5 ways to have that productive morning

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Productivity is such a popular topic we are all looking for ways to use our time better and the best productivity hacks. Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, if you have a productive and positive morning you are more likely to have a great day.

This does not mean you have to be up at 5am everyday, being up at 5am for example is not for everyone. You have to find the right time for yourself, that happy time to wake up. Making the effort to wake up a little earlier however does give you the advantage of more time for personal tasks before your work day gets started.

I am sharing 5 strategies you can use in your morning routine to make your morning productive and have a successful day.

1. Have a good nights sleep

Sleep plays such an important role in good health and well-being. It helps protect your physical and mental health, safety and your quality of life. How you feel during the day is effected by how you sleep. Having a good sleep routine means you can wake up refreshed, recharged and ready for the day. Your ability to stay motivated and focused are definitely heightened with better sleep.

2. Write your to-do list of tasks the night before

Preparing your to-do lists the night before is a great way to start fresh in the morning. You can wake up and can start your tasks when you are ready, rather than spending your morning planning out your day and wasting time that you could have been working on those tasks already. You will be starting your day of prepared and organised.

For me I like wake up and knowing exactly what tasks need to be done that day and I do not to have to think about planning. I can just start checking those tasks off the list, it such a good feeling ha ha!

3. Positive affirmations

Positive affirmation is the practise of positive thinking and self-empowerment allowing you to have the attitude to achieve success. Journaling in any capacity is such a beneficial task for your mental health and well-being. Taking 5 minutes in the morning to write can help you to challenge and overcome that self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. Writing down positive affirmations means you can start your day off on a positive step and confident about plans for the day. Gratitude also plays a bit part of this process too.

A notebook with white pages with a to-do list with an R Bar, a pen and a pair of glasses on the bed

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4. Eat breakfast and drink water

According to studies eating breakfast affects your energy levels for the rest of the day. To make sure you are prepared for the day you want to fuel your body, you will then have enough energy to be productive for your morning until lunch time. It is always great to eat and drink in the morning to start your metabolism.

5. Do NOT reach straight for your phone

Taking the time to wake up properly and getting ready for the day before delving into your phone is so much more beneficial. The information overload that hits you before you have had time to fully wake up can interfere with your ability to prioritise your tasks. By checking your phone all the thoughts, ideas and focuses are taken over by the new messages, notifications and your emails. Those people monopolise your time on their agenda rather than on your schedule.

You have the ability to make your morning a productive one and set a positive tone for your day. Make sure you are not falling into the thought that you have to be productive 100% of the time, however having a solid productive morning when you want to can make you feel so good in yourself.

Do you have set things you do in the morning to be productive? I’d love to hear in the comments.

89 thoughts on “5 ways to have that productive morning

  1. These are great tips and advice. My morning routine is so important to me, to start the day right and look after my mental health. I use Hal Elrods miracle morning for my morning routine which contains many elements that you mention here. I start with some meditation and affirmations, and then some exercise. I switch these around depending on how l feel. Sometimes doing a long cardio, other days some gentle yoga. That way, my routine adapt to my needs for each day. l recently wrote a blog about this myself! So lovely to see I’m not the only fan of a solid routine for better productivity! Thanks for a genuinely great read.

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