August Bullet Journal Spread

A double page spread in a dotted journal. It has a weekly spread with a timeline dated the 1st to the 6th with the days of the week highlighted in green.

It is nearly the start of a new month, a chance to set new goals and personal growth. Bullet Journaling is a unique form of planning that you can tailor to your needs. If you are thinking about starting a bullet journal, there are 10 things you should know before you write in that first page.

This August I am continuing with the simpler spreads, they have been really helpful and allowed me to set the month up quickly and be more productive with my time. I started simpler designs in my June spread after some of my followers wanted some easier designs to copy, if you want to see more arty designs you can see my April spread or my May spread. If you want to start a bullet journal but not sure where to start, I have shared the process of setting up my 2020 Bullet Journal, which will give you some page and layout ideas.

An August cover page in a archer and olive dotted journal. A diamond with flowers and leaves around

A habit tracker table, a mood and weather chart spread in an Archer and Olive dotted journal

I have used the same habit tracker layout as last month, I love being able to record all my habits, mood and weather in one place. It also means I will remember to fill in all the trackers as they are in one place. I love the mood and weather tracker and looking for any patterns. Habit trackers are a great way to make yourself accountable and be productive with your time. I definitely find they keep me on track and the need to tick off a habit is enough to make me complete it ha ha!

A blog statistics chart and an Instagram plan list in a double page spread in an Archer and Olive dotted journal

A blog statistics is a page I have used in all my bullet journals because I find it motivating for me to see my progress. I am always interested in my daily views and how many visitors I receive on my blog. It is also helpful to see where you need to improve. I can definitely spot when i have been as consistent with my post promotion. If you are struggling with your blog engagement on your blog posts, it could be these 4 reasons, change these and watch your engagement increase. Writing down your stats are a real encouragement to push yourself.

Using this spread have been such a huge help in planning my Instagram content. Since I had to start a new Instagram account, using this plan has allowed me to stay consistent and build a really engaging audience. If you are struggling with Instagram content I would definitely recommend planning out your month. Having a plan in a place holds me accountable but also means I always have content to share. Are we Instagram friends?

A double page spread for a gratitude journal and prompts in the shape of the sun, in an Archer and Olive dotted journal

Gratitude pages in a bullet journal or a gratitude journal are a powerful way to show gratitude in your life. I started with these pages in my July spread and I really enjoyed this reflection each day and now use this as part of my evening routine. Showing gratitude is so important, how do you show gratitude in your life?

A double paged weekly spread with the days of the week in an Archer and Olive dotted journal

I have decided to use the same layout for a weekly spread as last month, I felt not only was this super simple to set up but it gives me enough space to add my to do lists for each day and I can see the whole week on the double paged spread.

What is one goal you have for August? I’d love to hear in the comments.





77 thoughts on “August Bullet Journal Spread

  1. Girl, I just can’t believe we’re almost in August! I swear your bullet journal posts come around quicker and quicker every month! Love this spread – especially the gratitude journal pages! <3 xxx

  2. I like the way you structure your journal, and it is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your habits!! Good luck for this August! In terms of blogging, one aim I have for august is to increase my views and visitors by 20% compared to July!

  3. I love the simplistic setup! I bought myself a bullet journal last month but haven’t even opened it yet to start. I have seen some of your other posts but I am just scared to start it. I am scared of messing it up. Might wait till September. Love yours though!

  4. Your level of organisation is inspiring 😍 Stats confuse the hell out of me, I’ve never thought of writing them down like this. Thank you for sharing! xx

    1. I love your simple layout, especially your weekly layout, there’s plenty of space! I’m setting up my August monthly journal today and this is perfect timing coming across your post. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Wow I can’t believe that we are already in August! These are great layouts! I had a bullet journal, but often forgot to post. This has inspired me to start again.

  6. I love the look of your habit tracker for the month!! I really need to use a bullet journal again x

  7. I love this set up😍 I’m thinking of restarting my bullet journal – mainly to do a blogging stats page like you’ve done here x

    Roni |

  8. I love the way to organize and doodle in your monthly journal. That is such a good idea to keep track of the month and have fun doodling while you are planning it out. I need to add a habit tracker to my journal.

  9. I love your spread here, especially your opening August page! August is my month and your simple spreads connected with me; it is helpful to see things like stats and plans and habits all neatly laid out on one page.

  10. Looking good! I love how simple and clean your bullet journals always are! If I had better handwriting I’d probably go crazy with bullet journals.

    1. I post once everyday on Instagram. Not the past few days as I have been away, but someone shared this top saying you should post between 1 and 3 posts a day! 😱

  11. A really lovely layout for the upcoming month, I especially liked the gratitude page! Recognising the positive moments in our everyday lives is so important x

  12. I love bullet journals. I had switched to digital journaling and that definitely has its place but there’s nothing like a good scribe of a morning!

  13. One of my goals for August is consistency, these past few months I’ve built a pretty solid foundation that I’d like to continue building on & growing from. The design you drew for the month is beautiful, you’re a very talented artist!! Good luck to you this month, may we both kick ass and accomplish our goals like the boss babes we are! haha
    Very motivated after reading this so thank you,
    xo Bri

  14. This looks so cool, and I cant believe its already august. I would love to see a post about how you use the different pages (like an end of the month post) and if youve already done one I would love a link

  15. I’ve been wanting to do something like this but have been having a hard time figuring out how to lay it out in a way that makes sense. This is very helpful. Thanks so much for the visual!

  16. I would really wanna get into this kind of thing myself, maintaining a journal is a really good feeling.. thanks for sharing!

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