7 Ways To Make Yourself A Priority

I am sure I am not the only one that feels that they should be constantly doing something productive. Whether that something be working, chores or other activities. I feel there is so much pressure to be consistently working towards a goal and achieving.

Don’t get me wrong, I set goals and I am always striving to achieve more. However, I always find it hard to switch off because of the guilt I feel for not being productive. Do you ever get the guilt when you try and relax and switch off?

Unfortunately I learned the hard way in the past few weeks. When I became poorly i had to stop everything work, blogging, taking photographs and chatting with you all. I was on strict bed rest which was so much harder than I thought it would be. Then I thought when was the last time I had a complete break from everything?

I knew when that when I was out of the worst I needed to start making myself a priority. Is making yourself a priority something you need to work on? I have 7 simple ways you can start this process today!

#1 Allocate time for yourself

Life can be so busy and therefore it is so important to set aside time to look after yourself. A bit of pampering or just to sit alone with your thoughts. It is important you show yourself the same time you would to others. Relaxing is so important, it helps you to recharge and boost your motivation and productivity.

a planner spread with pink stickers and hearts stating rest day

#2 Speak kindly to yourself

I am so guilty of being so hard on myself. I am sure I am not the only that is. I am consistently trying to be kinder to myself and focus on what I am good at. We are all told numerous times on social media or in the media about how we should look and what we should be doing. So it is even more important that we are kinder to ourselves. I have started using pages in my bullet journal to focus on positive things that I can say about myself.

a bullet journal design with things I am good, with stars, dots and circles

#3 Surround yourself with the right people

Life is too short to waste time on people that do not support and nourish your soul. You need to be around people that make you feel good about yourself and build you up. I have definitely learned to cut out toxic people from my life and it is so liberating.

#4 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We are all human and as much as I try to do it all by myself at times, I need to learn to ask for help. People around you want to help you and it is important for you to know when to ask for help, to stop you burning out.

#5 Acknowledge your feelings

It is important that however you may be feeling, you take note of them and work through them. If I am struggling with how I feel, I write them down and work through them in my journal. Bottling up how you feel is damaging and stops you from moving forward.

#6 Start a gratitude journal

Writing in a gratitude journal can help you focus on the positive aspects of your day or how you are feeling. A gratitude journal especially during lockdown can definitely help you focus on what is important. Taking some time out of each day to write down what you are grateful for and helps you to feel more appreciative and positive.

a page listing what I am grateful for in black ink and it being highlighted in purple

#7 Listen to your body

Your body will tell you when you are in need of rest or sleep. Pushing through when your body is telling you otherwise, is not looking after yourself. Taking that time to give your body what it needs is showing yourself the care and love you need. It is well known the negative effects of stress on the body, so listening to your body is vital in staying physically and mentally healthy.

These are just 7 tips that I am trying to practise to ensure I am making myself a priority. These are simple small steps you can also take especially during this lockdown to make sure you are taking time to make yourself a priority. You cannot look after others if you are not looking after yourself.

What is one way in your life that you make yourself a priority? I’d love to hear in the comments.





96 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Yourself A Priority

  1. A great post. I know exactly what you mean. Lately I’m always so hungry and tired when I come from work that I just wanna lie down and not do anything anymore. But then the housework gets up and stares accusingly at me. I don’t know, I just feel so terribly lazy when I leave anything lying around, even though I already feel so exhausted. :/ But maybe I should be nicer to myself. I already do work a lot. I need to be kinder. 🙂


  2. What a lovely post! I love the idea of starting a gratitude journal! So simple but sounds like it can be so effective! I currently make myself a priority by doing one thing each day that makes me happy e.g. a hot bubble bath, going for a walk or simply having a cup of tea in peace. A great post again! Thanks for sharing!x

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  3. Yasss love this post! It’s so important to make yourself a priority more often. I do more of less all of these – I’ve been working on this for years now because I used to completely neglect myself and always put my feelings and needs behind everyone else’s. It doesn’t work! ❤ xxx

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  4. FOr me it’s meditation – and tracking what I’ve done for the day so I can look back and remember how productive I actually was on that day

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  5. Speaking kindly to myself is definitely something that I need to do, perhaps a gratitude journal is something I could do. I actually did one for my partner and have it to her as a present a few years ago, but I never considered doing one for myself.

    Adam – http://daddoesautism.com

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  6. This is a great post. In today’s world there’s no guarantee that people are going to be true and loyal to you. We have to choose the people we want to be with carefully. Self care is must to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. It’s so important to make yourself a priority to be happy and sane in life. Most of the times, we try to live life on others terms and rules to make them happy but what we don’t realise is how much it affects us. Keep yourself first is the mantra!

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  8. So true Lauren. Unfortunately, i learnt the hard way not listening to my body or looking after myself the best I could & ended up with chronic illness. So these things listed really have to be incorporated into your life as medicine and a part of your care plan.
    So these are valuable lessons to learn esp before your body/health decline and dont give you a choice in learning the lesson the hard way.
    So glad you are over the worst and bouncing back. Enjoy thise rest days and face packs etc. Take care, Helen xx

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  9. This post is a great reminder. I should definitely start putting myself as a priority. Sometimes we tend to forget that. Thank you for inspiring me! 💙

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  10. I love this, especially your reminder to speak kindly to yourself. I used to speak poorly to myself and, though I forget sometimes, now that I am aware of it, I am better at remembering that I am as deserving as the next person to be spoken to kindly, especially by myself.
    It is so easy to end up overlooking myself, so I also love your idea on allocating time for myself!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  11. This is such a great post! It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself too. For me, I make myself a priority by setting aside time for my writing daily. It’s something I love to do and is very stress relieving. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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  12. I think it’s so important to make time for yourself, something we don’t do enough. I’ve learnt that you need to treat yourself as you would your best friend, be kind and considerate towards your feelings.

