7 Amazing Blogs To Read This April

This is a flat lay that is on a white background. There is a macbook to the left of the image with a pair of white and silver headphones a black and white print and a rose gold small teapot. There is also an open magazine and a pair of sunglasses. In the middle is a womans legs in white ripped knee skinny jeans and brown lace up sandals. She also has her toe nails painted white.

Photo by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

How are we a quarter of the way through the year and now into April? This year is flying past. In March, I spent a lot of time focusing on my Pinterest growth and updating older posts and images which was very much needed. This month, I will be continuing to work on my SEO and growing my Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Hopefully April will also be a better month for us all with some restrictions lifting and gaining a bit of normality back into our lives. I am excited to introduce this month’s advertisers; I have so many lovely bloggers this month. There are a range of topics from anxiety and skincare, to history and blogging; there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out their content and give them some love.

This logo has a pink brush line with Lisas Notebook written over in caps in black inkLisa is a dear friend who I met many years ago through blogging and she is one of my biggest supporters. She leaves genuine comments and shares my content. I am so thrilled that I have Lisa advertising with me.

Lisa is a content creator and blogger from Bath. Lisa works to help businesses and brands connect with their ideal clients. Lisa is a mum to a young daughter, a cat mum and shares blog posts on her beautiful garden.

I recommend these 3 blog posts:

  1. Obagi Daily Hydro Drops Face Serum Review
  2. Gardening in March
  3. Powerful ways superfoods can help your mental health

The words billie geena is in calligraphy writing over a cartoon of a woman with green hair and eyebrows.

Billie is based in Sheffield and is really close to the Peak District. She works as an SEO Manager for a large SEO agency. In her spare time, she manages 3 different sites. She has had her blog for years and created it in order to give advice to other bloggers. She also writes about lifestyle and travel topics.

I recommend that you check out these 3 blog posts:

  1. 100+ Blog post ideas
  2. How to write the perfect meta title and description
  3. My top 5 audiobooks on audible

A collage of old pictures,

Paul is a blogger who is relatively new to me, but is already such a wonderful support of both mine and other bloggers’ content. Paul runs a family history blog which is unique and a really interesting read!

Paul, who lives in Cheshire, is married with two grown up children, having moved from Essex 20 years ago. He started investigating his family history about the same time that he moved. He was trying to learn more about his father, who sadly passed away when he was 3 years old and he hasn’t stopped searching.

I recommend you check out these 3 blog posts:

  1. The girl with the family history tattoo
  2. The old palace school WW2 bombing part 2
  3. My DNA breakthrough and looking for a needle in a haystack

A blog banner that says our favourite jar in rose gold over navy blue paint brush strokes as well as pink brush strokes. The tagline reads a lifestyle and family blogger

Claire is a blogger who I have been following for a while and she is another huge supporter of my blog, but a real support with my recent chronic illness diagnosis. Her support is hugely appreciated.

Claire is mum of one, a step mum to two and a future bride to be! Her main job is working in a school office. Claire started her blog as a Christmas gift for the family and then it became a place where she could speak openly about the difficulties she faced when she lost her mum. She loves to document her family life.

I recommend that you check out these 3 blog posts:

  1. 10 reasons why I love a Gousto box
  2. TV you need to watch during lockdown
  3. Live to travel and love to journal


Lisa is a 30-something wife and stay-at-home mum. Lisa is a lover of all things Harry Potter, pizza and prosecco. She started her blog about a year after going on maternity leave.

Lia writes about anxiety, parenting, fertility and beauty. She has always struggled with anxiety and decided to start writing about her anxious life in the hopes f helping others realise that they are not alone.

I recommend that you check out these 3 blog posts:

  1. How to track your fertile window
  2. Is it okay not to be okay?
  3. Putting together your panic attack toolkit

Blog Directory blog banner that has www in a round ball.

Mohamad works in accounting and holds a Masters degree in Accountancy as well as being a CISA (Certified Information System Auditor). Mohammed has a keen interest in web design and likes to spend a lot of time taking photos and video editing.

I recommend these 3 of his blog posts:

  1. Blog directory
  2. A dominant or dominated?
  3. Home is where the heart is

A blog logo with a blue roof and underneath it says Misa's place

Misa is a blogger and small business owner based in Manchester as well as being a full time carer for her husband. She loves getting out in the countryside and has actually just planted her first veg!

Misa shares honest and open blog posts focusing a lot on positivity. She also runs a small shop which sells happy, little items to make people smile. Make sure that you have a look!

I recommend these 3 of her blog posts:

  1. Dealing with grief
  2. I’ve opened a shop
  3. 5 creative shows to relax and inspire

Do you follow any of these bloggers already? I’d love to hear in the comments.

48 thoughts on “7 Amazing Blogs To Read This April

  1. These are some fab bloggers to have advertising with you this month! I’m a big fan of most of the blogs on this list, I really love Lisa’s blog, and I’ve been referring to Billie blog a lot lately too x

  2. March has been so quick it’s truly incredible! I am glad to recognise some names like Lisa and Billie, really love their posts! So glad to find so many new names, gives me a chance to read something different! Thank you for sharing and hope this month will bring you a lot Lauren x

  3. Ah, Lauren, thank you so much for your lovely words, right back at you, you are one of my best blogging friends too! And thank you for having me, I’m very excited to be advertising with you – I recognise a few of my fellow bloggers, but some are new to me so I’m going to look forward to checking them out – happy April everyone! xx

  4. This is a great roundup of bloggers! I haven’t been introduced to their blogs yet but looking forward to them! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh Lauren, thank you so much for your lovely words. It’s a real pleasure to be amongst such talent and some of my favourites.

    I love your blog and I am so pleased to be advertising with you x x

  6. I’m always looking for new bloggers so this is really great. They all look really interesting, I’ll be checking them out. Thank you Lauren xoxo

  7. What an incredible list of bloggers. I will have to check some of them out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Excited to be clicking on some incredibly hooking new links! I am loving the sounds of Paul’s blog; family and history together with old photographs I can enjoy forever alongside a good story. Billie Yeena and Mina’s Place also intrigue me!
    Thanks for sharing such a handy list of new writers! 🙂

  9. So many great blogs to read! I follow Lisa’s Notebook and love it, she’s so sweet and gives amazing advice/tips. Billie Geena and Procrastinating Mum sound like amazing blogs.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Loren | plaidandsugar.com

  10. What a great list. Thank you so much for sharing these options. I think that Billie Geena sounds like she would have lots of articles that would pertain to where I’m at right now. Thank you!
    ~ Andrea | acaponeconnection.com

  11. I love how you have such a mix of advertisers this month. There are a few of my favourites plus some that I’m just discovering and enjoying. I completely agree this year is going way too fast though.

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