AD Signature CBD Review

*AD. I have been gifted this product but all thoughts are my own. 

CBD has become the new supplement on the market and it is something I have heard so many good things about. So I was so excited to work with Signature CBD and trial one of their products and share my experience with you all.

Signature CBD started in 2019 and is run by Oliver Summers and Henry Baldwin. They both have different experiences with CBD products. Henry has a background in sports management and saw the anti-inflammatory properties for athletes. Whilst Oliver started using CBD to support anxiety and sleep. Having both used and loved the benefits of CBD. They saw an opportunity in the market to produce a THC-free product that people would feel safe using.

They identified why people use CBD products and they are known to relieve pain, stress, trouble sleeping or anxiety. At Signature CBD they wanted to create a range of products that could target those issues. That inspired both Oliver and Henry to formulate their CBD products differently.They use active ingredients to create different formulas that can target those symptoms. For example in their muscle recovery and joint support formula it contains ginger, turmeric, vitamin D and omega 3.

All of Signature CBD products are organic, vegan, non-geo, THC-free. They have a range of products and bundles to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Signature CBD Multivitamin bottle with flowers in the background

I am currently using the Multivitamin Oil Drops. This formula is blended with MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron and magnesium. With CBD oil derived from Hemp flower with natural orange flavouring.

CBD Multivitamin Oil Drops with a pipet and flowers

The multivitamin formula will help provide key vitamins and minerals to contribute to your wellbeing and support an active lifestyle helping bone health, muscle function and energy levels. You can get this product in 2 strength variations 500mg or 1000mg. I am currently using 1000mg.

For the best results place three drops under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. Repeat up to 3 times daily. One dose counts as 3 drops, which is 5.0mg for the 1000mg product. You should NOT exceed 15.0mg in a day.

Signature CBD packaging with flowers

I love the packaging it comes in, you can of course recycle the box. I love the branding. Each product is designed with a different colour, the multivitamin being orange, just like the drops being orange flavoured.

Multivitamin Oil CBD drops with flowers in the background

I was a little apprehensive about the taste as some vitamin drops and supplements can taste unpleasant. However, I was pleasantly surprised it tastes really good. I actually enjoy taking my vitamins now. The pipet makes it easy to use, no mess and no fuss.

My experience with the multivitamin drops

I am currently vitamin D deficient and so this product came at the right time. Not only does this supplement help boost my vitamin D levels alongside my other medication, but it is giving my body the other vitamins and minerals too.

I have been using this multivitamin for 3 weeks and I have incorporated the oil drops into my morning and evening routines. I have found being back at work that I am a lot busier, so I have been surprised the past week or so my energy levels have NOT dipped. I haven’t needed to nap through the day which was the case before I started taking this supplement and I was loosing so much time. I have been able to be more productive and now have a set routine that works for me.

During this time with the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions like a lot of people I have been feeling even more anxious. However, I have really noticed a difference in my anxiety, it is definitely becoming more manageable. I am really looking forward to seeing more changes over the coming weeks.

CBD oil drops with a pipet with flowers

If you are looking to try some CBD products, Signature CBD have offered a discount to my readers, use the code Bournemouth15 for your discount and start seeing the benefits for yourself.

Make sure you are following Signature CBD on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their latest news and their products.

Have you ever tried CBD before? What were your thoughts? I’d love to hear in the comments.

87 thoughts on “AD Signature CBD Review

  1. Oh I saw this over on your Insta (and entered the giveaway, fingers crossed!) so this was really interesting. I take a few supplements too and I’ve found they really can help. Mine are in capsule form, but I think liquid would be much more quickly absorbed. That’s great that you no longer need a nap, what a fabulous result already! Lisa xxx


  2. I’ve been dying to try out CBD oil but just haven’t gottten around to it yet. I hear so many good things for people with MECFS.


  3. I’ve never actually tried CBD products before but I keep hearing so many good things about them, especially when it comes to anxiety so I think it’s something I’m going to have to look into. Thanks for sharing! x

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  4. I can’t take CBD due to the meds I’m on for my anxiety at the moment but I wish I could because of what you said about not needing a nap and your energy levels being higher! I’ve experienced a lot of afternoon fatigue since lockdown so could really use something like this for a pick me up xxx

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    1. Oh really? Maybe sometime in the future it might be a possibility! Yes fatigue was a huge thing for me, I was loosing so much time and my productivity tanked so much. Maybe another multivitamin without the cbd xxx


  5. It sounds amazing! Love the idea of drops, so much easier than having to swallow pills. I’ve never tried CBD products but this multivatamin drops is something I’d be very interested in.
    Thank you for sharing your reviews.

    Loren |

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  6. Thank you for sharing! After having tried CBD oil I’m definitely going to carry on using it. Am very tempted to order one of these as love the idea that they have the extra element of health benefits 👌🏼 Plus the one I was gifted tastes disgusting 😆
    Thanks for sharing! xx

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  7. I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this recently and I’ve never thought to try it, personally. But from reading your review, it may be something I try especially as I know I don’t get all my vitamins/minerals every day. This could be a big help. Thanks for this review!

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    1. I struggle to get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs so drops of this each day is such an easy way to do it. I would definitely recommend checking them out. Remember if you do to use the discount code for money off x


    1. Yeah they have a specific sleep supplement with lavender blended in the oil! You should check it out. They also have an energy boost one! If you do make sure you use the discount code xx


  8. I love the idea of drops, way easier than swallowing pills. However I do use vitamin D supplements because I’m deficient of it.
    The packaging looks really nice, thanks for sharing

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  9. I have heard some interesting things about CBD, but have not tried it yet. As with all my tinctures, a pipet makes it so easy to take, since you can literally drop the drops into your mouth.

    I love that this has been working for you, and that is has a good flavor. That already makes me more inclined to give something akin to this a whirl. 🙂

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    1. I would definitely recommend checking out their products, they have some for all sorts of areas, sleeping, vitamins, joint and muscle support, energy boost! If you do want to check them out make sure you use the discount code in the post to get money off xx

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  10. Multivit CBD drops, very cool! I hadn’t come across the brand before so it’s good to learn of another one – excellent review.
    Caz xx

    PS. Can’t remember if I’ve said this to you already but I love the refreshed layout & updated BG logo.xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Honestly my memory is like a sieve sometimes and I couldn’t remember if I did or not 😂 Well, I LOVE it, so I hope whatever other changes and tweaks you’re making go smoothly!

        I keep feeling like refreshing InvisiblyMe a little but I get stuck on what to do. Like how you can have an idea in your head, but when it comes to doing it you don’t have a clue. Need to go back over SEO too… might leave that for another month!! xx

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    1. I was pleasantly surprised, as I didn’t know what to expect, but I am starting to see small changes and excited to see more as time goes on. I would definitely recommend their products, they don’t taste horrible like others have experienced. If you do, make sure you use my discount code to get some money off xx


    1. My friend has fibro and says it works so well. I also have a knee injury currently, so I am hoping to see benefits to the pain for that too. You should definitely look into it. There is the discount code Bournemouth15 for money off if you do

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  11. I’ve tried CBD oil before, but I couldn’t get past the taste. However, this one sounds perfect b/c it has the added orange flavoring & it seems like you’ve seen great results!


  12. I take Vitamin D on a regular basis. Besides that I rarely use any other vitamin supplements these days. I would love a multivitamin though. This sounds interesting and am glad to know it helped you. I like that it has some other vitamins and minerals that are helpful.

    Via |


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