The Ultimate Guide To Staying Motivated With Your Blog

Have you ever thought about giving up with your blog? Or have you questioned why you are bothering to blog at all? This post is for you, do not give up! Working hard on something and not seeing some sort of immediate success can be demotivating and disheartening. But all bloggers started like that and have probably felt that way at some point, it takes time to build a consistent audience and success.

Blogging is hard work and it does require dedication and motivation. It is very frustrating I am sure you will agree when the blogging industry is portrayed as easy. Working hard on your blog consistently although requires motivation, however of course no one is motivated 100% of the time. I am sharing these 12 steps you can take as blogger to keep that motivation and drive for success.

#1 Create a realistic blogging schedule

When you are blogging it is important that you create a blogging schedule that is realistic and can keep too. In a schedule you need to work out how many times per week or month you would like to post, what set days of the week and times that your posts will go live. Creating this plan allows you stay consistent on your blog to help build your blog traffic and DA score. Making the schedule realistic is key for it to be successful, it is hard to stay motivated if you have overwhelmed yourself.

#2 Take a break when it is needed to avoid a burn out

Everyone needs a break at some point it is a chance to recharge and come back with fresh inspiration. If you are consistently working on your content it can be overwhelming and it can become stressful keeping up with all of your social platforms. Taking a regular social media detox or scheduling time away from your blog and social media is vital to stay motivated and inspired to work on your blog. You never want it to feel like a chore!

#3 Remind yourself why you started blogging

If you are finding yourself loosing motivation with your blog or writing, it is a great exercise to write down why you started blogging and what you enjoy about it. Doing this exercise reflects positivity and helps you focus on what you love. There are so many things that bloggers love about blogging.

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#4 Write about what you love

It is so easy to get sucked into the mindset of writing about topics that you think other people would like to see rather than what you want tot write about or enjoy writing about. Your passion is what shines through your writing and makes your posts enjoyable to read. If you start content that you are not enjoying it will come across to your readers. To keep your interest and motivation in your blog you need to create content you love!

#5 Create a blogging community

There is huge blogging community online and it is very supportive. It is important to have blogging friends and support one another, seeing other bloggers and their successes can motivate you to succeed and achieve your goals. If you are struggling with any blogger problems or have any questions there is always people on hand to help. I have made some great blogger friends who are super supportive of me and my blog.

#6 Create good writing habits

Finding your right environment is great to create the motivation to write. Also finding the right time of day to write is great to maximise your productivity. You may have a specific day that you have free and so allocating that day as your writing day can help you create a great schedule.

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#7 Stay organised

Keeping organised is a sure way to keep your motivation high and enjoying blogging. Having a schedule, writing posts ahead of time can help as well as plan your content ahead of time. When you have planned your content ahead of time and scheduled social media posts, there is less pressure and you will always have content. Building consistent content helps you boost your blog traffic and DA score. I like to use my BusyB planner and my bullet journal to help stay organised with my blog. Finding a planner system that works for you is a huge benefit for blogging.

#8 Join blogging groups

There are a lot of blogging groups on various social media platforms that you can join to help share your content, get helpful tips and advice again to make blogging friends. Being part of these groups means you can see other creators content and successes which can help motivate you to work hard and set more blogging goals for yourself.

#9 Keep your content fresh

Researching content ideas, looking on Pinterest for inspiration and reading more can help inspire you to create new fresh content. Creating fresh content can stop you from becoming bored with your writing, new content ideas are uplifting and you can get excited about writing and sharing that content. It will be refreshing for your readers also.

#10 Make blogging goals and evaluate them regularly

Making goals in any area of your life is a great motivator to work smarter and succeed. Its always a great idea to set blogging goals whether that be a particular amount of followers, to post a particular amount of content per month or a certain amount of views. Setting goals and targets can help keep you focused. Checking in each month is beneficial to see how you are progressing. You can set up a statistics tracker in your bullet journal.

