8 Ways To Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

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Creating content consistently can sometimes feel like an impossible task, but it is completely possible. We all know that posting consistently helps to build a loyal audience and your DA score. So ensuring you always have the ideas following is a must.

Implementing strategies to help you plan your content is important and it will mean you can plan your content ahead of time which means you are more likely to stay consistent on your blog. Since I started using these 8 different ways to create content I have not been stuck for content ideas.

Here are my 8 tips so that you do not run out of blog post ideas to share:

1. Look at National Days & Holidays

You can research online what National Days & Holidays that are in each month and create content around those themes. There is even a International Chocolate Day and World Stress Day. This is a great way to share content that you may not always share on your blog. Sharing trends and current themed related posts is a great way to generate traffic to your blog as it can be relatable for a lot of your readers. Having these dates ahead of time will also allow you to plan your content ahead of time. 

2. Events that are happening

You can look at what trips you have coming up, concerts you are attending, or even a birthday celebration. These types of posts are more personal which are great to share to allow your audience to learn more about you and sometimes your audience will be able to relate to you better. 

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3. Search Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for blog post ideas! There are tag challenges and seasonal blog post ideas that you can base your content around. There are people who have also shared lists of blog post ideas for all niches to inspire you as well. 

4. Survey your audience

Asking your followers on your social media what content they enjoy reading from you or would like to share is a great to way to get inspiration. It means you are able to target content for your audience or even your potential audience. If you have a content idea but are unsure how it will be received you can host a poll that can help you make the decision. You could even request blog post ideas from your followers, just remember if you use an idea it is important to credit that person who gave you the idea. 

5. Reach out to brands

Reaching out to brands can help you build business relationships as well as sharing worthy content. Although at first it can be daunting, pitching to brands is good experience and can help you grow your blog when you are given those collaboration opportunities. If you are planning to reach out to brands make sure you do your research and really think about why you would like to work with them before you press that send button. 

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6. Guest posting

Having a guest post published on your blog can help you fill a gap in your blogging schedule if you are really struggling with content. Having another content creator share their content on your blog will help you build blogging contacts and can help bring a different audience to your blog. Guest posting on other creators blogs is a great way to increase your DA score too. 

7. Research keywords & trends

Using keywords helps to boost your blog traffic from new readers and DA score. There are various websites sharing the service to help you find keywords to inspire you. Following the trends on social media is another way to inspire content, content that will drive more traffic to your blog. 

8. Recycle old content 

Re-visiting your older content is helpful in filling a spot in your schedule. As you develop your blog, your writing skills chance and will learn more about SEO optimisation. Looking back through your older posts you will be able edit them, include backlinks and then repost this content for promotion. Updating older content is a great way to boost your DA score. If you can identify older content that did extremely well, you can write other content related to this topic which will also hopefully be just as or more successful on your site. 

I have been recently slowly working though my older content and updating the text and upgrading the images to help streamline my blog and ,ale older content more relevant. I definitely recommend doing this process anyway. 

These are 8 proven ways that you can follow to never run out of blog post ideas. Keeping you ideas fresh will help you post consistently. How do you make sure you always have content ideas for your blog?  


107 thoughts on “8 Ways To Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

  1. I didn’t even think of guest posting. These are such remarkable ideas! And I’ve certainly got to try some. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas. Also, I’ve been wanting to reach out to brands but have no clue how!!!!

  2. Using Pinterest trending to make content is one I’ve been doing alot of! It helps me make content that is current and interesting, I also like the ideas of days out x

  3. These are such good tips! I like to turn to the national holidays when I’m really struggling to find ideas, I find that it usually helps.

    I’ve bookmarked this for further reference! Thanks


  4. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this post Lauren! Really helpful tips here so I’m bookmarking ❤️ Steff xx

  5. These are all great tips!!! I’m going to ask my social media audience today to see what kind of content they enjoy xx thank you so much!

  6. These are great tips, Lauren! I usually use Pinterest for inspo and then see if from one idea I can get more of it, making it for example a recurrent post monthly or every couple of months. but trends work very well as well as holidays! Thanks for sharing x

  7. “Look at National Days & Holidays” is the basis of my whole blog. Although it’s pretty hard to keep people on board as there’s so much variation in the days.

    Thanks for ideas 2-8. I’ll be using these as inspiration once I’ve exhausted all of the national days…

  8. Whenever an inspiration or idea pops out, I make sure to take note of it. For this purpose, I downloaded the Notion app so I can create a page there specifically for my blog ideas.

    If you’re a niche-specific blogger like I am (for the most part, I blog about law school life and advice), it will also be helpful to join public groups to see what its members would need help on. I try to answer their questions through a blog post, which I also share on the same group. This way, I can increase my readership while accomplishing my goal: helping my audience and giving them the content they need.

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