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Archer & Olive November Bullet Journal Spread

A cover page for my November bullet journal spread, using stamps, black and white moon washi tape and star stamps. Next to the bullet journal is a box of alphabet stamps, black and white moon washi tape and star stamp

How are we already into November? 2020 has and still is a whirlwind of a year. Bullet journalling and my planner has been a system to keep me organised during this difficult year. Even though this year has been unexpected regularly using my bullet journal and planner has helped me stick to a routine.

Taking the time out to design my monthly bullet journal spreads for me is a great self-care activity. Getting out my Archer & Olive bullet journal, pens, washi tape and stamps allows me to get creative and have time to relax. If you want to start a planning system but do not like conventional planner restrictions, bullet journals are a great way to design the pages how you would like them and ensure it is tailored to your needs.

Cover Page

I was excited to start using my new washi tape and star stamp from October’s Papergang box. I thought November would be the perfect month to use moon designs as now it is getting so dark in the evenings.

Gratitude Log

I used the stamper set for the lettering on each page. I love the rustic aesthetic look. I will use this page as well as my gratitude journal to practise gratitude and help to improve my mental health. Using this page to write a brief comment for each day. Reflection in the evening is perfect to go to sleep on a positive note.

Blog Statistics

With my development of my Pinterest platform I have seen a huge boost in my blog traffic. Keeping a record of my blog statistics is something I have done for years. If you are a blogger I definitely recommend tracking your growth. I added washi tape and printed the stars to have the evening theme throughout the spread.

Mood Tracker

Mood trackers for me right now are even more helpful to track my pain due to needing surgery. It is helpful to have a record and it means I can spot any patterns with my moods. It is helpful to track my mental health too.

Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are really helpful to keep you accountable for the habits you want to practise daily. I have narrowed my habits down to the ones I really want to focus on this month. This simple design of just crossing off each day I achieve them makes it quick and easy.

Bullet journals are a great way to stay organised and a chance to get creative and have fun. If you are thinking of starting a bullet journal there are so many tips to be aware of.

Do you use a bullet journal to plan? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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