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#11 Engagement is key

Engagement on your blog and social media platforms is important to build your audience, improve your DA score and boost your blog traffic. Engaging with other bloggers on their blog and their social media platforms can help you make friendships. Having your audience engage with your content is so motivating especially when they leave positive comments or say that you have helped them and it makes you want to write more. There could be simple reasons that your blog engagement may not be growing so it is vital that you are making it accessible to do so.

#12 Stop the comparison attitude

It is great to follow lots of bloggers and be active in the community however it can be easy to fall into that comparison attitude and it is not only damaging for your mental health but it can really impact your motivation negatively. The blogging community is vast and there is space for everyone, everyone has something to share so never feel you are not valid. Every blogger is an their own journey, it is nota race. Use other bloggers success to motivate you to work smarter for your goals.

Do you have other tips to help bloggers stay motivating? I’d love to hear in the comments.



214 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Staying Motivated With Your Blog

  1. There are some really useful and helpful tips here. I found joining blogging communities really helpful. I also tend to have a break from my blog once in a while just to ‘reset’. Thanks for sharing xx

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  2. Brilliant advice Lauren. This whole year has been a bit of a slump for me but I’m genuinely excited now for the summer holidays, I have so many ideas of what I want to do, changes I want to make and blog admin.

    I feel so focussed and it’s because I’ve taken a break and re-evaluated.

    Thanks for sharing x

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  3. Staying motivated with your blog can be harder than one thinks at times. Sometimes you just get in a rut and can’t think of a good next article. I find stepping away from it all really helps.

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  4. Great points! I love that you included the importance of writing about a topic you love. I have started a number of different blogs over the years, and those that failed and faded away were the ones where I was writing what I thought people wanted to read, not what I enjoyed writing. However, I have 2 active blogs that I ADORE and they are both focused on niches that are near and dear to my heart. It really does make a big difference!

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  5. This is a great post, and more than anything, I agree with the last point – comparison can be such a killer. Once you start relaxing and posting what you actually want to post, you can stop worrying so much. ❤

    // xx

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  6. I’ve definitely found that keeping a blogging schedule where I post on a specific day at a specific time has helped me to keep motivated with my blog. I can work my week around it and decide when the best time to write my blog posts are. I definitely prefer posting on one day a week instead of two as I’m not putting as much pressure on myself to create content and I feel I can focus on my one blog post more and make it better. Writing about what I love has really helped too as I attempted to start a blog a few years before and although I enjoyed it to begin with, I got fed up with my content and eventually stopped blogging. I’m much happier with my new blog and the new content I create now as I’m able to write about the stuff I’m passionate about 🙂

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  7. Some great tips, I’ve not really lost motivation with my blog yet but I have struggled to find content to write about. As you mention reading other posts helps with creativity.

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  8. We definitely need to join more blogging groups. We love reading blogs. I definitely agree with blog about what you love. Sammie used to blog about parenting and then gave it up when life got in the way. So now we blog about our adventures when we have time and don’t feel guilty if we don’t post all the time.

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  9. Ah lots of thoughts here, thank you for sharing! I think it’s especially important not to get too sucked in to trends and write things you really care about 🙂

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  10. omg Lauren!! this is your best post yet – it is so helpful!! I have neglected my blog for a while and only just posted a book review a few days ago. I had to remind myself why I started blogging – and it was because of books! So I did a small book review.

    these tips are lovely – I think it really is most important to be organised.

    thank you so much!!

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  11. These are all great tips. Setting a schedule that fits with your life is so important to avoid feeling like you’re failing all the time. That last point is probably one of the most important but also the hardest. I still find myself comparing sometimes nearly three years in x


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  12. So helpful. Burnout can be tough to overcome, especially if you’re working so hard on a new blog, and growth comes slowly! It’s important to push, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a step back either.

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  13. This is honestly so hard for me. I feel like at times I get into a rhythm and things are going good, then all of a sudden I can’t focus and I end up stepping away from it for a couple weeks.

