The Perfect Stationery Gifts For Bloggers + GIVEAWAY

On the table is a heart shaped clover design on a journal and notebook from Say Nice Things stationery. Next to the journal and notebook is 6 Christmas postcards

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It is coming close to Christmas, so a lot of people are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you have a blogger in the family and unsure what to buy them, these stationery ideas could be perfect. Who doesn’t love some new stationery at Christmas ready for a fresh new year?

Say Nice Things Stationery is a brand that is designed and manufactured in the UK. Jill is the owner of Say Nice Things and made a business out of her passion. Using writing to help with her health, Jill created a business that can help other people in the same position and who shares her passion for stationery. I have worked with Say Nice Things for over 3 years for Stationery Week and the quality of their stationery has always stood out for me.

Stationery is a love of many people, bloggers and writers tend to use a lot of stationery. So notebooks, journals and pens are a sure way to make a blogger happy. Say Nice Things Stationery offer a range of journals and notebooks in different prints and you can even have your journal match your notebook.

I am sharing the journal and notebook in the clover design and the lovely Christmas postcards that you can send to loved ones and giving you the chance to win a journal, notebook and the Christmas postcards for yourself or a loved one.

The clover journal

This journal is an A5 flexi cover journal that has soft touch lamination. The journal is split into six sections that has 32 pages each. The sections are colour coded with an index to help you stay organised as well as make it easy to navigate. 

Section one to four is lined pages for you to make notes. Section five is a doodle page where you can colour in the designs, doodle over the them or even write notes on the plain pages. The doodle or colouring pages are a great addition to this journal. Art therapy is a great tool to de-stress and boost your mental health. Section six is an undated monthly spread there are 12 templates suitable for every month of the year. This is perfect for bloggers who are wanting to note down their blogging schedule. After the undated monthly spreads there are some more lined pages where you can jot down any blog ideas or possible collaborations. 

This journal has 192 pages, has 90gsm paper and is stitch bound, so it lays flat, which is some all us stationery lovers like. This journal would also be perfect for creating a gratitude journal, using prompts and the power of writing could help improve your self esteem and alter your mindset. 

The journal index in the Say Nice Things stationery lover journal. The journal has six sections which are colour coded.

The undated calendar spread templates in the clover journal from Say Nice Things stationery.

The doodle and colouring pages in the Say Nice Things stationery clover journal design. The design is lots of triangles and abstract shapes.

The clover notebook

This notebook is in the clover design that matches the journal, it also has a flexi cover. There are 95 lined pages, 16 plain pages and 17 grid pages. All pages are 90gsm and this notebook is also stitch bound so the notebook will be comfortable to write in. If you are like me and like to draft blog post ideas on paper first, this notebook would be perfect. You can use the other pages to record your blog statistics or plan collaborations. If you are a blogger who has other businesses, recording sales or business ideas is constant, having a notebook where you can record it all can help you stay organised.

A heart designed into clovers on the front on the notebook from Say Nice Things stationery.

Christmas postcards

Their Christmas postcards are printed onto uncoated 400gsm vision superior matt paper. These postcards are in 6 different Christmas designs. They each come with silver shimmery envelopes. These cards are a great way to show someone you are thinking of them at Christmas. As a blogger or a business owner sending lovely notes out with purchases and would make a great addition. 

A selection of 6 Christmas postcard designs with silver shimmery envelopes. There is candy canes, christmas tree, snowflake, star and present designs.

The giveaway

I am hosting a giveaway with Say Nice Things Stationery, where you can win the clover journal, a clover notebook and 6 Christmas postcards. You could win these lovely stationery treats right before Christmas, or gift them to a loved one for Christmas. If you fancy winning you can head over to my Twitter and follow the instructions on my pinned tweet as well as commenting down below whether you will use the treats if you win or will you gift them?

On the table is a heart shaped clover design on a journal and notebook from Say Nice Things stationery. Next to the journal and notebook is 6 Christmas postcards

What would you use the journal for? I’d love to hear in the comments. 


62 thoughts on “The Perfect Stationery Gifts For Bloggers + GIVEAWAY

  1. I love all of these stationary items so much! I would use the journal to plan my posts and also keep track of important things I need to do. I love pretty stationary. Such a great idea for a giveaway!

  2. These are so pretty! I’m a total stationery addict. There is so much power in a fresh notebook! I always have a few scattered around the house for any spontaneous thoughts or ideas. This sounds like such a lovely company too x

  3. Lauren these are beautiful 😍. I would give them to my daughter for Christmas, she is 10 and looking at opening her own Etsy shop (or similar) after Christmas so would be perfect for her to keep track of everything. 💕 x

  4. Oooooo beautiful stationary, I love stationary even if I don’t use it I have to have it, I think I may be addicted to it LOL To answer your question, what would I use the journal for, for jotting down ideas, and as a gratitude journal. xoxo

  5. The journal and notebook are so pretty, and I love that they include doodle and colouring pages! If I won the giveaway, I would probably keep the notebook and journal myself as I get through notebooks so fast! But I would gift the Christmas postcards to others as an alternative to Christmas cards xx

  6. I have to admit that I generally prefer plain lined journals. But I have a building project going at the moment, so I could use it for list-making and to-do and such.

  7. I love having a stack of postcards on hand and the designs on these are so pretty.
    This journal is so simple and attractive; I love that it is sectioned and that it lies flat. This is something I would definitely use to start planning blog articles ahead and brainstorm writing-related titles. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! I am so excited to have entered the giveaway.

  8. ohhhh these look so lovely 😍 I’d use them myself if I won, because I still like to use paper journals and paper notebooks to stay on top of things. It helps me stay organised and on top of my work. That way I never forget to do anything and make sure my boss is happy! It’s also just really nice to be able to cross things off your list 😂 Such a lovely post, good luck to everyone entering!

  9. I loved stationary stuffs so much and if I will be the winner I will use it for my (first time ever) journal. Also, I will create my new ig account just for my hobbies like packaging haha and writing letters. Thanks for the GA! 🥺

  10. Omgosh, I’m such a stationary addict haha. I purchased 3 journals during Black Friday and told myself no more. I love how the clover journal already has some templates to help with planning!

  11. These are great. I love all of the holiday postcards. Receiving one of those in the mail from a friend/family member would definitely give me all the holiday vibes that I have been searching for in this odd season of 2020. Something ‘normal’ among all the crazy changes lol

    1. The clover Journal and the clover notebook are so gorgeous!! The cover and the inside are so aesthetic! 😍❤️ Would definitely using this for making my life more organised and my planning of doing something!

  12. Oooh! Love these different stationery gift ideas!! It is great when you can have a journal that separates all of your thoughts. The clover notebook is great! I like that it is sized well enough that you can actually commit to it. Love the postcards!! The designs are so cute!!

    Nancy ✨

  13. I love how the journal is set up. This stationery is great… Why does stationary make me so happy? lol

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