July Bullet Journal Spread

How are we already in July? This year is flying by already and so many plans and goals have been rescheduled or changed. Although the past few months we have all been in lockdown I have tried to keep a schedule and routine as much as I can, so I have continued to use my monthly bullet journal spreads.

If you are thinking about using a bullet journal I have shared things you should know before you start your journal. If you are wanting to start with a simple design this spread or my June spread is an easy place to start. If you are looking for a more arty design to follow you can check out my May spread.

dotted journal with july on it highlighted in yellow

Last month I created a simple spread as I was asked by some of my readers for a spread that they could easily follow. It worked out really well as I was really busy and needed something quick and functional. I really enjoyed using a simpler spread it stopped me from procrastinating with filling in the designs.

a habit tracker grid with a mood and weather chart on a white dotted paged journal

a mood and weather chart on a white dotted paged journal

a mood and weather chart on a white dotted journal page

I decided this month to include my habit and mood tracker on the same page in a different layout. In previous months I have put each tracker on a separate page, with some designs it works well but with the lockdown and plans are not as busy I want to save pages in my bullet journal. I love having all my habits on one page, it also reminds me to fill them all in at one time.

Habit trackers motivate and hold me accountable for those tasks. I complete habit trackers as part of my morning and evening routines. I have included mood and weather together and will join the dots each day with two different colours. I have shared all about habit trackers and the different layouts you can use.

blog statistics chart on a white dotted journal page with yellow highlight

I used the same layout for this page as my June spread because it is simple and I can quickly record the numbers. I like the list for each day because then I can compare my views and see where I can improve. Of course statistics are not always important because for me I like to track potential progress. I started last month including overall monthly check in, I can compare month by month which will be helpful if brands ask for my statistics.

gratitude journal double page with sun rays highlighted with yellow on a white dotted journal page

I have recently started using these gratitude pages. I fill the previous day in as part of my morning routine. Including this practise in my morning routine means I start off my day on a positive note. I love how this looks, reflecting gratitude with the idea of a sun with the rays where I write what I am grateful for. I used flashes of yellow throughout some of the pages to add some colour. I definitely recommend starting a gratitude journal, showing gratitude can make your life a lot richer.

A weekly double page spread with to do lists on a white dotted journal page

This is a different layout that I have done previously but I really like it. I am able to see days in advance all on one page. I definitely think this spread will help me when I am planning my week. I will be able to use this spread for all my to-do lists. Again using a spread like this will save pages, it also is really simple and easy to design. I highlighted the days of the week with the yellow to just add some colour.

instagram list for the month of July on a white dotted journal page

Since having to start a new Instagram account I have been focusing on growing my account and posting consistently. I have been using an Instagram plan for the past few months and it has helped me plan my content in advance to ensure I always have content to post. I have really been enjoying sharing on Instagram, are we Instagram friends? 

Have you started a bullet journal? If not, how do you plan your month?

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