20+ April Bullet Journal Themes And Page Ideas

A double bullet journal page. On the left is two flower stickers with the quote no rain no flowers quote. On the right page is an April cover page with a mini calendar underneath and washi tape at the top and bottom of the page with flower stickers at the top and bottom.

We are now going into April; this year is flying past and a new month means: new goals, new tasks and a fresh, new bullet journal theme. Not only is it a new bullet journal spread, but I am into a brand new bullet journal.

There is something so exciting about starting a new journal and fresh pages. I am now using a Yop & Tom baby blue cloud journal. After using my Archer & Olive journal, I want to make the positive change to vegan and/or eco-friendly notebooks.

Sometimes, the hardest part of creating your monthly bullet journal is picking a theme and page design. Once you have figured these things out, the rest of your monthly spread becomes easy.

Here are 20+ themes, designs and spread ideas that you can use for your bullet journal:

One Line

This is a spread that I introduced last month and I loved using it! The idea for this page is to write one line about what you did that day. It is a small reflection activity that you can do in your journal and it is a great spread to look back at in several months’ time. If you struggle with a chronic illness and your memory is sometimes affected, this spread can be invaluable.

Gratitude Tracker

Gratitude is about being thankful for what you have in your life. Practising gratitude can help with a variety of things including self-love, confidence and more. Using a similar layout to the one line page spread, this spread is a positive mental health habit that you should start. Practising gratitude is a powerful way to look after your mental health and build your self-esteem.

A bullet journal double page spread. On the left side page is gratitude written in the middle with floral washi tape either side with a floral sticker in the left hand corner. On the right page is one line in the middle with floral washi tape either side and a floral sticker in the right bottom hand corner.

Blog Stats Tracker

If you are a blogger, this spread can be really helpful in tracking progress of your blog posts and engagement. If you own a small business, a tracker for sales, products and supplies can be a really beneficial way to stay organised.

Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are a great way tool to hold you accountable for the variety of tasks you want to ensure become habitual. You can use a number of different layouts that best suit your preferences and your theme. I love the use of habit trackers that act as motivation to get everything checked off the list each day. However, remembering that I need to follow steps to be productive, but also be aware of my limits.

A bullet journal double page spread. On the left hand page is a habit tracker in a table form with washi tape. On the right page is a blog stats tracker with washi tape and flower sticker down the right side of the page.

Different theme ideas for your April Bullet Journal:

  1. Floral theme  
  2. Umbrella and rain theme
  3. Bee theme
  4. Moon and star theme                 
  5. Bunny theme  
  6. Pastel colour theme
  7. Fairy theme  
  8. Decorative egg theme

Mood Tracker

Mood trackers work well highlight patterns in your mental health and your physical health. If you suffer with your mental health, mood trackers can help you relay any information to a doctor if needed. 

I didn’t use a mood tracker last month and I missed using it, so I decided to start tracking my mood and I feel it would beneficial for my chronic illnessto track my mood and my worst pain days.

Instagram Plan

I haven’t used this spread for a long time, but I feel like it is needed as I am trying to grow my Instagram account. I was posting daily, but I have not been consistently posting and I want to be more organised and have content ahead of time. When I have used this spread previously, it really helped me to stay on top of the account. If you struggle with posting consistently on a social media platform, a plan like this would be really helpful.

A bullet journal double page spread. On the left page is a mood tracker with a floral design and you need to colour each petal each day. On the right page is an instagram plan with boxes and a rose sticker.

Sleep Log

Another spread that I haven’t designed in my bullet journal for a long time; however, I need to track my sleep patterns with my mood and habit trackers to highlight any patterns in order to try and improve my sleeping habits.

Other pages which you could include in your April Bullet Journal:

  1. April task list
  2. Self-care tracker
  3. Reading list/reading tracker
  4. Savings tracker
  5. Wish/buy list
  6. Bucket list
  7. Doodle/lettering pages
  8. Social media follower count

A double bullet journal page. On the left is two flower stickers with the quote no rain no flowers quote. On the right page is an April cover page with a mini calendar underneath and washi tape at the top and bottom of the page with flower stickers at the top and bottom.

