5 essential tasks to keep your blog maintained

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Running a blog is so much more than just writing and sharing posts. Running a blog is like running a business, there are so many aspects that make it a successful venture, so you have to pay attention to all these aspects. Consistently paying attention and working on your blog can help it become more successful.

Putting in all the effort and work will eventually pay off. However, even the most successful bloggers still have to work hard and be accountable for these areas of their blog. These admin tasks are just as important as writing and sharing your posts.

This is a list of 5 essential admin tasks that you should perform regularly for the up keep of your blog:

1. Check and delete spam comments

Unfortunately like emails blog comments can get an influx of spam comments and can harm your blog. The low-quality links on your blog could actually lower the credibility and can devalue your website. It could even annoy your audience and lower your reputation. Spam comments can build up quickly, so they should be checked daily or every other day for you to be able to stay on top off them.

2. Check for broken links

This can be an easy mistake to make and be easily corrected. Broken links occur when you change the URL of existing posts, changing blog titles or down to bad internal linking. You may think having a broken link isn’t that bad but it can harm your DA score and result in you audience becoming frustrated. Fixing these broken links can help you retain your blog traffic as well as helping you avoid penalties.

3. Check your images have alt text and are of good quality

Alt text is a great resource for all web design. It’s primary purpose is to describe images to visitors to your blog who are unable to see them. Ensuring all your content accessible to everyone and will improve your blog traffic and your google optimisation. If your blog images for any reason do not show up, the browser will load the alt image instead. One benefit with using alt text is it is what Google uses to search the internet for images. You should also make sure that your blog images are of good quality and clear for your audience to look at.

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4. Update old content

Depending on how long you have been blogging for you may have to work on this aspect. If you have been blogging for a long time, you will have learned a lot and would have developed your writing skills. Going back and updating your posts ensuring all images have alt text and you have used interlinking will not only boost your blog traffic but will also improve your DA score. You can use that time to check your grammar and maybe even offer a new perspective on the subject. You can then promote these older posts and repurpose the updated content for your audience.

5. Update your media kit

Regularly updating your media kit allows you to give the correct statistics and work for the brands. As you develop your audience count will change, as well as the work and media you design, so it is important to keep this updated so when you are ready to reach out to a brand you can do so straight away. If you do not have a media kit I recommend using one especially when pitching to brands, it makes conversing statistics with brands a lot simpler.

These are 5 essential admin style tasks will help you take your blog to the next level ensuring your blog becoming more successful but also making navigating around your site much more enjoyable for your audience.

What admin tasks do you perform to maintain your blog? I’d love to hear in the comments.

118 thoughts on “5 essential tasks to keep your blog maintained

  1. These are still tasks I am slowly working my way through. I can’t believe the difference updating old posts have made to my organic searches.

    That is one I am really going to push to get finished because it has made the biggest difference x

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  2. I’m super new to blogging (again). Good reminder to keep everything working like a well oiled machine. I don’t have alt text on my images, but I definitely should go give this a look.

    I’m already planning to update posts I’ve got now because many of them are Educational ones that are slightly geared towards what is going on with COVID. I’m sure they will change once everyone goes back to school in person.

    Thanks so much for the reminder!

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  3. I am a notorious spam checker and always delete rubbish comments on a daily basis; I hate it when anything stacks us so I try to stay on top of things as much as possible. Love your tips for keeping one’s blog as smooth and maintained as possible, especially your thoughts on updating old content!

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  4. I read this and just suddenly realised I hadn’t checked my broken links for a while after being so good at doing it – I know what I’m doing after this. I really need to sort out a media kit but just have to figure out where to start. These are great tips – it’s hard when it’s time consuming to know where to put your attention so this was really useful!


  5. I actually haven’t created a media kit yet, I keep putting it at the bottom of my list, but it is important so I guess I should get to creating one soon. Thanks for these tips!

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  6. Deleting spam comments! I’ve gotten few in the past but hadn’t thought to delete them, usually just left them and never responded to them! Broken links is a huge one, I always try to make sure that I don’t have any – especially when linking to blog posts within a post. Alt text yes!! It’s so important to include an alt text, for accessibility and also in case you image itself doesn’t load there’s still the alt text there to describe it!

    I haven’t thought of updating old content itself, but it does sound like a good idea to make sure the images have an alt tag! Personally though, I like to see the progression of my writing style from time to time so don’t think I would ever change anything content wise!

    I currently don’t have a media kit, but have been thinking of putting something together to potentially reach out to brands with!


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  7. I despise updating old posts haha! I recently went through LOADS of them though. And broken links are the absolute bane of my life. There’s very few blogging activities I actually really enjoy, come to think of it. I wish I could pay someone to do all these boring tasks for me!

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  8. I’m in the process of trying to deal with the maintenance side of my blog at the moment – it never ends! Broken links are definitely taking the longest, and I’m also trying to update old posts and ensure they’re all consistent (which they’re not currently as my writing/formatting style has changed so much as my blog has grown).


  9. Oh goodness, all my comments (luckily) need my approval before going on my blog but I rack up HUNDREDS of spam comments per week. If they auto-posted I think I’d cry having to go through deleting each one!

    I definitely need to go through my posts and work on my internal linking soon. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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  10. Some great advice for new bloggers, being an at home parent and Dad blogger time to work through old posts on top of content creating and the other bobbins is hard work. You are spot on with it being a full time job.

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  11. This is such a great post! I always always forget to check for broken links. I need to go back and update some older posts but I just haven’t found the time yet. Maybe something to do over a weekend (or a few weekends!)

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  12. Great tips. Honestly, I wish someone had taught me about broken links earlier in my blogging journey. By the time someone filled me in on all of that and the impact it had on my blog’s performance (my other blog, not this one), it was A LOT of work to clean it all up again! I recommend all bloggers keep up that kind of work because having to catch up SUCKS lol


  13. Excellent post! Spam comments was something I’d never encountered until recently, and it’s so important to keep on top of them. I was literally just telling my husband this morning how crazy it is, how much work actually goes into blogging!


  14. Great tasks we should all be doing regularly! I really need to be work on updating my media kit and and redoing old posts. Thanks for sharing!


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