March Bullet Journal Ideas

Bullet Journal double page spread. On the left is a March cover page that has floral washi tape, flower stickers and floral paper. On the left hand side is a March quote and on the left hand side is thick orange floral washi tape and a pink flower.

I cannot quite believe we are in March already. This year is already off to a flying start and hopefully we will, once again, have the opportunity to see family and loved ones, in order to start making post-COVID memories.

It is the beginning of Spring and hopefully we will see more sunshine and more colour in nature. A new month means a new month of bullet journal ideas to experiment with.

Bullet journaling is a fun and creative form of planning that not only keeps you organised but gives you a creative outlet to express yourself. Setting up your bullet journal is really easy and will help you to improve your productivity. I decided to experiment with more craft supplies this month and bring more creative ideas. I enjoyed trying different stickers and washi tapes. I really loved the quote and thought it was a beautiful observation of March.

A bullet journal double page spread. On the left page is a habit tracker with thick orange floral washi tape and green flower stickers. On the right page is a blog statistics page that has green floral washi and flower stickers and one with a brown basket of flowers. There is washi tape next to the left side of the bullet journal and wooden stamps on the top right page of the bullet journal.

Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are a great tool in achieving regular daily habits that are needed to improve your productivity. It is important to narrow down your habits and that they are really specific to be most beneficial. Being able to check off each task/habit daily can be really motivating and push you to check more off your list.

This habit tracker is one of the easiest layouts to use in a bullet journal, so it will be the best choice if you want a simple and quicker design to create.

Blog Stats Tracker

If you are a blogger this page spread can be really useful to keep track of your progress and celebrate your small successes. It can be really helpful to see where you need to improve. 

In these spreads, I decided to experiment with lettering and add floral designs to tie in with the season.

A bullet journal double page spread. On the right page is a gratitude list. The gratitude page has floral washi tape with a big pink flower sticker on the right hand side. On the left page is a 'one line' page which has green floral washi tape and two giant flower stickers either


Showing gratitude in your life is so important in improving your mind set and your mental health. Writing down what you are grateful for is an effective way to appreciate what you have. A line a day on what you were most grateful for acts as a great reflection activity.

I love the use of this vintage floral washi tape and floral stickers to give it a really rustic feel.

One Life 

This was a new spread that I used last month and I really enjoyed using it and so I decided to use this again. It gives me a chance to write down one good thing that happened each day to reflect. It gives you a chance to look back each month and a highlight reel. With everything happening around the word it is important to appreciate even the smallest things.

Bullet journaling is a great system that is undated and created just for your needs and your preferences.

What theme are you using in your bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

34 thoughts on “March Bullet Journal Ideas

  1. Maybe I’m just nosy, but I love seeing what people have done for their bullet journals each month even if I never quite get around to doing mine. I did a kind of plan/journal for Jan and then have forgotten to do it ever since, oops.

  2. I absolutely love seeing how others set up their bujo. I don’t have one myself because I get frustrated when I try to draw or be artistic in that way, but it’s so satisfying to see other spreads. Yours is great!

  3. After reading your article I shall focus upon blog stats and planning articles. Your layout/aesthetic is so calming

  4. Oo, this is the first time I have seen washi tap used in a while so really loving your March spread! The flowers and green bring in spring. I am over the snow and ready for the world to thaw out. I think our writing and trackers and journals should reflect and help manifest the mentality we are creating/want to see.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have been drawing in everything for my planner, and accepting my mistakes, which are plenty. I like that you use stickers and what not to create yours. I have tracked my mood, created affirmation pages, gratitude pages, tracked how much water I am drinking. Lots of ideas out there. I think I will be using some of yours this month. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love your bullet journal settings! I used to get so upset because it didn’t work how I imagined it, so left it. Love the washi tapes, thanks for sharing x

  7. This looks so pretty! Thank you for sharing this with us! I really like these ideas and I’ll be taking inspiration from them for when I start my March pages soon!

  8. Gratitude is a biggie with me Lauren. Definitely high on my list these days as noting what I have seems to expand what I have. Cool side effect of showing appreciation.

  9. I always love seeing your bullet journal layouts. They are always gorgeous and inspire me to try out different things with my own journals.

  10. I love your bullet journal layouts and how you’ve really keyed in on using it for blogging and gratitude (I think they go hand in hand). Thanks for sharing!

  11. I am with you about March!! How?! I love your monthly spread! Big plus with the use of washi tape too. The floral design looks super cute. Love that you’re able to reflect on gratitude as well. So important to know the good that happened each day! I am just trying to stick with the basics for my bullet journal when I use it for work. Maybe I will look into washi tapes some day!

    Nancy ✨

  12. Love this! Love the blog tracker and habit tracker especially. Very unique and beautiful. Gratitude is so important and I’ve been trying to make a more conscious effort in practicing it everyday, especially on days when I am feeling low. It really helps to lift my spirit.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oo, I love this spread. I still haven’t started my March bujo spread (I’m so behind!), but was planning on doing a spring/floral theme and this looks amazing! Thanks for sharing x

  14. I love your bullet journal set up posts. They make me feel so inspired. I hope that the one line continues to be a really positive activity for you. It is such a lovely idea x x

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