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9 Ways To Organically Grow Your Social Media


Social media has so many benefits and the growth of technology is allowing us to do so much more. As a blogger social media is a huge part of that business and utilising social media is important in building your brand and being effective.

You have probably noticed that certain brands and PR contacts like to see great engagement on your posts on social media before they would consider collaborating. This can be incredibly frustrating for certain social media platforms that you may find harder to grow. Some content creators have decided that they would like to increase their chances by buying likes. This is well debated amongst the creator community but, it is personal choice. If you feel that this would help you progress I suggest checking out the best site to buy Instagram likes. However if that is not for you and you would prefer to grow your social media followers organically, I have compiled a list of 9 tips to help you.

1. Be consistent

To grow your social media platforms it is important that you are posting consistently. All social media platforms run off an algorithm they base a user’s timeline off of accounts that they engage with and content that resonates with them. When you start posting consistently you will likely see an increase in your engagement statistics. This will then boost engagement for future content.

2. Engage with your audience

Whether that is on an Instagram photo or a tweet, replying to comments helps build relationships with your followers and that is key in your social media platforms being effective. Building your social media organically relies on you building those relationships. So when you post an image on Instagram in the caption ask your audience a question, give them a reason to comment. When you engage with your audience it increases loyalty and generates word of mouth.

3. Optimise your accounts for engagement

This is not like SEO and optimising your accounts can be carried out in easy steps just ensure you have a profile image, use keywords and fill in your account in full. Carrying out these small tasks allows followers or potential followers to know that you are a real account and not a bot. It is also means that your audience can relate to you and your content and may even check out your other platforms. If you are a blogger it is always important to have your blog linked in your platform bios as you want to make it easy for readers and brands to find your website.

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4. Engage in follower threads

On platforms such as Twitter you can engage in follow threads. This is where you can share your social media links and follow like-minded people to engage with on your platforms. There are plenty of threads and if you cannot find any, start one yourself with your followers and potential followers will engage.

5. Use tools to help you schedule content

It is not always possible to be active on social media whether that is due to a job or even just wanting the day off social media. Using tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer allows you to schedule content which means you can still engage with your audience, it also means it will keep your content in your followers’ timelines. This allows you to stay present without feeling overwhelmed with all the different platforms.

#6 Use hashtags often

Using hashtags in your social media posts help to build your audience by spreading your reach. It encourages social media users to explore content that is appealing to them. Using hashtags such as ‘bloggerstribe’, ‘bloggershut’, and ‘theclqrt’ are accounts that will retweet your social media content to boost your reach and your audience.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

7. Use resources to monitor your platform activity

Using apps to help you identify top performing content means you can be strategic about what you post and what your audience can relate to. The apps can also share your statistics and you can build a strategy about the optimum time to post on your platforms. You want to create content that is the most appealing to your audience.

8. Create a social media schedule

Creating a schedule ahead of time allows you to plan what content you want to put out and when you want to post. Having a schedule means you are continuously ahead of yourself and therefore you always have content to post. It is always frustrating when you aren’t sure what to post or are struggling for ideas. This has been really helpful for me with my Instagram account and I have managed to build a really engaging following.

9. Quality over quantity

Posting consistently is great however you want to make sure that the content you are putting out is not only relatable to your audience but good quality. With posting on social media you shouldn’t annoy your audience with too much content. When you share quality content your engagement would be better and it will reach a bigger audience especially if you are following these other tips too.

Keeping up with social media and the variety of platforms can sometimes feel like a full time job and at times can be overwhelming. To avoid a burn out you should consider a regular social media detox. I have a range of platforms where I share content so feel free to check them out, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

What tips do you have for growing your social media platforms? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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