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AD* These items where gifted to me but all views are my own.

Planning and being organised has always been something I have prided myself on. I have trialled several different planners and diaries, but I am always looking for the planning resources to boost my productivity. This is why I am excited to share the Master Mindset Diary with you. Who doesn’t love new stationery, right?Amanthis Stationery is a brand that started in July 2018 by Rachel. She was a young blogger and loved stationery, however she found it difficult to find good quality and pretty stationery at affordable prices. Rachel decided to create a brand that offered that pretty stationery for everyone so it doesn’t break their bank balance to purchase an item. Everyone should be able to afford good quality stationery.

The Master Mindset Diary by Amanthis Stationery with gold foiling and coil bound.

The Master Mindset Diary is a planner of dreams and suitable for any lifestyle. The diary is bound with wire with gold corner protectors, it is A5 size so perfect for any bag. It consists of 266 pages and has an elastic strap for security.

The first few pages are the overall 2020 and 2021 calendar spread. These pages are so helpful rather than scrolling through your phone to find the date for an occasion. With this diary being wire bound it allows you to flick through the pages with ease and they also lay flat, which is so important to in any planner or notebook. Nothing worse than writing on pages that do not lay flat.

A quote page that says we did not come here to fear the future, we came here to shape it by Barack Obama

Throughout the diary it has quote pages. The quotes are filled with positivity and motivation. It is a great way to start a new section and month in the diary. I really like the quote from Barack Obama.

Last year reflection page in a coil bound diary

In this goal selection you are able to reflect on the past year. Each section means you can reflect on all the areas, this is important so know what you want to achieve in the next year. It can be such a positive experience to see how much you have developed.

At the start of a new month you have a month at a glance double page spread. It is great that this is on a double paged spread so that the boxes are a good size to write your plans. I always fill in the month at a glance calendar, as it is quicker to refer to this spread to plan meetings and appointments. It is always frustrating when you double book yourself, using spreads like this can eliminate this problem. The notes section is handy to write down any important reminders you might have for that month.

The monthly overviews are a great double spread to increase your productivity. I love the habit tracker, if you have read my blog before you will know I am a huge bullet journal fan, one perk is the habit trackers! I haven’t seen a diary that actually has a habit tracker included, this feature was one of the reasons why I fell in love with this diary. I love the goals and wish list aspects of these pages too, you can plan out your whole month and be super organised. I definitely think the act of filling this in before the month starts is going to be included in my monthly resets.

For each weekly spread you have space to write in your appointments but a separate space for the to-do list. This is going to save me having to write my to-do lists in my bullet journal or on a to-do list pad. I can have everything in one place. You also have the square that once you have completed  task you can check it off. That is such a great feeling, right? The productivity level and mood features are again something I haven’t seen in any planner before, I am looking forward to filling in those!

After each month you have a space to make notes and reflect on the month and highlight what you are looking forward to in the following month. Once the year is finished and being able to re-read all those pages will give you some great highlights and remind you of all the achievements you have had.


April goals check in double page spread

In this diary you have two goals check in pages where you can write what the goals you have are and how they have been going. January will be a new year and so some of your goals may even change. April is where you will have the second goal check in. Making goals is great but evaluation of the goals is important as visions and situations can change.


In the back of the diary there is a notes section and one feature of that section is a contacts pages. You can record all their details and even how you met that person. I am going to use these pages to write down my PR contacts, having them all in my diary rather than a separate notebook will make things a lot easier if I am on the go.

These pages will be perfect for students and for business work. I have a business idea that I want to start planning for and these pages are going to be incredibly helpful.



You then have notes pages in both lined and dotted form (how awesome is that!). These pages will be great for telephone meeting notes, meeting notes or even to doodle in. Having these notes pages for me means I can make notes in the diary rather than lots of different pieces of paper and lists that I will have to carry around with me.


These timetable templates can be used for school, work, family life or even for meal planning if you wanted too. I think I will be using these for my blogging business and I can plan all my promotional work.


If you are at school, college or university the class information will help you record all the information if you need it.


The quote used at the end of this diary is so lovely and very motivational. The diary also has a pocket where you can store planner stickers or important paperwork that you need to keep with you.


Amanthis Stationery also sells these prints. You have the Master Your Mindset and the Carpe Diem prints. The prints are printed on recycled card stock, how cool is that? I love the aesthetic of the prints, the colours are definitely me! I love using prints in my photographs on social media as well as using them in a scrapbook.

Three pens with crystal details on a desk with polka dots and wooden stars

Two pencils that have goal-getter saying in gold edged into them.

There are a variety of different pens and pencils offered at Amanthis Stationery at very affordable prices. Refills are also available so you can continue to enjoy them. These pens are absolutely beautiful, I love the black and white polka dot pen. They are deceivingly light which is important to me, as I can’t write with a really heavy pen, I find it really uncomfortable. The pencils are kept in the black and gold aesthetic and have the saying goal-getter on them. I love using pencils to outline my bullet journal spreads before committing to the design in pen.

Two sticker sheets with planner actions on them in blue, grey, red and black

The sticker sets are currently only available with the starter kits however, Rachel is working on releasing more designs soon. If you have seen my Instagram you will know that I enjoy using stickers in my planner. These stickers have a great selection of actions on them. I love the blue, grey and black colours, they look professional and classy. Who doesn’t want a classy planner? I can’t wait to start using them.

Finance Tracker book from Amanthis


This is the Master Mindset Finance Tracker and this is such a great tool especially if you like to keep track of your money. You have space to write down your savings, your budgets note the bills that are due and then write down your expenses. This will help me see where my money is going and highlight where I will be able to save money! If you are trying to save I would definitely recommend this. I am currently saving for my house and so this is going to be so helpful.

Amanthis Stationery offers different kits that contain extra goodies to help you get started. However, you can get the Master Mindset Diary separately if you wish. I am looking forward to seeing my productivity increase using this diary.

What do you think of this diary? Is it a resource that would help you? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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  1. I don’t tend to use diaries like this because I don’t use all the categories but I have a lot of friends who do so I think this would make a lovely gift. I’m so pleased it’s helping you, Lauren, thank you for such a fab review! x

  2. Oh my god this is a gorgeous diary! I absolutely love the look of the goal check in pages it’s such a good idea – I’ll be looking at this for my planner next year x

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