5 Useful Blogging Essentials

There are a variety of different tools and resources that can help you with sharing killer content and building a successful blog. There are some key essentials that you should definitely be utilising to help develop your blog.

Using these essentials will help you as a starting point especially if you are still new to the blogging community or if you are thinking about starting a blog. I am sharing 5 of the top essentials you should be using to be successful in your blogging journey.

#1 A notebook

Having a notebook handy is a great way to brainstorm blog post ideas and jotting down prompts. You have all the ideas saved for when you need some inspiration. You can always write draft blog posts before you type and schedule your content. Ideas come at all times and even when you are on the go, so having a notebook you can carry in your bag will be really helpful to utilise those thoughts.

I like to write blog posts in my notebook first before typing as in an industry that is so technology heavy, I like to put pen to paper. If you are looking for some great notebooks to write your ideas in I have shared Say Nice Things and BusyB notebook reviews.

#2 Phone and laptop

When blogging you can use your phone or laptop to upload a blog post or media files. You can use your phone and laptop to market your blog posts, connect with your audience and network with other like-minded people. Although sometimes you see some bloggers with expensive equipment, but that is not the case to get your blog started. Your phone allows you to work on the go and be present on your platforms. If you are thinking you need a fancy camera to take blog photographs, that isn’t true you can take all your photographs with your phone. I am with WordPress and I use the app which makes my blogging work a lot simpler, I would recommend using it.

laptop on a desk with a pink map of the world, a pink mug and a notebook open

Photo by Andrijana Bozic on Unsplash

#3 Social Media platforms

Setting up social media platforms are a must to help make your blog successful. Having those platforms allow you to share your blog connect, network with other creators and build a following. The most popular platforms to share your content and connect with your audience are Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. These platforms help you boost your blog traffic and for your blog posts to have a bigger reach. Brands will often use social media to reach out to bloggers, so get set up these platforms and get the chance to pursue these opportunities. If you have these platforms and are wanting to grow your audience I have shared 9 easy steps you can build a bigger following.

#4 A planner system

There are plenty of planning systems available that can suit everyones’ needs. Finding a planning system that works for you is a great tool to help you stick to your blogging schedule. Keeping a blogging schedule is important to consistently share content and grow your brand. Planning your schedule and blog posts can help you stay organised and it means you do not become overwhelmed.

I use a calendar schedule for my blog posts as I plan my blog content ahead of time. Having a blogging schedule definitely has helped me stay organised and I have been posting consistently on my blog ever since I created the schedule that works for me.

BusyB mid year

#5 A scheduler

There are many different scheduling apps out there, Hootsuite is a great and the one I use for my blog. Using an app like this is so helpful especially if blogging is not your primary source of income. If you are working scheduling content and promotional tweets are important to stay active on social media to help boost your engagement even when it is not possible to be on social media. If like me you have followers around the world scheduling content or promotional posts at varying times will help reach a wider audience.

These 5 essentials will help you in starting a blog or helping to boost your engagement and your blog traffic. If you are struggling with your engagement, check out where you may be going wrong.

Have you got other essentials that you can recommend to bloggers? I’d love to hear in the comments.


116 thoughts on “5 Useful Blogging Essentials

  1. The essentials – I only wish I had journaled more when I had my own blog. Now i blog for someone else. I didn’t realize the value of it until I had already decided to end my blog

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  2. I am a sucker for a notebook! Haha. I’m running out now but usually have like 10 in my room ready to go 😂

    They’re so handy for everything!! And awesome for when you get some last minute ideas for content.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. I started using Trello recently (I was introduced to it at work) and I find it really helpful. You can sync the desktop version to your phone app version and have as many boards as you like – really helpful for when inspiration strikes and you don’t have a pen to hand! But love all your tips, Lauren, you can’t beat a notepad and calendar for blog content planning 🙂 Lisa xx

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  4. I can’t live without my notebook. I write down all the topics I want to write on my blog and then start to fish for them when I need to write a post.
    It’s my most useful tool. And also commitment.
    Lovely post!

    Wishing you the best!


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  5. Great tips. I think a good tool like Canva to improve your images is a must, too. I only recently started using it.

    And I agree with you on the notebook. I always jot down my ideas and an outline of my posts in my notebook before writing.

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  6. Great tips there Lauren!

    No matter how simple and basic these tips seem, I consider them the foundation of every successful blog. I would add a stock image website where I can find free images for my blog and Canva for making my own images.

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  7. I have far too many notebooks so blogging has certainly meant I’ve made use of them! I’ve tried a number of times to plan my blogs on spreadsheets and stuff but it’s just not as satisfying as using a notebook/planner! Plus, you can get creative with the layouts a bit more which I’ve been loving! x

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  8. Loved this post 😍 I adore notebooks, I have a massive pile of them all on my desk and each are used for different aspects of my life! Where did you get the stickers in the photo from? Feel like they would help even more 🙂

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  9. Great post! I love having a notebook to help with writing down all my ideas and goals for my blog. I’ve recently been trying to get into Pinterest too, as I know how important social media can be for your blog. I love your planner, its so cute. I wish I could be a bit more creative with a blogging planner haha.

    Chloe xx

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  10. These are some great tips! I definitely agree with the one about social media, has really helped me. I would say my biggest tip is to write about things that interest you instead of just things you think are short and you think will get views. I think passion always creates better content x

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  11. Yes, I totally agree with the essentials you’ve listed here. I use my lap top and phone to create and promote content but I think a notebook is extremely important. I love jotting ideas down before typing out the first draft of my post. There’s nothing like pen and paper, am I right? Lol. And I definitely agree…you don’t need to break the bank to get the latest and most expensive gear.

    Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com

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  12. Oooh! I love all of these blogging essentials you’ve shared! Notebooks are great for visual brainstorming!!! I used to go crazy with diagrams when I needed to brainstorm with some tag clouds. I love your planner system too. Looks gorgeous. I need to try that! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

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  13. I could most certainly do a better job of planning my blog! lol. Have you ever heard of the Content Planner? Sounds like something you would LOVE. I have used it for a couple of years now 🙂 Always love reading about what other bloggers recommend out there!

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  14. OMG I need to get me a planner system! I always just write points in a notebook and never stick to them or set deadlines, thanks for this idea!

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  15. I love your planner! I really need to make a return to pen and paper and start to plan on paper. I must say my notebook and some nice pens are a must for me to make some doodles or to jot down some random ideas I might have xxx

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  16. Thanks for sharing these super helpful tips Lauren. I am lacking in planner and scheduler department.However social media is taking a lot of time and when I spend more time on one the other one suffers. My FB is almost stagnant. Rest things are fine and a notebook and a good pen is a must for me 🙂

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

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