5 Planning Strategies To Keep You Seriously Organised

Planner spread for August with a Nikon camera and black rimmed glasses on a white surface

Planning and organising are some of my favourite tasks to do. I have always been a loser of planning days or events and being organised since I was young, which has worked so well as I have got older in balancing all aspects of my life.

I have so many people comment “you are so organised, I could never be that organised” But it is something everyone can be, it is just finding what works for you. I have found an planning system that works well for me, but it has involved me trailing different planners and different platforms to see what I work best with. I definitely recommend everyone to trial different systems so you can find the best one that suits you.

Here are 5 planning essentials to make and keep you seriously organised in your life:

1. A planner system

Finding a planner system that works for you is the most important thing. Not everyone loves a paper planner, but now there are so many digital options too. If you are trying to use a particular form of planner and you find yourself not using it and you feel it isn’t working for you, it is time to try a new system! Having a planner system you can record all your appointments, dates and tasks for you to remember and this will be the key to your organisation success! You want to find a system that you refer to everyday to keep you focused, or what is the point? Make sure you do not fall into the procrastinating task of filling in that planner rather than leaving enough time for you to work through your plans.

I like to use a physical planner, writing down my appointments and plans for the week which I refer to each day. With a lot of blogging being technology based I love the art of putting pen to paper and buying cute stationery! I have tried several planners, I have shared my thoughts on the Happy Planner but I love my BusyB brand of planners and my bullet journal.

2. A to-do list pad or notebook

Using a to-do list is a great way to motivate you with being organised. The feeling of accomplishment when you are able to check off a task, it then motivates you to finish more tasks. Writing down all your tasks for the day or the week allows you to plan your day or week out ensuring you have enough time to complete each task and you will not become overwhelmed with your work load.

I love using to-do lists, especially when I have such a busy week. I use these lists to plan my week in my paper planner.

Planner spread for August with a Nikon camera and black rimmed glasses on a white surface

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

3. Prioritise your tasks

When you are planning out your day or your week it is important to start with the tasks that have the shortest deadlines completed first, this means you will not miss a deadline, become overwhelmed and have enough time to complete the tasks successfully. Setting yourself deadlines for tasks can help manage your time and always have your tasks completed each week.

4. Time management

Managing your time is also key to being super organised in all aspects of your life. Allocating time for tasks you need completed helps you to ensure you can actually complete the tasks that day or week. There is no point having a long list of tasks to do that day when really it is not realistic to complete them all, this will only leave you feeling unproductive and disheartened. When you are aware you have enough time to complete a task it will help you stay focused and motivated rather than stressing about other tasks also.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

5. A decent pen

This seems like an odd one, but it is definitely essential. Whether you have a paper planner and to-do list or you are using a digital planner, having a decent pen to reach more to jot down notes quickly or writing down reminders is a must. It is also known that if you physically write down on paper, you are more likely to remember that reminder. If you have been a reader for a while you will know that I am a sucker for stationery, so it is always  good excuse to go shopping for supplies too!

There are so many different planners out there whether that is a paper planner or a digital planner. I love a paper planner and writing down my plans for the week. If you want to see my planner spreads you can see them on my Instagram.

Do you like to use a paper planner or a digital planner? I’d love to hear in the comments.



87 thoughts on “5 Planning Strategies To Keep You Seriously Organised

  1. Great post!! Thank you for sharing. I like yourself love stationary I never need an excuse to buy new stationary, my rule is, if it’s cute and I like it I should buy it 😂
    I too also use a paper planner and to do list, I love physically writing things down and then ticking them off, it’s very satisfying and makes me feel like I have achieved something with my day 😊

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  2. I use a combination of paper and digital. For work, I write my to dos for the week on a white board. But, longer term stuff is digital. The best solution is the one that works for you!

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  3. I have used a daytimer planning system for years in other businesses. When I started my new venture as an author, blogger, YouTuber, and Podcast Host with the safety net of a pension, the first thing I bought myself was a new Daytimer. It keeps me focused and gives me the ability to track all these projects.

