BusyB’s Vibrant Vibes Bullet Journal

Welcome to the last day of Stationery Week! I hope you have enjoyed all the content that has been shown by bloggers and stationery brands. Last year I worked with BusyB for Stationery Week and since then I have brought their mid year planner and had some of their notebooks for Christmas. It is now one of my favourite stationery brands.

Kerri Binnie is the founder of BusyB and that is where the B comes from. Kerri is a trained product designer and she was always looking to solve tricky problems. Kerri improvised to deal with the festive clutter and created early prototypes of a Christmas card holder out of cereal packets. The following year New York MoMA ordered 10,000 of them and the business began. How amazing is that!

When the business first started it was Kerri and Rosy working from a tiny spare bedroom. As the business grew they moved to a bigger workspace in Edinburgh, where there is now a team creating products.

I love bullet journaling, so when I was gifted this beautiful Vibrant Vibes Bullet Journal I was excited to share it with you all. This journal has 125 pages, so it is not too small but not bulky either. So if you are like me and carry journals with you for work, this is the perfect size and it is lightweight.

a silver bullet journal with a bright pink strap with multicoloured confetti

I have never seen a silver bullet journal before and I have definitely searched a lot of bullet journal supplies, I love how it sparkles in the light. The bullet journal is made from faux leather and I love that textured look it gives the journal.

a silver bullet journal with a pink strap, coloured dots and busy embossed logo

On the back of the journal it has the BusyB logo embossed. I love that their brand logo is on each product but it is subtle and doesn’t take away from the design of the journal.

silver bullet journal with bright pink strap and pink page edging with wooden stars and coloured confetti

inside cover of the bullet journal white and pink stripy design

The page edging is a beautiful shade of pink which also matches the secure strap across the front of the journal. I love the use of these contrasting colours, I think they work so well together. I love notebooks and journals that have different colours for their page edging, it makes the product so much appealing. On the inside pages of the journal there is also a bold pink design, which works so well with the page edging.

the first page to put your name in the bullet journal with multicoloured confetti

contents page in busy b bullet journal

At the start of the journal you have this positive statement, where you can write your name if you wish too. You then have a contents page which I find really useful in a bullet journal, as you can bookmark important and regularly used pages. My current bullet journal doesn’t, so I am looking forward to transitioning into this journal.

white dotted pages with multicoloured confetti

The journal of course has a dot grid design to make your bullet journaling experience easier. The dots are not too dark which will make it easier to design spreads, but also not show up and ruin your spreads when they are completed. The dots are less than 1cm apart, so they are perfect width for habit trackers. I love that the pages are bright white. That is one feature of a bullet journal or notebook that is a must have for me.

pink and white bullet journal page with a pink pocket

At the back of the journal there is a pocket. I find these useful to store planner stickers for my spreads and to-do lists that have the tasks I need to incorporate into my spreads.

I am looking forward to finishing my current journal so that I can start with this beautiful journal. Bullet journals for me are so useful at tracking habits, making to-do lists and keeping me organised.

two rollerball pens with black ink on multicoloured confetti

BusyB kindly gifted these beautiful rollerball pens with unique bold designs for the giveaway. They both use black ink (the best colour for writing I think ha ha!) If you would like the chance to win these and other stationery goodies, head over to my Twitter and follow the instructions on the pinned tweet. The giveaway ends today at 8PM.

Have you ever brought from BusyB before? Have you got a favourite stationery brand? I’d love to hear in the comments.

15 thoughts on “BusyB’s Vibrant Vibes Bullet Journal

  1. I love this post. My roommate and I use a lot of cool tapes and stencil’s to create our monthly bullet journal pages .

  2. I love black for writing, though sometimes mixing up the colors with blue inspires me to write more. I love their success story with the cereal box holders, and how pretty this silver and pink journal is. 🙂

  3. Wow, really interesting and neat blog post!! I love the set-up with the photographs you took and found the information super helpful and neat! Were you sponsored to do this post or…? My apologies if that’s too personal/nosy of me! Great job with this, I really loved it. 🙂 I like the idea of bullet journaling too but I haven’t ever tried it yet. Maybe one day! <3

  4. These are so pretty! I’ve never heard of this brand before. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock 😆 Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. It looks really nice and it’s a great business idea too! I’m currently writing all my SEO related notes on stick its which is getting out of control, so it wouldn’t be luxury to buy me one. Thanks for sharing 😉

  6. I love BusyB products and this bullet journal is stunning! I love the shimmery silver and the pocket at the back is ideal.

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