Providing Customers With The Positives

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When it comes to smart meter implementation there is still a lot of resistance from many areas. Many qualified electricians and those who have undertook smart meter apprenticeshipsare bound to come across customers that are averse to the changeover to the new form of energy saving devices.

Quite simply, people fear the change and how it will affect their information and their usage. There is a lot of negative information on the internet to fuel the fear and mistrust as much as there is information on the beneficial nature.

In order to quell the many rumours and myths surrounding smart meters, we have broken down the facts regarding this so that every customer can be in the know.


One of the many positives about the movement into smart meter technology is the ability to make estimated bills a thing of the past.

Smart meters work to provide a completely accurate report of your energy usage to your supplier for billing. This means that disputes over usage that is incorrect is a thing of the past, meaning those complaint phone calls will also be related to it also.

As a part of this the customer also has full transparency of their usage through the use of a smart display which is free of charge. By giving them the ability to visually see the usage and track it in real time, they will be able to identify where their wasted usage is being burned away and take the necessary steps to prevent it. This enables the customer to be in charge of saving on their bills by having real time displays giving them all the information they need to stop wasting energy.

No More Readings

Manual meter readings, especially when on the phone to your provider, have always been a pain.

Among the chief benefits of smart meters is the total elimination of having to both read a meter and relay all information to your supplier. No house visits by those wanting to read your meter and no disputes over estimated bills from not being home when they call.

Also of benefit is the ability to see how much credit is remaining in real time using the in-home display, as well as keeping on top of balances of emergency credit and debt. It also provides a quicker and easier way to top up your electricity and gas when required.

There are many advantages for customers to be aware of in the overall scheme of things and it should be with an outlook on saving consumption and providing a greener infrastructure for the planet.

For those wanting to join the challenge of helping customers with their energy consumption via the route of a green energy apprenticeships, you are playing an important part in not just providing greener solutions but also educating customers on their benefits within the cycle.

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  1. We made smart meters the only legal option in 2013 unless you for some specific reason needed dispensation. I can follow my usage in real time online and see how much I’ve used compared to earlier weeks, months or years. It’s super nice 😊

  2. This was such an interesting read! For new homeowners and someone who just moved in their own flat they are such a great relief! thanks for sharing x

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