24 Themes, Page Ideas And Designs For Your May Bullet Journal

A bullet journal double page spread for May. It has May on the right handsome with a mini calendar and purple washi tape. On the left page is a quote about chronic illness with purple washi tape and a flower sticker.

We are going into May; this year is going so fast and a new month means: new projects, new goals and a fresh, new bullet journal theme. Sometimes, the hardest part of creating your monthly bullet journal is picking your theme, colour and page design. When you have all these components figured out, the rest of your monthly spread will be easier.

May 12this Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and is important for me having been diagnosed with this chronic illness not that long ago. I am still learning so much and how I can start to live with this as well as Chronic Pain Syndrome after a workplace accident. I decided to have a purple colour theme because I have seen that it is the colour associated with Fibromyalgia.

Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are a helpful tool to hold you to account for the variety of tasks you want to ensure become habitual. You can use a number of different layouts that best suit your theme and your preferences. I enjoy using habit trackers that act as motivation to get everything checked off the list each day. It is important that even though I want to be productive, I need to be aware of my limits.

Mood Tracker

Mood trackers work really well to highlight patterns in your physical and mental health. If you live with a chronic illness, or suffer with your mental health, mood trackers can help you relay any information to a doctor if needed.

I found using this tracker last month beneficial because my chronic illness can sometimes affect my memory, so this tracker helps me to remember the days when I was in more pain and/or more exhausted.

A double page bullet journal spread. A habit tracker on the left page and a mood tracker on the right page. Both pages are decorated with purple floral washi tape.

Sleep Log

This spread has been extremely helpful in tracking my sleeping habits. Due to my pain and medication, tracking my sleep is important to highlight any patterns in order to try and improve my sleep. If you live with a chronic illness, this spread can be really beneficial.

Instagram Plan

This spread was really helpful last month and I feel this plan really helps me to stay consistent on my Instagram to help grow my account. It helps me plan out my content and be organised with having content ready. If you struggle with posting consistently, on a social media platform, a plan like this would be really helpful.

A double page bullet journal spread. On the left page is a sleep log and on the right page is an Instagram content planner.

Different Theme Ideas for Your May Bullet Journal:

  1. Bee theme
  2. Flower theme
  3. Bunny theme
  4. Pastel colour theme
  5. Umbrella/Rain theme
  6. Fairy theme
  7. Weather theme
  8. Rainbow theme
  9. (Dancing Around) a May Pole theme

One Line

I love this spread and excited to use it this next month. The idea for this page is to write one line about what you did that day. It is a small reflection activity that you can do on your journal and it is great to look back at in several months’ time. If you struggle with a chronic illness, and your memory is sometimes affected, this spread can be invaluable.

Gratitude Tracker

Gratitude is about being appreciative of what you have in your life. Regularly practising gratitude can help improve your self-love, confidence, mental health and more. I am using the same layout as the one line spread and it is a great mental health habit that you should also start.

A double page bullet journal spread. On the left side is a gratitude tracker and on the right is the one line of your day tracker. Both page are decorated with purple feather washi tape.

Other page ideas you can include in your May Bullet Journal:

  1. Self-care tracker
  2. Reading tracker
  3. Savings tracker
  4. Bucket List
  5. Wish/buy list
  6. Social media follower tracker
  7. Doodle/Lettering pages
  8. Brain dump pages

Blog Stats

If you are a blogger, this spread can help you track progress of your blog posts, engagement and follower count. If you are a small business owner, a tracker for your products, supplies and sales can enable you to keep track of what’s coming in and going out. Trackers like these can help you to be more organised with your business and/or brand.

A blog stats tracker in a bullet journal on a left side page decorated with purple floral washi tape.

Bullet journaling can be an effective planner tool that can help you to create a personalised planner. I hope that these bullet journal ideas, themes and designs can help ad inspire you to create your May Bullet journal spreads.

What theme do you want to use in your bullet journal? Do you have any page ideas for bullet journal spreads? I’d love to hear in the comments.



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35 thoughts on “24 Themes, Page Ideas And Designs For Your May Bullet Journal

  1. I love all these ideas! I was going to do a flower theme but have decided to do a shell theme because I’m finally back in Bournemouth 🙂 x

  2. Amazing ideas, I love the Instagram, sleep log and blog stat tracker. Bullet journals are great to keep you in check with all your activities but I have the habit of not finishing. Like it just gets tiring 😂. I have to be consistent at this because it helps.

  3. Love these ideas! I am always in for a gratitude page and a mood tracker! If I had one I would go for sure for a bee theme or a pastel colour one for spring! x

  4. Great bullet journal spreads.
    I have Fibromyalgia as well and glad to see there is an awareness day for it.
    I love your journal spreads always colourful and bright 😍😍😍

  5. You have some of the most pleasing bullet journal spreads to look at! I could definitely use the Instagram Plan spread as I’ve been very inconsistent with posting on there. The Gratitude Tracker & Blog Stat spreads are great as well!

  6. You always leave me so inspired to start bullet journaling when I see your posts on it because you always make it look gorgeous. I love the different theme ideas, I’ll have to give one a go!

  7. Lovely ideas! I’ve actually been using my bujo less lately so I’m thinking to start journalling or at least journalling my reading and almost tracking it. You just reminded me about my intention haha! Now I really need to go set up my bujo for May before the month is upon us.

  8. I love all things journal, and already have habit trackers, workout logs, and monthly trackers in mine. Loved this post, and all your suggestions too. Am gonna follow you now because this is an interesting blog!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this post. I love your mood tracker, I think I would really welcome something like that for me. I have a mini gratitude book but I might turn certain pages into more of a bullet journal


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