June Bullet Journal Spread

Since sharing my post about things you should know before you start a bullet journal, I have had so many messages about setting up a spread that is minimalistic. I thought because I am having a busy month, that taking the minimal amount of time to set up for June would work best for me.

This layout takes the form of bullet journaling back to the original Ryder Carroll method. I am very interested to see my levels of productivity compared to the more creative designs when filling it in and setting up for my weekly spreads.

This set up for June is so minimal and nearly all monochrome, so it looks very basic but it is very functional. So if you are wanting to start bullet journaling but do not want to doodle or be creative this set up is for you.

Front page

This front page for the start of the month I think is the quickest and easiest I have ever done. Less than 5 minutes and I was finished. I love how simple this looks and it is so easy for anyone to recreate.

archer and olive bullet journal, dotted pages with a small june monthly spread

Habit & Mood tracker

This is the simplest form of a habit and mood tracker, again this spread took such a short space of time. As if you have followed me for a while you will know especially my trackers I usually have more creative ideas which sometimes can take up a bit of time. This layout is super functional and it is not about how pretty I can make it. I want to focus on the productivity rather than the colours or how the design looks. I just want to be able to grab a pen and fill in the information quickly. Having both these trackers on one page doesn’t only save space in my journal but I am more likely to record all the information as it is all in one place.

a habit tracker and mood tracker on dotted pages

Blog statistics & Monthly statistics

As I have said in previous bullet journal spread posts I will always keep this page to track my progress or where I need to improve. I added a monthly tracker for my blog which is new information I want to record. I can then see the overall view of June and compare that with upcoming months. This layout hasn’t needed any colour and has required minimal effort.

blog statistics layout on a dotted page notebook with wooden stars

Instagram plan & Monthly statistics

This form of planning for my Instagram has been really helpful in creating content consistently for my Instagram grid. Instead of taking the time to draw individual boxes like I have been creating in previous months, I have created the plan in list form for a simplistic way of planning. I have decided to include a monthly statistics for my Instagram, sharing the statistics for each week. Not only is this helpful for me to understand my audience but it is information I can share with brands.

Instagram statistics layout on dotted pages with wooden stars

Gratitude log

I used to include a page each month that had a highlight of the day, but I fell out of love with it. However, with everything happening I think that it is important to practise gratitude daily. I will be filling this in as part of my evening routine. I used the same title design for the whole spread of June. However, I did decide to add some colour because I felt that gratitude should have some positive colours. I used a highlighter and took minimal time, highlighters are a great way to add colour to a spread if you do not want to doodle. Gratitude is important to practise everyday to improve your mindset and mental wellness.

a gratitude log on a dotted page with blue highlighted lines and wooden stars

First Weekly Spread

This spread was quick to set up and is perfect for what I want to use it for. I will recording my top to do list tasks for the day. This is the simplest weekly spread but again I am hoping with no need for colour or designs, it will boost my productivity. I love the black and white look, very classic.

a weekly bullet journal spread, with blank ink and wooden stars

This spread is very different to what I have designed previously. I know a lot of you messaged asking for a simple design with minimal effort. This was simple to set up but very functional for you to be able to record all your information and to record all your weekly tasks. If you are wanting to see more creativity designs you can see my May spread or my September spread. I am very interested in seeing how this spread works for me or whether I will miss the colour and washi tape too much ha ha!

Do you prefer a minimal spread or something more creative? I’d love to hear in the comments.

125 thoughts on “June Bullet Journal Spread

  1. I have never done this type of journaling before but I think I may give it a shot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the look of this! I just recently started bullet journaling and I love it. I like doing minimalist spreads but also like getting more complicated with it too… It all just depends on how I’m feeling and how much time I have to work on it.

  3. Wow what a super creative journal spread. I didn’t know bullets could be this helpful.
    I most especially love the gratitude segment. Very important indeed.

    My taste leans towards more to minimalism. I’m not very good with mixing colours so for me simplicity is key.

  4. Although I prefer more creative spreads, I love how simple and clean this design looks! Fab work Lauren.

  5. Bullet journals look so great! I’ve not used one before – but it looks like I’ve missed out. It seems like a great way to stay organized and I love the idea of the gratitude log! Thanks for sharing x

  6. I like both minimalist and more creative bullet journal layouts, but I usually end up doing something with color on it. I am going to have to try out doing all black and white next month because I love how your layouts turned out!

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