7 Tasks To Reset Your Week

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A fresh new week is a blank canvas, it can fill you with anticipation about what this new week will bring you. At the end of each week it gives you the chance to reflect and re-assess your goals. Reflection is a practise you should do regularly, it allows you to appreciate what you have and what you have accomplished.

A weekly reset is an opportunity to reset your life and your main focus for the upcoming week. Carrying out a weekly reset helps you start a fresh new week organised and prepared which will help you have a productive week. 

Here are 7 tasks to do for a successful weekly reset:

1. Inbox zero

Emails can build up incredibly quickly from spam emails to work emails. At the end of each week going through your emails and organising them into files or deleting non-important emails. Regularly performing this task each week means you are less likely to miss important emails about appointments or work opportunities. If you want to keep your inbox more organised you can create folders for specific emails to be filed into, you can then keep track of all your correspondence relating to that subject. You can then start a new week with your inbox at zero. 

2. Clear your cookies and cache on your phone and laptop

This task can be more of an every other week rather than every single week. Your apps and web browsers stores parts of information to speed up your experience using them. However over time your phone can collect a lot of files you do not need. Clearing the files out can free up a little storage space on your device. Clearing cache can also help with website behaviour issues. The drawback from performing this task means all your saved usernames and passwords will be deleted and you will need to re-enter them. But on a positive note your privacy is more secure and your browser will work better. 

3. Clear loose papers

Over the week it is easy for loose papers to build up like to do lists, notes, letters or receipts can pile up on your desk or worktop. Loose papers around can clutter a space which can make you feel unorganised. At the end of each week putting the letters and receipts into files or shredding all unimportant paperwork means you start a new week with a tidy workspace. Any notes or to do tasks that were not completed can be recorded in your planner for the following week, you can then recycle the loose pieces of paper. Starting a new week with all papers organised means you will have a decluttered workspace where you can be productive

4. Empty your DMs on your social media platforms

Social media DMs can easily become built up with messages and mentions. It is important to clear them regularly so that you do not miss messages that may be important. It helps keep your social media platforms organised. If you are running a business from your social media platforms it is even more important for you to regularly remove any unrelated or spam messages so that you do not loose potential sales. 

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5. Tidy your space

Tidy space tidy mind is a term that is consistently used and is true. At the end of each week taken an hour or two to clear your desk/office space and home space. Clearing up, popping a hoover around and clean, can help create an organised environment. It is motivating to be working in an organised and clean space and you will find your productivity levels boost with less distractions around you. 

6. Plan your week ahead

At the end of the week it is good practise to then plan for the following week. Writing out your tasks for the week is a way you can start your Monday morning already aware of what you need to achieve. You start each day ready to tackle those tasks, this saves time each morning rather than writing out those said tasks. Using a planner or planning system to organise your weeks can make you super organised.

7. Show yourself some care and attention

It is vital for our body, mind and soul to invest in taking care of ourselves. Allocating some time each week to do something for yourself. You can spend time with loved ones, have a pamper evening, read, watch tv or just do something that you enjoy. This task gives your mind and body the reset it needs, ready to accomplish a fresh new week. It is a great idea to schedule some time for self care at the end of the week, so you feel rested. This will help you to not feel overwhelmed or over worked. 

Do you do a weekly reset regularly? I’d love to hear in the comments.


56 thoughts on “7 Tasks To Reset Your Week

  1. I really need to do a lot of these! I spend a lot of time on my mental and physical health but still haven’t done enough to manage ‘tech health’ (I think I might have just made up a term!) My inbox has over 5000 unread messages now and my DM’s go back years! Time for a clear out!! Thanks for the motivation. 🙂

  2. Clearing my emails and tidying them into folders always helps to make me feel at ease. I know where I stand with work so anything in the inbox will still need to be dealt with! I also agree with tidying loose papers, I hate a messy work space!

  3. You are enviably organizer Lauren! I would definitely have to improve in some areas (digital clutter), whereas some come naturally to me (tidying up and planning). Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’ve never done a weekly reset, at least not like this. That’s such a good tip about clearing cookies and caches, I must start doing that. Also factoring in some self-care too – thank you, Lauren, these are really helpful tips! x

  5. I really needed this (and your self care post on Kayleighs blog) today. I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed and even tasks like this feel small normally but right now feel huge.

    These are really helpful and hopefully can re-set what has been a terrible week so far x

  6. I am terrible at clearing the cookies and cache…really should do it more regular! SO important to factor in self-care too…it can be easy to get out of the habit when you are busy. Always try to go through my emails regularly, I don’t like them building up.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo

  7. We like #7 best. Clearing e-mails and DMs can take a lot of time, but organizing the e-mails helps to prioritize.

  8. Love this! I normally get up early on a Monday and plan/organise my week, then reflect on the week Sunday evenings. I need to follow your advice on emails lol as my personal inbox is so full oops! xx

  9. I do most of these things, Sunday’s are defo a reset day for me, nothing better than getting organised for the week ahead then enjoying some me time! Great tips 👍

  10. Another great post, Lauren. Some great advice. I use Mondays to clear my emails, it’s a lovely feeling getting rid of the ones I don’t want.

  11. I just cleared my inbox today! Those are great tips. I don’t always plan the week ahead, but it’s a good idea, because then I don’t feel pressured to accomplish everything at the beginning of the week. And next week, I really need to do that, with the holiday coming up. Thx!

  12. I just make it a point not to check on anything work related on weekends. No email. No checking of messages on apps. Weekends are for relaxing and re-energizing so I make sure to keep those two days free for me to do whatever I want may it be binge watching series, reading a book, playing a game or even sleeping in.


  13. This is great advice. I am so bad when it comes to loose papers. I have a stack of papers sitting on the corner of my desk and it seems to grow and grow. I’m hoping to find the time to tackle it soon, getting rid of everything that I don’t need (which will likely be most of it) and filing the few things that I actually do need to hold onto.

  14. I was wondering if what am gonna do this weekend. I guess I came across this post at the right time as I now have a list of activities planned for this weekend. The post was really good!

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