9 Tasks For A Monthly Reset

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A fresh month is always a blank canvas, exciting and can fill you with anticipation about what a new month will bring for you. Like a new year a new month gives you the chance to reflect and re-assess. Reflection is such a great practise to do regularly and allows you to appreciate what you have and what you have achieved.

A monthly reset is a chance to reset your life and your main focus for a new month. Carrying out a monthly reset can help you start a new month organised and prepared, which can help you have a productive and effective month.

Here are 9 tasks that you can do as part of a monthly reset to help you have a successful new month.


At the end of the month it is important to reflect on what has happened and what you have achieved. You should acknowledge the small wins and not just the big achievements, small wins are successes. Before a fresh new set of goals you can reflect on what goals you have achieved and re-assess what you can achieve for the following month. You do NOT need a long list of big wins, any wins means you have had a successful month.

Clear your emails and junk folder

Emails can get so cluttered with subscriptions, adverts and business emails so to start a fresh month organised and decluttered, go through your emails and delete the unimportant ones. This is also a great time to evaluate your subscriptions and unsubscribe to the companies you always thought you would get around to doing. Delete all your junk folder and empty the bin folder too. Any receipts or important tickets create folders for, this makes them easier to locate. Clearing out your emails help to not only be more organised but you are less likely to miss important emails.

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Finances and budgeting

Checking in with your finances is something you should do every month to keep on top of your money. You can look at your outgoings, work out what you want to save next month and schedule your bill payments. Checking in like this at the end of the month allows you to be aware of what you can spend and you will not become overwhelmed or miss a payment. I like to put reminders in my calendar as a reminder. When I go through my finances each month I like to see where I spend unnecessary money and try and limit those purchases the following month.

Clear your social media DMs

Social media DMs can get bogged down with spam messages, group invites amongst other things, the end of the month is the perfect time to go through all your social media platforms and clear out all those unimportant messages and remove yourself from those groups you are no longer active in. This helps your social media platforms more organised and it means you are again like emails less likely to miss an important message or pitch from a brand. I always feel so much clearer when I have done this at the end of each month, something this small makes a massive difference.

A paper clear out

Over the period of a month you can end up collecting pieces of paper, they make to-do lists on, reminders on, mail you may not have filed and receipts from recent purchases. At the end of the month clearing those to-do lists, recycle any papers with reminders that are no longer relevant and file any relevant mail correspondence you have dotted around your office or your home. This allows you to tidy and organise your workspace and home, it will also be a lot easier to put your hands on specific paperwork when it is needed, as having loose papers around makes your workspace untidy. Starting your new month with a tidy and organised environment.


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Brain dump

Having a notebook or a document on your laptop where you can declutter your brain. Taking some time to write any business ideas, to-do lists and write down any upcoming events and occasions that in the upcoming month. Participating in writing these aspects down allows you to get your ideas down and noted so you do not miss the opportunity. I like to start a fresh month knowing what events and occasions I have so that I am prepared, I hate not being prepared ha ha!

A clean and organise of your space

Having regular cleaning routine is so helpful to keep a clean environment, a clear and tidy workspace allows boosts productivity. You can use this time to get around to tidying those areas you have been putting off. If you are struggling to organise your stationery and office supplies I have storage ideas to help you save space.

Make a list of any incomplete tasks

It is not always possible to complete all of your tasks on your to-do lists, so during a monthly reset you can make a note of any incomplete tasks that you can add to your to-do lists for the new month. Then you can complete those are the tasks that are completed first, this will allow you not to fall behind with previous months tasks.

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Set new goals and your focus

This is the perfect opportunity to plan your new goals for the month and set a focus for the month also. I try to focus on a particular area each month, your focus can be a personal focus or a professional focus. Setting goals and targets are a good way to motivate you and keep you accountable for progress.

These are 9 main tasks that you could do for a monthly reset, however you may have other tasks you want to include. What tasks would you include in a monthly reset? I’d love to hear in the comments.

135 thoughts on “9 Tasks For A Monthly Reset

  1. These recommendations are right on target and well worth the time investment. These days, there are fewer obvious boundaries between and within our days to keep them all from running together. This “reset” exercise can be especially helpful during quarantine for creating regular opportunities to make a fresh start and “level up” our ability to increase our life satisfaction.

  2. Hi Lauren. Checking finances regularly is vital – especially in these troubled times. Stay out of debt if you can, overpay on your mortgage, contribute to your pension – only then should you look to see what is truly ‘spare’ for spending! Completely agree with the monthly tidy items too – having a mess, in whatever form, is just distracting.

  3. I think it’s crazy when you see peoples email with so many unreads. You can really cultivate a sense of calmness and clarity by keeping life simple and spending some time outside.

  4. Hey Lauren, my favorite tip in this list is the one about going through your emails and unsubscribing to anything that you no longer read. I am the sort who hates unopened emails in my inbox, and I periodically go through my inbox to unsubscribe from anything that I haven’t shown much interest in lately. The rest of these tips seem awesome too. Thanks for sharing, have a great week ahead!

  5. Some great tips here, especially setting goals for the following month. I try to do this as I feel it really encourages me to stay on track and keep motivated. Thanks for sharing x

  6. These are some important tasks that I have been procrastinating and there is a pile of work to do. Recently I have been very busy with all the work and really hope to get sometime to clear out so much. 🙂 Your post is inspiring Lauren. Thank you 🙂

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  7. These tasks are amazing and especially for the new year as we prep for it. I love the brain dump and paper clean out. I do it every few months and it’s such an amazing feeling.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. These ideas are really good. With the end of the year coming up, it would be so good to start the new one a bit more organized and ready. I journal at the end of every day, it really does help to clear your mind before going to sleep.

  9. Such a great list.

    I’ve just cleared out my emails and I feel so much better. I’ve also created folders and it makes me feel a lot less stressed!

    A lot of my blogging emails go into spam, so I check it regularly!

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