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Happy 1st May! I can’t quite believe that we are in May. I am super grateful for the sunnier weather, but this year is already passing by so fast and we are all still a bit limited in what we can do. Let’s hope that this is going to change soon.

This month, I am really focusing on my health as I am now registered with the Pain Clinic and I am hopeful that with some hard work, I can start to see big improvements and be able to be a bit more consistent with all areas of my life. I am also going to be focusing on my Pinterest and management services.

As it is a are month it means new monthly advertised. I have some great bloggers this month sharing blog posts with you ranging from parenting, environmental, mental health and even home decor. There is definitely something for everyone!

Here are 7 blogs that you should be reading this May:

The words billie geena is in calligraphy writing over a cartoon of a woman with green hair and eyebrows.

Billie is based in Sheffield and is really close to the Peak District. She works as an SEO Manager for a large SEO agency. In her spare time, she manages 3 different sites. She has had her blog for years and created it in order to give advice to other bloggers. She also writes about lifestyle and travel topics.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. 9 Ways To Unwind
  2. How To Optimise Your Images For SEO
  3. Understanding And Optimising The Core Web Vitals Update

Sunshine Sarah's blog banner with sun and sun rays behind a green bottle of champagne

Sarah is a Yorkshire blogger who enjoys documenting her travels and walking through the Yorkshire Dales. She shares blog posts on mental health, Netflix recommendations, veganism, eco-friendly options and much more besides! Sarah is a supportive blogger, who actively shares others’ content and posts, leaving genuine comments.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. Couch To 5K First Timer’s Experience
  2. Why Your Online Space Needs Cohesive Branding
  3. Why Letterbox Gift Sets Are The Perfect Gift

Lynn Mumbing Mejia is in brown cursive writing. With the statement helping you create the cosiest and happiest life.

Lynn is a blogger based in Vancouver, who is a positive and engaging person in the community. Lynn decided to start her blog to share and connect with others who want to live a happy life. Lynn shares blog posts related to: DIY, recipes, home décor, relationships, everyday life and talking honestly about topics.

I recommend reading these blog posts:

  1. Refreshing Spring Pasta Salad
  2. Budget Friendly Iced Coffees
  3. 7 Rental Friendly Home Décor Tips

Enviroline Blog is written in green lettering with the words environment, mental health & ED recovery all in black lettering

Caroline is an environmental and ED recovery blogger. Caroline is a lover of: musicals, cats and is a big fan of Strictly. Caroline shares openly and honestly about being in recovery from an eating disorder and uses her platform to help educate people and create awareness, so other people know that they are not alone. Caroline is an engaged member of the community and is really active in comment threads.

I recommend reading these blog posts:

  1. Simple Sustainable Swaps For Students
  2. 5 Ways To Feel Better On A Bad Day
  3. How I Became A Vegetarian During Recovery

That Mama Club design logo which has two hands hovering above each other.

The Mama Club blog is a group of 8 mums who started on Instagram last summer and it has grown quickly. The 8 mum bloggers live all over the UK, Australia and Japan. The concept for their website is to share experiences, raise awareness and create a safe place for people to come. They cover blog posts on: lifestyle, motherhood and sexual health; there is something suitable for everyone.

I recommend these 3 blog posts:

  1. Racism In The UK
  2. The Year Of Staycations
  3. Let’s Talk About Contraception

Mrs Slee-Jones is in black cursive lettering. Underneath it says my chronic life with a pink and grey paint strokes.

Rhiannon is a lifestyle blogger and is based in Wales. She lives with invisible chronic illnesses and struggles with her mental health. She is married and her husband is an incredible support to her. The reason Rhiannon started blogging was because of her love of writing, but couldn’t have done it without the daily encouragement and support from her husband. She has two children and shares her life as a mother, wife, chronic illness survivor and much more.

I recommend reading these blog posts:

  1. Understanding Your Mental Health 101
  2. My PTSD Story
  3. Eco-Friendly Switches To In 2021

Voluptuous is in black cursive writing with red writing saying chatterbox and a doodle of red lips.

Kerry Ann blogs all about: lifestyle, beauty, fashion and mental health. She lives just outside of Belfast and has a passion for reading. Kerry also runs a book blog about reading content. Not only running 2 blogs, she also makes homemade jewellery, bookmarks and other gifts.

I recommend these blog posts of hers:

  1. Things You Shouldn’t Say To Someone Who Has Been In An Abusive Relationship
  2. Rainbow Bright With CollectIf
  3. My Biggest Dating Disaster Stories

Do you follow any of these bloggers? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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24 thoughts on “Must Read Blogs This May

  1. I love checking out blogs recommended by other bloggers because that helps me out with the quality control, and I don’t have to scroll through so many blogs on the Reader to find new bloggers I’d like to read. Great list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all amazing bloggers and glad to see so many known names to support! Will definitely check Kerry Ann as she’s new to me, thanks for sharing x

  3. It is always nice to discover new blogs! Pretty cool to learn about the backgrounds of the bloggers as well, especially with what they stand for. Thanks for sharing about these bloggers! I’ve been to Lynn’s blog, but gotta check out the rest!

    Nancy ✨

  4. These posts are a great way of discovering new blogs to read. You’ve mentioned some of my favourites plus a few new ones this month. I’m going to pop over and take a look at them now.

  5. There are so many great bloggers on this list & I especially love Lynn’s recipes & decor posts & Rhiannon is a lovely blogger as well! There are a couple of bloggers I’m not familiar with so I’ll definitely check out their blogs!

  6. That is some great selection of bloggers. Definitely adding them in my to Read list. Thanks for sharing 🌻

  7. What a good selection of blogs! I’ve already read some of them, but others not, I’ll have a look, they seem so interesting. And yes, we are already in May! Time is flying, but I’m also very happy that we are closer and closer to summer 🙂 I hope you will see all the improvements you desire <3

    xx Dasynka

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