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  4. I use an old fashioned paper planner but I went digital for list-keeping. Mainly, I use the notepad on my phone as well as Google Keep. For lists I need to remember for school, I write them down on sticky notes and tape the sticky notes to my wall. It’s so satisfying removing the sticky notes when I’m finished.

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  5. I love my pens and can never have enough. I recently got a real quill with nibs and a stand and love it for writing down careful thoughts rather then just scribbling. I always have a to-do list going and it feels good to cross things off. 🙂

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  6. Having a planner has helped me a lot. I have taken to using google calendar because I can color code and change info if I need to on the fly, plus get alerts. Having a full-time job and trying to run a blog has me in a spin. Thanks for the advice.

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  7. Got to love a to-do list. It just gets everything out of your head and makes tasks seem that much easier to achieve. I think anyway! I much prefer paper planners than digital. There is something about writing it out by hand that I prefer.
    Some great tips in this list!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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    1. I always use a paper planner. I just cant get on board with electronic calendars or making lists on my phone. I think I’ll always write things down to stay organized.

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  8. Thanks for this! I love to be organized as well. And I feel the need to write everything down because I seem to have a terrible memory. Right now I write my to do list with priorities in an app on my phone, and I do time blocking on Google calendars,but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go to a paper version. I often get distracted when trying to open a document or app on my phone to write stuff down. Plus there’s a just something about a to-do list on paper that’s more satisfying for me. No idea why. 🤷‍♀️

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  9. I love being organised. Somehow it makes me feel like things are more in control! I have an ongoing to do list as it’s so satisfying to be able to see things being ticked off! Instead of an online planner I use a spreadsheet for organising my blog which helps get all thoughts and plans out of my head so I don’t forget anything! Also a massive fan of diaries/calendars especially big A3 ones which I can stick on my wall. Really helps to see everything laid out clearly in front of you, stops you forgetting any events/deadlines and also stops me from taking on too much in a week!

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  10. Is it weird that I use a few of these systems? I have a to-do list on my computer, a paper planner and I like to use the calendar on my phone for important dates/meetings. I think I need to streamline my systems a little better. And I do love a good pen! It’s my favourite stationary item!

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  11. I’m definitely a combination planner – the bulk of my to-do and calendar is on Trello, but I still take notes and fill out my content calendar by hand! I love the flexibility of the computer program, but I still like to see things on paper too!

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  12. I am an absolute sucker for planning and organisation. I am always writing to do lists for my 9-5 job and my blog, it really helps me keep focus and prioritise. One thing I have never actually considered before is planner. I will definitely be looking into one of these now, thanks for the heads up!

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  13. I use both. I love using a physical planner, but if I am not home or I don’t have my planner on hand I just make notes, reminders, and calendar events on my phone to remind me. I am so bad at remembering if I don’t have it written somewhere.

    Grislean | gemlesschosen.com

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  14. I’ve just recently discovered GoodNotes, so I am figuring out how to use a digital planner using that. Otherwise, it’s almost all been pen & paper for me. To-do lists, plans etc. Except for blog related stuff. That’s all in one Google Sheet.

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  15. I love paper, but since my phone is always with me, my go to planner is a Trello app on my phone. I am big on to do lists, too. You can never be too organized and the items you name are really essential for anyone who wants to be productive. (although I secretly admire people who seem to not need anything and still get it all done)

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  16. Being organized is more difficult than it really should be. Your tips will definitely help me organize my day. I think that time management is one of the most important skills to master. Thank you for your tips. Take care and stay safe.


  17. I’ve just purchased a great planner from journal called the ‘law of attraction’ planner. It’s great for organisation, you can set monthly goals and targets for yourself. I recommend if you haven’t already seen it!

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  18. Time management is something that I need to get better with I’m honest! I have more time now then I once did and I find myself actually doing less than before. I also keep to a to-do list where possible so I actually know what I’m doing! X

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