    I started a journal and I write in it whenever I need to get something off my mind. It works wonders and I always feel as if a weight has been lifted.

    Thanks so much for sharing this ❤

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  13. I hear you! Making yourself a priority is pretty tough. It’s hard to do especially now. Working from home can easily end up to be overworking from home and not paying attention to the clock. But we all Really need to make ourselves the first priority.

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  14. I love this post. It’s full of very helpful information. The way we speak to ourselves is a HUGE one! If you speak horribly to yourself then how do you ever expect to make yourself a priority? It just can’t happen!

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  15. I’m learning to think more positively about myself and my life. Even when things aren’t going good I’m starting to find the good in each situation. I’m also trying to spend more time working on my personal growth and how I can be the best me in the world daily.

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  16. Very good suggestions Lauren, especially having a journal in place to write down your thoughts and feelings. Making yourself a priority from time to to time is very important to stopping burnouts from happening and from internalizing emotions too much. The latter is something I’ve been learning a lot from recently and I’m working day to day on being positive and expressing my emotions better (e.g . Doing worksheets, mindfulness walks, Yoga, positive self talk)

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

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  17. I love this! At the beginning of blogging I definitely struggled a bit but in the last couple weeks I’ve learned to take a little bit of time in the mornings for my self and then at night. I will usually try to give my self a day to a half day off depending on what I finished that week. Thank you for the reminder it really is important to have he right balance!

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  18. Yes to all of this!! I’ve been having a serious case of “but I should be doing…” since quarantine started. I keep pressuring myself to achieve, but I find that the more pressure I put on myself the more stressed I get… and the less I get done! So I’m working on being kinder and gentler with myself now, and listening to my body and my emotions. Guilt-free Netflix sessions help, too 😉 Thanks for such a positive and helpful post!

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  19. I’m guilty of “feeling guilty” when I’m not doing something productive. So, I set a day for relaxing, listening to music, and watching tv. I try not to check my social media accounts or do anything for my blog. I agree that it is vital to make self-care a priority. Great tips. Thank you for sharing!

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  20. This is really awesome Lauren, thank you for writing it! I can get pretty anxious and restless if I’m not constantly working on/towards something, and I get really irritable when I start just being “busy” instead of productive. I know that’s a sign of being burned out, and needing a break, but I still feel that anxiousness when I’m idle too long. It’s a work in progress for me for sure.
    I love your suggestions! I started a gratitude journal about 6 weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to have more relax time with my partner as well. One thing I would also add is to prioritize your physical health as well as your mental health. Make sure you are sleeping and fueling your body well, and using exercise as a natural stress reliever. I run into a lot of people (especially moms) who don’t make time for their physical health and instead are taking care of everyone elses needs while their health declines.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience it is hard to shake that guilt. But sometimes looking after yourself is productive! How do you find the journal? Do you find it helps? Can you link your blog, the link won’t work and I would like to read your content x


  21. What a great, thoughtful message. I think that for a lot of us, this is something we need to be reminded of more than once for it to really sink in. That weird guilt from treating yourself as important is a real challenge, and I love that you’ve come at it from a variety of angles here.

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  22. Such a great post. I’m terrible for not thinking kindly of myself. I’m my own worst critic in everything I do. Blogging for example, I think I’ve written 50 posts now and I find myself telling myself they’re poor and nobody will read them.

    Asking for help and acknowledging my feelings was one of my worst traits, especially when I was hit bad with depression and anxiety. These days a lot better, I know now to not feel guilty of asking for help and acknowledging and recognising how I feel.

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  23. I love this! I have such a hard time asking for help because I don’t want to bother people even though they never say it. Thank you so much for this post, love the gratitude journal, especially lately when everything seems hopeless and dark

    Loren | Plaid + Sugar

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  24. Thank you so much for writing this post – I’ve been going through a really rough time emotionally and mentally and I really needed this. I love the idea of setting pamper session time for yourself, and acknowledging your feelings, and having a little gratitude journal. Thank you!

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    1. Sorry to hear you are going through a bad time at the moment. I hope it starts to improve for you. Definitely a good pamper session always feels more relaxing. Thank you for reading and sharing your experience


  25. Now that we are on lockdown and I can’t actually work I still feel guilty at times if I just want to sit on the sofa all day and do nothing but I’m trying to change that. Setting a day aside for yourself is a really good idea! X

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  26. I am definitely guilty of pushing myself and never allowing myself to switch off which makes me ill frequently. I’m definitely going to have to try some of these tips, especially allocating time for myself which I always try and fail to do. These are great tips – thanks for sharing!

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  27. Great post with such valuable information to appreciate yourself more and make yourself a priority.
    I think another great “tip” that I’ve found recently is being okay with yourself not being productive today or not doing anything for a while.


  28. This post is a great reminder to cut myself some slack. Not easy. Meditation helps me to calm down, so I’ve been trying to make that a habit.

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  29. It’s been especially helpful for me to schedule time for myself. That way it feels more intentional and planned, so I’ll be more likely to do it.

    And I’m trying to do better about listening to my body. I’d normally just push through working. But this past month I’ve been experimenting with just going with the flow of how my body feels. If I get energy to work, I work. If I’m tired, I sleep. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I can’t focus, then I give my brain a break. It’s been reeeally difficult for me, but I’m feeling so much better so far.

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