A Papergang subscription box with different leaves and wood. Papergang and OHH DEER is written in rose gold lettering.

*AD I was sent this box in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As you may have figured out by now reading my blog I am a lover of all things stationery and planning. OHH DEER is a company I have been following for a while, they sell so many different products including stationery. They offer a few subscription services and one is Papergang, a stationery subscription service. How awesome is that?

Papergang is a monthly subscription box where every month you receive a box of stationery goodies designed by different artists. Papergang works with their charity partner Tree Aid. Tree Aid works with communities in the drylands of Africa to protect the environment. They help villagers grow nutritious food all year round. Every box purchased helps to build trees. How amazing is that for the environment? The trees that are planted help to provide food and income, that can help people in need to be able to pay for education and healthcare. Tree Aid have planted more than 16 million trees and improved the lives of over 1.2 million people. It is a great feeling to receive great quality stationery products to enjoy but knowing you are supporting a sustainable company. 

Each box is designed by an artist, this month’s box was designed by Jessica Forgie. Jessica works as an in-house junior designer at OHH DEER and has been with them since November. The box design is in keeping with the contents, the packaging is completely recyclable which is so important. 

A papergang subscription box for the month of October. It has papergang by OHH DEER written in rose gold. The box is designed with green leaves, flowers and logs of wood.

This box has 3 stamps and an ink pad, one washi tape, an A6 stitch notebook, an A5 letter set and 2 greetings cards. 

Letter Set

The pad is an A5 size with lined pages. The pad has beautiful nature designs. The pages are a rosy colour that have a nature motif in the left hand corner. It comes with a set of envelopes with rose gold features, the rose gold star detail matches one of the stamps. I love writing letters so this is going to get used up really quickly. In a world that is so technology heavy, writing letters is a great way to connect with others and there is something therapeutic about putting pen to paper. 

An A5 letter pad that is black with white doodles of plants and leaves, the pattern is the same as on the front of the box. There is also ivory coloured envelopes with OHH DEER logo and a star design both in rose gold.A lined pad with green lines with a design of leaves and leaves in a glass bottle on the right corner of each page.

A6 Stitch Notebook

This notebook has dotted white pages, the notebook is a pastel shade of green with rose gold detail. I love the design. Being an A6 size it is perfect to pop in your bag or for when you are on the go. Being stitch bound the notebook lies flat which is a must for me, nothing worse than not being able to write on a page properly. I like using dotted pages like in my bullet journal. The paper is good quality and doesn’t bleed through in the paper and only a small amount of ghosting.  

A mint green A6 notebook with a rose gold design on the front. The design is of leaves and flowers and two hands.

Washi Tape

I have been looking for a black design on a washi tape. I love the different moon designs. I do not have any moon themed washi tape and I love the contrast of the white against the black. I love using washi tapes in my bullet journals and for other uses like sealing envelopes. You can never have to many washi tapes, right? 

A black and white washi tape. The design is of different phases of the moon.

Greetings Card

Like I said previously I enjoy sending mail and writing to others is really therapeutic. I like keeping cards I have been sent I have done since I was young., they bring me happy memories. The design is unique to any other greeting cards I have seen, the rose gold is such a pretty colour and a great addition to the design. The cards are white and blank inside for you to be able to write your own message. The cards came with brown envelopes with the OHH DEER logo embossed on the front. 

A greeting card that has pictures of an a leaf, a hand, a rose gold key and an eye. It says All Your Wishes Will Come True, with stamps on the side.

A black and white greetings card with the sun, moon and stars on the front. With My Moon And My Stars written on the front in rose gold lettering.

3 Stamps And An Ink Pad

I recently started to use stamps in my bullet journal. I only have letters so I am happy to add these to my stamp collection. The designs are beautiful, my favourite is the star stamp which is in the corner of each envelope. The stamps are a decent size so you can see all the detail of each design. I cannot wait to start using these stamps in my bullet journal spreads and my letters to loved ones. 

3 stamps in a row. One step has a black hand with white detail. The second one is leaves in a glass bottle. The third stamp is of a big black star with two small stars and a diamond.

There are 4 subscription options you can pay monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months or 12 months. The larger the subscription the more money that you save. You can follow Papergang on Instagram where you can see previous boxes and lots more. You can head over to my Instagram to see the pictures of the products in use too. 

The Papergang box all packed, with the little booklet about the designer. The envelopes, washi tape and the 3 stamps on show.

Have you ever tried a Papergang subscription? I’d love to hear in the comments. 



  1. I love some good stationary! I have never bought a subscription before but what a great idea! I love the variety there is nowadays, but this one seems so cute! X

  2. I love stationery! And this subscription box looks great. I know a lot of things are digital now, but you can’t beat putting pen to paper and actually writing. It’s fantastic that the company supports a good cause too. Thank you for sharing your review of this.
    Jaclyn x

  3. I absolutely loved this box. It’s the first time I’ve ever had any kind of subscription box and it far exceeded my expectations.

    I will definitely be getting one again x

  4. I have never tried a Papergang subscription, but this is such a pretty box! I love having fun stamps and stationary around to send to people, to write intentions on, or to put down poems.

    I love that you are using stamps in your bullet journal and hope to see some in your next journal spread. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m still on the hunt for a good stationery subscription, and this one looks pretty decent. I love the notecards included in this box – very appropriate for the season, but also great for the rest of the year.

  6. Wow, ok I never knew that this subscription existed and now I can’t believe it! This box sounds like a bit of me! I am such a stationary addict! Wow the gold emobssed note book would make a perfect Christmas present!

    1. I love your passion for stationary! This is awesome! Never thought of it as being therapeutic! Great review.

  7. A stationery subscription box is such a good idea. I love the idea of giving or receiving paper goods that you can use to brighten someone else’s day! The items you got in this box are so lovely. The stamps are my favorite part!

  8. I have never heard of this subscription service before but I am IN LOVE with the charity aspect behind it all. How great is it that you can get something you love while also helping to make a difference in our world? That’s a win/win for everyone involved. Side note, that washi tape is to die for!

  9. This is neat. I would subscribe to something like this if i journaled a bit more. I love looking at all the stationary, especially from paperchase!

  10. This sounds like such a lovely subscription service. I feel like I don’t have enough stationary things and need to get more, although I’d probably say that when I have a stack of like 20 notebooks haha. I love the moon washi tape, and also the notebook looks so pretty! x

  11. I think I’ve tried Papergang years ago! This is such a gorgeous box of products. I love the greeting card. You can’t have enough stationery and this would make a lovely gift!

  12. I’ve never tried a stationery subscription but I think this is something Flora would LOVE. She’s always buying notepads, stickers, pens etc so this would make a lovely Christmas or birthday gift – thank you for your lovely review, Lauren x

  13. I might sound out of it but I haven’t tried any subscription boxes yet. There have been a few I’ve considered but this one sounds like a fantastic way to also give back. And the contents are great!

  14. Totally in love with this box! I had seen them on adverts but never got one. That washi tape and cards look gorgeous, might think about a self-present! Thank you for sharing x

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