9 Powerful Mental Health Habits

We all struggle with our mental health from time to time. Despite how well known these struggles are many of us still neglect our mental health and do not always practise healthy mental health habits.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and it does not take too long to put together strategies to help your well-being. There are certain daily habits that you can implement to keep yourself in good mental health and help boost your mood and self-worth. There are also supplements that can also aid positive mental health and help to reduce anxiety and stress. Gold Bee offer award winning CBD products that will help to restore a sense of calm.

Here are 9 positive mental health habits you should implement into your daily life:

1. Practise gratitude

Gratitude is the art of being thankful and willingness to show appreciation. Gratitude is something that you should begin to practise everyday. Gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness, it helps you feel more positive emotions and enjoy good experiences. Practising gratitude consistently can reduce anxiety and depression. I have shared 7 meaningful ways you can show gratitude in your life, these are easy steps you can take now.

2. Commit to a regular digital detox

There are so many mental health benefits from carrying out a digital detox and a positive impact. Spending an increased time on your phone has been linked to increase in anxiety and depression. Being consistently on social media and technology can disrupt your sleep. Taking a regular digital detox or scheduling time each day/week to be offline will be beneficial for your mental health and gives you a break to be present and live in the moment.

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3. Make time for yourself

Making yourself a priority is vital. There is always tasks that need to be completed around the house or work that needs to be done which can lead us all to feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves or having that lazy day you have been craving. However scheduling some time for yourself whether that is a bit of pampering or just going for a walk is important and should be a regular occurrence to avoid burn out. Having a break can help boost your mood and means you are more productive. You can help others if you are not helping yourself.

Putting yourself is vital for positive general physical and mental health. CBD has been a growing popular supplement to help combat anxiety and improve mental well-being. CBD edibles are an easy and quick way to add CBD to your lifestyle, to check out infused gummies see cbd edibles wholesale and aid your mental health.

4. Exercise

Studies have known that if you exercise in some form 3 times a week it decreases the risk of depression by 19%. Exercise can take all forms, it is not all about going to a gym it can be taking a walk, a home work out, some yoga or even just putting the hoover around the house. Increasing your heart rate can release endorphins that make you feel happy and good. A regular exercise routine will not only help your physical health but also your mental health with keeping your mind clear and working through your stresses or anxieties.

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5. Journal regularly

Journaling has so many benefits and can change your whole mindset and outlook on your life. The great thing about journaling is there are no rules, you can write about your day or feelings and thoughts. It is your own space to work through or document your experiences. Journaling is a great way to clear your mind and practise gratitude. Sometimes it is difficult to talk through your feelings or thoughts with another person so writing them down in a journal is a great way to release the pressure of those thoughts and feelings.

6. Have a regular sleep routine

Having a regular sleeping routine or enough sleep is important when looking after your mental health. Lack of sleep can cause you to have low mood, anxiety and poor cognitive function and therefore you are less likely to be productive. Some tips that can help you establish a good sleep routine are; avoid electronic devices late at night, avoid caffeine after 5pm, write down your to-do lists for the next day so you can organise your thoughts and try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. If you still find that you need an aid to help you get into your new sleep routine you could try herbal teas like chamomile or maybe kratom from konakratom.com or similar.

7. Get outside in the daylight

There have been numerous studies that have proven that nature has a positive effect on your mental health. Nature boosts your endorphin levels and increases your dopamine production which then promotes happiness. Getting outside and taking some deep breaths can settle the nervous system, which is why it can help if you are struggling with anxiety. Being outside will also boost your Vitamin D levels that can help your physical and mental health. Spending more time outside in daylight can be linked to a better night sleep so you wake up well rested.

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8. Stay connected with others

Staying connected with others whether that is family or friends is crucial to your mental health the interaction, the support and companionship can help with feelings of low mood and depression. When you are in that low place having someone to talk to is vital in recovering. It can be hard if you are having a hard mental health day or period but it is important you have someone you know you can reach out too. Building strong connections can increase your feelings of happiness and self-worth.

9. Show yourself kindness and compassion

I think at one time or another we are all guilty of being too hard on ourselves, self sabotage can be detrimental to your mental health. Having a bad mental health day or period is NOT your fault and during these low times you should especially be showing yourself kindness. Being kind to yourself will increase your mood and your self-worth, I am sure you are always kind to your family and friends, so why not be kind to yourself too?

These are 9 habits that you can implement in your daily lives to promote good mental health and well-being. What is one healthy mental health habit you practise everyday?

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