September is here and I am pretty excited! Autumn is my favourite time of year. I still cannot believe where this year has gone, it has been flying by. I can;’t believe it is time for another bullet journal set up post. 

This spread is going to be a different to my other spreads. I have been gifted a lovely Master Mindset Diary which is a post coming next week, it has some great features, so I will be using it in conjunction with my bullet journal to be the most organised and productive that I can. I decided to go for an Autumnal warm drinks theme, I enjoyed doing a bit of doodling for this theme. The past few themes I have been using simple layouts, so I was excited to get a bit creative with this spread. 


This cover page was super simple, but adding a few doodles and some washi tape and it really comes together. I chose washi tapes that represented Autumn colours as much as I can, as even in my massive collection of washi tapes I don’t actually have any Autumnal tapes, I think I need to go stationery shopping again!


I love this mood tracker, the doodles took a long time, but for me it is quite therapeutic. It is a design I haven’t used before, so I am looking forward to filling these in. Mood trackers are great if you are trying to monitor your mental health

Gratitude is always an important part of a positive mindset. I always like to reflect on what I have been grateful for each day. This is a great practise for positive thinking and to be thankful for what you have in your life. These pages are great to reflect back on in several months time and remember some great memories too. 

I like using my bullet journal to monitor my blog statistics and follow my progress or highlight any areas I need to improve. Writing this information down makes me accountable. 

Blog statistics page in a dotted notebook with hearts, cups of tea and bows

I decided against having an Instagram plan this month because I found I wasn’t really sticking to the schedule and I had new content that I would want to share. So for September I have decided against it.

Weekly spread for the week with black ink, outlined in orange with bullet points for to-do lists

This spread will be used as an additional to-do list if there is more in a particular day that will not fit in my new Master Mindset Diary. I will start writing the priority tasks in the diary. I love using my bullet journals and have done for 3 years, but I am excited to use my new diary alongside my new planner.

What style of planner do you use? I’d love to hear in the comments


    1. Aww that is really sweet thank you, so glad I helped you and inspired you to start. The mood tracker did take some time but the other stuff is pretty simple. Maybe try in the evenings when the little ones are in bed, spread setting it up over several nights, just do a little bit each time. Or check out my August and July set up where I did simple ones as a lot of people were asking for them. I hope this helps x

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  1. Loved this post, thank you for sharing, Autumn is also one fav months along with Spring πŸ’š
    I am using just a regular planner and a to do list at the moment… but I love how creative you are with yours and all the different things you incorporate into it to keep you on track and accountable…I’m inspired to give it a go 😊

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  2. Loving the Autumnal theme Lauren! I made myself laugh at myself, as I got excited when your takeaway hot drink cup looked like a reusable one rather than a plastic one! Haha. I really need to start a montly tracker of my blog statistics – thank you for the reminder! Helen x

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  3. I love your cosy teacups and coffee cups for September, especially on your mood tracker page!
    It is always interesting to take note of what works and what you want to change up; it is great you are using a new diary. I usually end up making notes on my calendar, in my diary, and keeping a to-do list on my fridge. πŸ™‚

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  4. I think my handwriting is too messy and chaotic for a bullet journal πŸ˜‚ yours really does look so fab and neat 😍

    At the moment, I’m using the 2020 happiness planner and it’s the only thing keeping me on track this year!

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  5. I love the whole coffee theme you have going on! The mood tracker is so creative and the time you spent drawing each doodle was so worth it in my opinion!

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  6. Great tips! I use my journal each day to write down three things I’m grateful for and my β€œthoughts”. Sometimes it’s blog ideas, sometimes just awareness of my emotions or venting. But I love the idea to track blog stats too. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. It’s so pretty! Love how you used coffee mugs for the mood tracker, they’re so cute. This is so creative, love the blog stats tracker. I have the usual academic planner since it works better for scheduling/long term plans, but wish I could have a bullet journal.

    Loren | Plaid + Sugar


  8. I wish I had the creativity to do this! It’s so cute and I love the little mood tracker 🧑
    I’m hoping to start junk journalling soon to try and trigger the artsy side of me. I love organised mess πŸ˜…

    Laura //

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  9. I LOVE seeing people’s spreads for their bullet journals and yours are always so pretty! I’ve never managed to carry one off myself but this makes me really want to. I definitely should do something to track my blog stats etc more than I do. This looks fantastic!

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  10. I am impressed with your level of organization. For my blog (and because I post several times a week) I use an agenda and spreadsheet combo. I need to keep track of when books are publishing so I can post when it’s most appropriate.

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