Bullet journaling is an effective planner tool that can help you to create a personalised planner suitable for all your individual needs and layout preferences. I hope that these 20+ page ideas, themes and designs can help and inspire you to create your own April bullet journal spreads.

What theme do you want to use in your bullet journal? Do you have any page ideas for bullet journal spreads? I’d love to hear in the comments.

74 thoughts on “20+ April Bullet Journal Themes And Page Ideas

  1. Ah I love your April theme so much, Lauren. As a gardener anything with flowers gets my vote but it’s also so appropriate for Spring. Your layouts are always so dreamy, thank you so much for sharing your April page ideas! xx

  2. You make me want to start back my bullet journal every time I see your prompts! I really love the first page and how you add stickers and washi tapes on the pages!! My favourites though are the mood tracker and gratitude list, thank you for sharing Lauren x

  3. I was just commenting on a bujo post on another blog and saying how I wish I had the skill for these. They’re always so fun and I love looking at them, but I do not have the ability to maintain them myself haha! However, I’m constantly inspired when I look at them!

  4. Such cute ideas! I think the sleep tracker, the gratitude tracker and the one line a day are perfect for me, since it’s easy to fill in daily and is perfect in the morning and evening, instead of throughout the day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Definitely give them a try in your bullet journal. They are really helpful in reflecting and having positive memories to read back. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  5. Full of great ideas here! I do some of these – a mental health tracker helped me in recovery so much. I always love creating mood trackers too 🙂 x

  6. It’s wild how it’s already almost April! I love the floral theme you did & the one line spread sounds wonderful & it’s always great to have a gratitude tracker!

  7. I love the floral theme of April in your journal. Definitely bringing in those spring vibes. The gratitude tracker sounds like a great addition to have in the journal too!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  8. Pretty roses and flowers! I still love the elegance of the one line, but it is handy to bring back spreads that helped you stay on track and grow. Also loving you are switching to eco-friendly notebooks. I did not know that was even a possible thing!

    I am a sucker for flowers, cosmic spreads, and fairies in general. Thanks for sharing your April flowers!

  9. This is great! I find that when I set-up a pretty tracker, I am better about sticking to my plans. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. These are all great ideas for a bullet journal! I like the idea of the one line and gratitude, but also that you’ve included blog items as well! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I don’t think I could track my blog stats for the risk of being made to feel more depressed than I am if they weren’t good enough. I should probably start a food tracker at some point though, I really need to get my eating issues under control

  12. Oh man I have a deep obsession with journals. I love your ideas for bullet journaling. Practicing gratitude is so important. Thanks for the inspiration! – Janelle via simplynelbelle.com

  13. I really like the layout of your journal. I’ve been thinking about some page ideas for my journal so this post is super helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Karen x

  14. I really admire people who can do bullet journals. The creativity and effort they put into it like wow! That’s a cute theme for april!

  15. I love your April’s theme and it looks lovely! I’m currently planning a bit of spring and homey vibes to my bullet journal and Habit tracker page is a must for me. It works the best for me to secure goals for the month. Thinking to also include a sleep log -thanks to you!

  16. Your pages look so pretty!! I haven’t been organised at all this month and haven’t done my pages yet, so this is great timing for me. I love the look of the one line gratitude page! x

  17. These are such great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I have always wanted to get into bullet journaling. Maybe this will be the month I finally do!

  18. I love this, I’ve always wanted to give bullet journaling a go but I know what I’m like and wouldn’t keep up with it. Your journal looks so good.

  19. Great post! Thank you for sharing this! This looks so pretty and I love all of your theme ideas! The one line sounds amazing and definitely something that I want to do this month.

  20. I love the floral theme in your spreads, so pretty! And I never thought of tracking blog stats in my journal but that’s such a great idea. Thanks for sharing, lovely inspo!

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

  21. So beautiful – I adore all the flowers. I really love your mood tracker as well as your blog stats – thanks for sharing this!

  22. Your pages look beautiful. I do a gratitude page in my notebook and track my steps and water intake in my planner. I have a bullet journal but have yet to put much in it as my fancy writing and drawing skills are not the best and I’m scared I will ruin it lol.

  23. I love all these bullet journal ideas. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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