5 Essential Benefits Of Journaling

I have been journaling or keeping a diary on and off since I was young. Do you remember the diaries that had little padlocks on them? Thinking it was so safe locked, turns out, a little fiddle with a hair pin and the thing popped open ha ha!

As I have grown up writing in a diary, I think that is where my love of writing really started. It is something I have continued to do and have found it to have so many benefits. I have written a list of some of the benefits you can have from journaling as part of your self care routine, stationery self care activities are some of the best.

See if you can relate to any of these? 

1. Relieves Stress

Having somewhere to write down about a bad or stressful day, can help you get all your stresses or anxieties out of your head and onto paper. It can give you a sense of relief. It then gives you an opportunity to read through them and work through them. I have used journaling for this purpose before, especially if I have had a bad day at work.

2. Allows you to practise mindfulness

Writing in a journal helps you to practise mindfulness, being aware and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. Using my journal to write down what I am grateful for can be so grounding and humbling.

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3. Inspires creativity

Journaling can motivate you and overtime can build your confidence with writing. It allows you to explore your cognitive and emotional areas of your mind. This unlocks and boosts your creative side. Once I have journaled in some capacity, I always am much more inspired and usually end up writing or designing in my bullet journal. Thats why I like to journal in the mornings, so I start of the day in a productive and positive way.

4. Improves your writing

Consistently writing in a journal can help you develop your writing style. It gives you an opportunity for you to develop good writing habits and developing your writing skills. I am always changing and develop how I write my blog posts. Look back at your first blog post you scheduled and then at your latest post, see a difference?

5. Helps to boost memory

Journaling helps you keep your brain in tip-top shape. It boosts memory and comprehension which means it also increases your working memory capacity, that will help improve your cognitive processing. By journaling regularly you will also be able to look back on reflect on these memories.

There are a variety of benefits to journaling, you may even experience other helpful benefits. There are a variety of different styles that you can journal with to suit everyone. You have to find a form of journalling that works best for you. I prefer a notebook and pen, another excuse to shop for stationery ha ha!

Do you journal? What form of journaling do you use? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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