September is here and I am pretty excited! Autumn is my favourite time of year. I still cannot believe where this year has gone, it has been flying by. I can;’t believe it is time for another bullet journal set up post. 

This spread is going to be a different to my other spreads. I have been gifted a lovely Master Mindset Diary which is a post coming next week, it has some great features, so I will be using it in conjunction with my bullet journal to be the most organised and productive that I can. I decided to go for an Autumnal warm drinks theme, I enjoyed doing a bit of doodling for this theme. The past few themes I have been using simple layouts, so I was excited to get a bit creative with this spread. 


This cover page was super simple, but adding a few doodles and some washi tape and it really comes together. I chose washi tapes that represented Autumn colours as much as I can, as even in my massive collection of washi tapes I don’t actually have any Autumnal tapes, I think I need to go stationery shopping again!


I love this mood tracker, the doodles took a long time, but for me it is quite therapeutic. It is a design I haven’t used before, so I am looking forward to filling these in. Mood trackers are great if you are trying to monitor your mental health

Gratitude is always an important part of a positive mindset. I always like to reflect on what I have been grateful for each day. This is a great practise for positive thinking and to be thankful for what you have in your life. These pages are great to reflect back on in several months time and remember some great memories too. 

I like using my bullet journal to monitor my blog statistics and follow my progress or highlight any areas I need to improve. Writing this information down makes me accountable. 

Blog statistics page in a dotted notebook with hearts, cups of tea and bows

I decided against having an Instagram plan this month because I found I wasn’t really sticking to the schedule and I had new content that I would want to share. So for September I have decided against it.

Weekly spread for the week with black ink, outlined in orange with bullet points for to-do lists

This spread will be used as an additional to-do list if there is more in a particular day that will not fit in my new Master Mindset Diary. I will start writing the priority tasks in the diary. I love using my bullet journals and have done for 3 years, but I am excited to use my new diary alongside my new planner.

What style of planner do you use? I’d love to hear in the comments


  1. Your journal looks pretty amazing. I especially loved the doodles on your mood tracker page. And that cover.. it’s gorgeous, believe me!!

  2. Beautiful theme! It looks great, and I especially love the mood tracker. I just started my first bullet journal in August. I am looking forward to seeing a peek of your new diary – hope you’ll be able to show us a bit!

  3. Yes, its a great idea of bullet journalling. I started a bullet journal in Jan 2020, and yes mine is not so organized, while it ended up more of reflection writing. Also i printed a few ‘Habit Tracker’ as A4 pages and it worked well for me. For the food habit wise, i started to write in the beginning and further i felt other areas might be more important since i dont binge much on junk foods. Then came in the gratitude, volunteering, one word goal for the day etc. These last few items is probably taken into account, while i havent been able to really take care of it on a daily basis.

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