I never win, I have to try. X

  4. Oh my gosh these are absolutely stunning. The last two are my favourites, I adore the designs and colours on them but they are all so good. She’s so talented! You can never go wrong with a notebook and when it’s one as pretty as that… I’d be to worried to write in them, feeling like I’d need something worthwhile to put in it. Great post!

  5. I started by saying “OO” and I am still saying “OO”.
    These notebooks are so beautiful, and I love the animal and flower themes. The owl notebook has to be my favorite. Jacqueline’s story goes to show creativity stems from many places if we are open to it!

  6. The animal themes of these notebooks are beautiful. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing this

  7. Love these notebooks, especially the deer, owl and unicorn ones! They’re so cute and colourful!

  8. I love the designs, especially the gold and black. There is some elegance and sophistication to it. Beautiful designs and talented designer too.

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