Meet My Advertisers: Blogs You Need To Read

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AD | I cannot believe that we are already in February! January usually drags, but it has been a really busy month for me. I shared a Veganuary series throughout January, where I shared a number of ways in which you could make more sustainable lifestyle choices. In January I really reflected on things I own, things I buy and where I could be saving money and protect the planet.

In the past year I have really found my niche and what I want to achieve from my blog. I am even more in love with my blog and my brand than before. Part of me growing my brand and my blog is to start advertising slots for each month on my blog as well as Pinterest management. This month is the start of my advertisers section. I am so excited to share my first month’s advertisers! 

So here are my 5 bloggers who are advertising with me in February. Make sure you check out their blog post recommendations, give them a follow and make new blogger friends.

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Kayleigh is a well known blogger in the community and I have been following her journey for several years now. She has taken the affiliate marketing world be storm and is providing so much inspiration for other bloggers in the community. Kayleigh is continuously supporting other bloggers and their content. Kayleigh shares blog posts on: lifestyle, travel, finance and blogging tips designed to help you grow your own blog.

Kayleigh has several ebooks on Affiliate Sales like; How You Can Make Money from Blogging and Pitching to Brands to name but two. Her advice and tips comes from years of learning, experience and it is proven to work.

I highly recommend the following of her posts:

  1. 8 Beautiful WordPress Blog Themes You Need to Check Out
  2. Making the Move From Blogger to WordPress
  3. How I Got My Domain Authority From 21 – 29 and Improving My SEO

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Steff is another blogger that I have followed for years and has always been such a support of my blog and content.  Steff shares blog posts about lifestyle and shares her blogging tips. Steff actively shares other bloggers content and will support their successes. Steff is a mum to 3 girls and is now starting a new business Steff’s VA Solutions, where she offers services as a virtual assistant specialising in email and diary management, as well as much more, so if you are in need of this in your life, make sure you message her.

I highly recommend the following of her posts:

  1. The Bloggers’ Survival Guide – Ebook Review
  2. 8 Blog Maintenance Tasks You Should Be Doing
  3. Upping Your Instagram Game

This brilliant day is in capital letters with a picture of the sun at the start and a stem with 2 leaves at the end. Underneath

Sophie is a lifestyle and personal development blogger who shares posts on: sustainable living, positivity, book reviews and much more. There really is something for everyone; which makes it a great blog to follow. Having following Sophie for a while I know from personal experience she shares other bloggers’ content and leaves the most genuine and supportive comments which is so encouraging for bloggers.

I highly recommend these posts of hers:

  1. 10 Thoughtful Ways To ‘Pay It Forward’
  2. 8 Easy Space Saving Wardrobe Hacks
  3. Easy and Delicious 5 Minute Mini Toast Pizzas

Gemmaa Jayne in block capital letters with captials underneath saying lifestyle, travel and health and fitness. In the background is

Gemma is a blogger who writes posts about: travel, health and fitness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her blog sometimes has a psychology element as she is passionate about what she learned in her studies in her degree and masters. Gemma is someone in the blogging community who is regularly supporting other bloggers leaving genuine, helpful comments and sharing their blog content. Gemma’s other passions include: dancing, running, hiking and travelling.

I really recommend these posts of hers:

  1. 10 Ways To Challenge Yourself in the New Year
  2. The Ultimate Guide for Setting Goals
  3. Tips on Loving Yourself

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Billie is based in Sheffield and is really close to the Peak District. She works as an SEO Manager for a large SEO agency. In her spare time, she manages 3 different sites, how incredible is that? She has had her blog for years and created it in order to give advice to other bloggers, so I would recommend checking out her helpful tips for you to grow and improve your SEO. She also writes about lifestyle and travel topics; there is something for everyone to read.

I highly recommend these 3 posts of hers:

  1. Actually useful SEO Advice For Bloggers
  2. Budget Planning – Turn Your Finances Around
  3. What Questions should I Ask When Viewing A House?

If you would like to advertise me, make sure you check out my advertising page.

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Do you have any blogger recommendations. I’d love to hear in the comments.

40 thoughts on “Meet My Advertisers: Blogs You Need To Read

  1. That’s so generous! I’ll take the idea for mine, and even for my daughter’s blog. She owns a vegan bakery, and usually support other vegan shops on IG. I’m sure she d love this! Than u for sharing with us! I’ll leave her website, instead of mine 🤗

  2. Firstly, congrats on your Pinterest success, you are smashing that platform – and please let me know when you start offering Pinterest management services! Secondly, you’ve got some amazing bloggers here, I follow them all and it’s great to see the familiar faces 🙂 xx

    1. Love this post! Gemma Jane sounds super interesting and I’ll have to check out Billie as well. As a fellow SEO, I love to read about how other’s explain it.

      1. I have just commented on your college questions list. Please can you check it went through. They are all great bloggers. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    2. Thank you so much Lisa. I think it will be starting in March. I will message you when it is live. That’s great you follow these bloggers. A great range of content. Thank you for reading Lisa xxx

  3. I love meet the advertiser posts since it is a great way for me to find new blogs to follow! Billie is new to me, but I just checked out her blog and love her conversational voice. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing your advertiser post, this is just what I’ve been looking for, new bloggers. I briefly looked at each one and I love their style, and they each have great content. Thank you xo

  5. It was a bit quick month and busy for us as well. I can tell you did a lot of things and that’s great!. Great bloggers, love to check more awesome bloggers!

  6. Oooh I’ve come across some of these bloggers but not all, so I’m definitely looking forward to having an explore and checking out some awesome new blogs. I love finding new content like this – thank you!

  7. I’ve followed Kayleigh for a wee bit now and I love how helpful her blogging posts are! I really like the sound of “This Brilliant Day” by Sophie as well!

  8. I always love discovering new (to me) bloggers. I follow a couple of them, but not the others. I will have to check them out! Thank you! 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing Lauren. I am happy to meet these inspired bloggers. Truly, so much of blogging is simply meeting and helping fellow bloggers, some of whom befriend you and help accelerate your success. Together, we are all powerful. Fragmented and separate, we struggle.


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