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7 Ways To Make Yourself A Priority


I am sure I am not the only one that feels that they should be constantly doing something productive. Whether that something be working, chores or other activities. I feel there is so much pressure to be consistently working towards a goal and achieving.

Don’t get me wrong, I set goals and I am always striving to achieve more. However, I always find it hard to switch off because of the guilt I feel for not being productive. Do you ever get the guilt when you try and relax and switch off?

Unfortunately I learned the hard way in the past few weeks. When I became poorly I had to stop everything work, blogging, taking photographs and chatting with you all. I was on strict bed rest which was so much harder than I thought it would be. Then I thought when was the last time I had a complete break from everything?

I knew when that when I was out of the worst I needed to start making myself a priority. Is making yourself a priority something you need to work on? I have 7 simple ways you can start this process today!

1. Allocate time for yourself

Life can be so busy and therefore it is so important to set aside time to look after yourself. A bit of pampering or just to sit alone with your thoughts. It is important you show yourself the same time you would to others. Relaxing is so important, it helps you to recharge and boost your motivation and productivity.

2. Speak kindly to yourself

I am so guilty of being so hard on myself. I am sure I am not the only that is. I am consistently trying to be kinder to myself and focus on what I am good at. We are all told numerous times on social media or in the media about how we should look and what we should be doing. So it is even more important that we are kinder to ourselves. I have started using pages in my bullet journal to focus on positive things that I can say about myself.

3. Surround yourself with the right people

Life is too short to waste time on people that do not support and nourish your soul. You need to be around people that make you feel good about yourself and build you up. I have definitely learned to cut out toxic people from my life and it is so liberating.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We are all human and as much as I try to do it all by myself at times, I need to learn to ask for help. People around you want to help you and it is important for you to know when to ask for help, to stop you burning out.

5. Acknowledge your feelings

It is important that however you may be feeling, you take note of them and work through them. If I am struggling with how I feel, I write them down and work through them in my journal. Bottling up how you feel is damaging and stops you from moving forward.

6. Start a gratitude journal

Writing in a gratitude journal can help you focus on the positive aspects of your day or how you are feeling. A gratitude journal especially during lockdown can definitely help you focus on what is important. Taking some time out of each day to write down what you are grateful for and helps you to feel more appreciative and positive.

7. Listen to your body

Your body will tell you when you are in need of rest or sleep. Pushing through when your body is telling you otherwise, is not looking after yourself. Taking that time to give your body what it needs is showing yourself the care and love you need. It is well known the negative effects of stress on the body, so listening to your body is vital in staying physically and mentally healthy.

These are just 7 tips that I am trying to practise to ensure I am making myself a priority. These are simple small steps you can also take especially during this lockdown to make sure you are taking time to make yourself a priority. You cannot look after others if you are not looking after yourself.

What is one way in your life that you make yourself a priority? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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