Treasure A Memory With Greater Skies

A Greater Skies Map in navy with a white frame. The stars and planets are in white, gold and silver. Next to the frame is a candle.

AD. This product was gifted but all views are my own.

When it comes to loved ones birthdays or other special occasions, it can be hard sometimes to know what gift to get that someone special. You want to get something that makes the other person smile. A personal gift shows that extra time and thought has been put into choosing a personal gift which your loved one can treasure.

Can you think of a special memory in your life? Now think how amazing it would be, if you had a print of the sky at that exact moment. This is exactly what Greater Skies offer. Greater Skies started in 2006 and they offer a star map for a specific date, time and location which holds a special place in your heart and your memory.

Your custom star map

Depending on the date you have chosen, your sky map will show the past or the future. All the maps contain: the sun, moon, all the solar system plants, the constellations and all the stars which were visible or will be visible in the sky on that exact date, at the exact time at the exact coordinates. You can add a personal message of your choice below tour map. There are a variety of design choices to suit everybody’s taste. Not only are these aps available as prints, but you can also get your own personalised star maps as downloadable files for those who prefer to have then printed closer to home or use them in other ways.

The prints are on 260gsm archival-quality Fine At paper and use UV-resistant inks. Greater Skies is part of stripe Climate. They contribute t 1% of all non-PayPal purchases to remove CO₂from the atmosphere; it’s great to see companies making changes for the betterment of the planet.

A Greater Skies Map that is in navy and in a white frame. This print has a map with a white, gold and silver detail.

This print was easy to order and the website offers a preview of your print which I love to see before you press ‘buy’. You have can order your print in 3 different sizes and have the option to have the print framed in a black, white or natural frame. The print arrived quickly and was packaged securely in bubble wrap to avoid damage. The print looks absolutely stunning and it will make both a beautiful and perfect gift for your loved one. It’s really something that they can treasure for years to come.


If you love the idea of the prints and would love to get your hands on your own downloadable map, then this giveaway is for you!

Greater Skis is giving 3 lucky winners the chance to get their very own digital star map. How awesome is that?!

Giveaway Rules

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  4. Leave a comment about your significant date and why you have chosen it

The giveaway ends on Monday 22ndMarch 2021 at 5pm and will be announced on my Twitter. Good luck!

55 thoughts on “Treasure A Memory With Greater Skies

  1. Ah, this print looks so lovely, what an amazing and unusual gift for a loved one. I’m sure I can think of lots of events but it would come down to a tie between the date Alan and I got married and the date Flora was born! xx

  2. Omg this star map is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this, I think my significant date would be my birthday as I haven’t hit any big life milestones yet 🙂 thank you for sharing x

  3. I love this idea so, so much. As a bit of a witchy woman, I love all this sort of stuff and I think it’s a beautifully sentimental way to remember a special date.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! I’ve just subscribed to your blog and followed the company on Twitter (I already followed you). I’d love to have a sign like this for November 18, 2018, which is my wedding date 🙂 It’s the most special day of my life and I’d love to have it documented like this!

  5. I love this idea Lauren. So beautiful.

    I think I would have the day my Mum passed away 21.08.18, we have a star named after her so it kind of fits as another way to hold her close, plus she loved the sky, when I want to feel close to her I look up x

  6. Awww love this! My significant date is 15th July (2019). Not only is it the day I randomly met my now boyfriend at a work event. But it’s also one of the happiest summers of my life and I really started to find myself then!

    Katie |

  7. Such a wonderful gift 😍😊 the date I would choose would definitely be my birthday in November! Because what other date could there possibly be that is as wonderful as that? 😂😂 Xo

  8. Woah, this is honestly so cool. Never heard of greater skies before but this looks awesome. Memorable and cute! Great to have in my room. Is the giveaway international (from the Philippines). It would be July 14! It’s when my boyfriend and I first dated. And this year, it would be 4 years! Lovely post! You’re so lucky you were gifted with that.

  9. This sounds like an amazing and unique gift! For birthdays, weddings, or even as a way to commemorate someone. It’s great to hear that the company is contributing to the aid of the planet.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Loren |

  10. I love these so much! I’ve been thinking about getting one done. I want one for the night of my wedding; we have a wedding wall which includes pictures, framed memories, a framed first dance tribute and this would be the perfect addition!

  11. This is so lovely, I’ve been meaning to get one! I’d get the 29th June 2019. The night of our wedding, the night we danced under the stars with all our family & friends. We have a wedding wall; full of pictures, framed memories including a tribute to our first dance and this would be the perfect addition! My husband has memory issues & things like this help trigger his memories <3

  12. This is such a gorgeous idea and would make a perfect gift for almost everyone! I think the date I would go with would be the date of my dad’s death or the date that I had liver surgery that saved my life x

  13. I absolutely adore this and have done all steps for the giveaway. My husband and I are both firm believers in the power of astrology and the way that the placement of the stars, moon and planets can have a meaningful impact on our lives. I would love to have this done as a gift for him showing our wedding day, September 22nd, 2012.

  14. What a beautiful gift. Would make a great special date birthday item as it would be so thoughtful. My special date is 30 sept 1938 as this is the date my mum was born

  15. This is so gorgeous! I’ve actually been thinking of getting one of these for myself. But I think my boyfriend would love it (and I still benefit hehe)! I love that you can pick a special date as well – that would have to May 4th for me. The date my boyfriend officially asked me to be his girlfriend, and also a special day for him being a Star Wars fan as well haha!

  16. What a gorgeous gift idea! I would probably pick the date I had one last conversation with my Grandad just so that I have something to remember him by! X

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