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  14. Thanks for sharing all these great tips! I just started my blog this year and I really enjoy writing my blog posts. I absolutely agree that writing about something you love is so important. For the longest time, I didn’t start a blog because I’m a fiction writer so I couldn’t think of what to blog about but then I realized that I should just do what I’m best at and blog about my fantasy worlds. So far people seem to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

    I must say I’m impressed with the amount of engagement on your blog! Keep it up. 😊👍

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  15. Thank you for this post! I love setting goals and monthly plans. I need to have something to look forward to so that I won’t feel lost. I just started my blog so it’s been a rough start. I love your tips!

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  16. So far one things that’s really helped me stay motivated is having friends in the blogging community who I check in with regularly. From checking in during periods of silence to talking through ideas, concerns and concepts, my blogging friends have made avoiding burnout sooo much easier for me!
    Loving this post, it’s definitely important to check in every once in a while with ourselves, especially on this path!!
    xo Bri

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  17. These are really helpful tips! I think it is so easy to sit at a laptop every hour of the day writing or improving on your blog but it’s never a great idea – I tend to get bored and wouldn’t want to lose the joy blogging gives me. I take regular breaks and don’t really work on it over the weekend otherwise it’s too much. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    Em |

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  18. Very good tips. When we started our blog, it was Markus who kept posting, and after a while, he reminded me that this is our blog. That was the nudge I needed to focus and pay attention to our blog. I suppose it helps that there are two of us. For everyone else working on their blogs on their own, your tips are sure useful!

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  19. I love this post about staying motivated with blogging!! Sometimes, a break is needed. You can come back stronger than ever. I take a regular social media detox on a weekly basis! I totally agree with writing about what you love. This is where readers can see your passion! And YESSSS on the blogging community!! I love that people are supportive of each other. I know for me, I always try to update older content. I still have ways to go. Engagement is so important. I know people say that “I want organic growth, people can visit me when they want to!” But in reality… People love to be engaged with too!

    Nancy ✨

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    1. Definitely so true. I try to take some time off social media but I am going to try and set aside some time each week in my schedule to have a break from social media. Thank you for reading and commenting Nancy.


  20. Thanks for this. I’ve been struggling with my blog lately; hence the irregular blog schedule but this really puts things into a different perspective for me. I definitely need to apply these in my life so I can continue to stay motivated.

    cabin twenty-four

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  21. Hi Lauren. Excellent tips, I’m only now really starting to take more blogging a little more seriously and these tips are very helpful. Thank you.

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  22. Lauren, these tips were so good, I took notes! Not kidding. Just started writing down my blog goals and telling my family so that they can encourage me and hold me accountable. Awesome post!! I twitted this post out as thought others will really enjoy – Thank You!

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    1. That’s awesome! I am so glad you found it helpful and were able to take notes. That’s awesome, good luck with your goals! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  23. These are some great tips! I think definitely take a break before you burn out is a biggie. I think you sometimes don’t always realise the pressure you can put yourself under when running a blog, there are so many tasks to get completed for just 1 blog post. It can be really overwhelming, can’t it? I need to get better at the planning and not leaving the write-up and edit to the last minute!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  24. I’m definitely making the most of taking a break recently. I dedicate time every week to having a completely work and social media free day because if I don’t, I get overwhelmed. It’s taken me like, 5 years, to establish that routine!


  25. This has restored our faith. With all of us going back to work, we are somewhat compromised on how much time we spend on socials and blogging. We are not doing too badly – but its also great to be reminded that we don’t all have to write about the same topics and that there is room diversity and individuality, and if it is written from the heart then it will be a good experience for the reader. Out of the three of us as T.B.C, I am the one who was not a writer – or at least I didn’t think I could – until I started. So for me, I have found my voice and enjoy writing. Ahh thank you – you’ve really lifted us with your tips. x

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  26. I should probably start planning my what I’m doing with my blogging more. I could certainly do with a better environment in which to create my new content, but I don’t really have nay other options, even though my current situation causes me huge back problems

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  27. These are some wonderful tips! I can particularly relate to point 3, the reason why I started blogging in the first place was to raise awareness on mental health topics and help others. As I know my blogs help others, this keeps me motivated. The link to my blogging webiste is below


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