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A kitchen design. The brown flooring, a wooden table that has 6 white seats around the table. The kitchen has white units and a black worktop.

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All vinyl flooring brands boast that they’re the best fit for your home. All their adverts will promote their product over all alternatives which can make shopping for vinyl flooring which can send you down a rabbit hole of never-ending internet searches for the perfect vinyl flooring, without ever reaching a decision which sits well.

Brands are always quick to talk bad about their competition, but Karndean vinyl flooring promotes nothing but the best of itself.

A Plethora of Styles 

No doubt the first thing you are considering of when choosing luxury vinyl flooring is finding your dream style

With a multitude of bold and colourful rangesit’s not difficult to see why homeowners are instantly drawn to the Karndean catalogues. Every Karndean collection is not only going to look great but also be fitted without any help – if you so chooseClicking the tiles together or gluing down the wood styled planks is the perfect way to occupy a rainy day

The Perfect Fit

Karndean doesn’t hold back from making your life easier in every way possible. Which also makes Karndean a financially efficient flooring option. 

Customised plank and tile sizes ensure that the parts are cut to fit, ensuring that there is no room for movement following heavy foot traffic and no bareness in the far to reach corners which are often overlooked and left bare by flooring fittersOn top of this, replacing a harmed tile or plank is as effortless as putting on your shoes. Simply remove the defected tile or plank and pop a new one down. The financial benefits of luxury vinyl flooring alone make it highly desirable, but then style scope and ease of installation make it every homeowners necessity.

Magnificent Modern Manufacturing

All households are prone to accidents and if they can’tbe avoided then they can at least be prevented. Karndean vinyl flooring incorporate extra protective measures to promise you a vinyl floor that is always protected, and which protects you and your family. 

Karndean has been manufactured to hold a host of important properties which achieve maximum durability. Both moisture and heat within your property can affect standard tiles and planks negatively. They may start to raise up from the foundations or become disjointed from the planks and tiles that surround them, making your flooring wobbly. 

Luckily the Karndean collection carries the solution, which lies in perfectly designed flooring layers which bounce back instead of crumbling under the pressure of changing seasons.

We previously talking about accidents in the home and how they can’t be helped. This statement still reigns true but Karndean has used modern flooring manufacturing to perfect the perfect prevention method from spills and stains. 

Karndean knows that its owners don’t want to spend hours of their day caring for their flooring. So, thanks to the PUC surface layer, stains and spills really do remain on the surface until they’re wiped away with a damp cloth. For deeper cleans, a sweep followed by a thorough mop is all the cleaning it takes to bring back that newly installed sheen.

Vinyl flooring experts can assist you with finding a flooring which compliments your taste, and which helps keep your home happy and cleanKarndean click vinyl flooring exceeds standard flooring to such an extent that all their ranges are titled after Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Van Gogh – the historic maters of colour and replication

Whichever art period would suit your home, Karndean carries it within its magnificent collections.


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  1. I think vinyl flooring sounds like a really practical solution for a lot of houses – I know you can choose from a great range of designs but I wasn’t aware of all the other benefits so thank you for sharing this post, Lauren! x

  2. I am moving in a few weeks and currently looking at the different flooring options available in my area. I definitely need something durable since I have kids and pets and will be living by the water.

  3. Even when it comes Vinyl Flooring still there are a lot of competitors. Amtico Spacia and Karndean are a good investment for busy households and both are durable, pays the price well. Karndean are way shinier than Amtico but i’m telling you both are doing the job well. Great post bournemouthgirl!

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