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Dingbats Pro B5 Notebook

This is the Dingbats Pro Collection notebook stood up in the bark with yellow tulips in the background.

AD. This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

Today is World Stationery Day! What better way to celebrate than to share a new Dingbats product with all your fellow stationery and notebook lovers out there!

World Stationery Day was created in 2012 to help make sure that the art of writing did not become extinct as some feared it might due to the technological advancements which have made writing a much less practical method of communication. National Stationery Week has become a celebration of stationery and the art of writing.

By using a bullet journal and notebook for my blog posts as well as a journal, I still get to put pen to paper and write. I love not only writing, but it can be so therapeutic to write in a journal; that’s just one way I look after my mental health.

Dingbats is an eco-friendly stationery brand which makes handmade notebooks using vegan, recyclable and biodegradable materials. Dingbats are actually the first and only notebook brand to hold the EU V-Label certification that they are 100% vegan. You can use the notebooks as bullet journals, diaries, executive notebooks, sketchbooks or even as a simple notepad. Their range of notebooks are suitable for everyone’s needs.

Dingbats has recently released their Dingbats Pro Collection. This notebook is available in two motifs – the Bee and the Cactus. Each is associated with the importance of respecting the natural world. Dingbats chose the Bee for embodying precision and the Cactus for symbolising endurance and strength to survive. Great characteristics that they hope you can relate to.

Dingbats Pro B5 160GSM Bee Notebook

You can choose this notebook to have a dot grid (5mm dots) or plain pages. It is a B5 size (17.6cm x 25cm). The pro collection comes with a hard cover that is bound with a textile which is made from renewable resources. The journal is black with a unique Bee printed with an illustrative design of bee wings in gold. There are 64 sheets (128 pages) and like all Dingbats notebooks, this notebook opens flat. The paper used is acid-free and helps to preserve your pages. The notebook has an inner pocket, 2 bookmarks, an elastic closure and a pen holder.

I have been bullet journaling for 3 years and have always used an A5 dotted journal, but I would find the designs that I wanted to create wouldn’t always fit on the pages. This is why I am excited to use this B5 notebook for journaling; I will be able to create bigger designs and experiment with different art supplies. I love the black and gold aesthetic; it is such a classic look. The end sheets have such a beautiful design and really pull the elegant notebook all together. I don’t know about you, but whether I am writing or bullet journaling, I only like bright, white paper. So, if you are like me, you should be looking at the Dingbats range. The paper is 160gsm and is not only super thick but it has a soft finish which I love. There is no ghosting or bleeding through which is a huge plus for me as I hate having to design, or write on pages, where you can see the previous page’s designs.

Having worked on a Veganuary series on my blog back in January, I shared the best vegan stationery on the market where I featured another Dingbats notebook. If you want to become more eco-friendly or becoming began, remember to change your stationery too!

If you are looking for the perfect 100% vegan notebook for writing, bullet journaling or even a sketch book, this new collection from Dingbats is for you.

Have you tried the new notebook from Dingbats? What would you use this notebook for? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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