10 Bullet Journal Spreads To Help You Be A More Organised Blogger

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Bullet journaling is a superior form of planning which you can use for a multitude of purposes including blogging.

With running a blog comes so many different aspects such as: writing posts, promotion, scheduling, pitching, business contracts and much more. Using a bullet journal can help you to keep organised with all aspects of running your blog business.

In order to run a successful blog and brand, you need to be organised, so that you can post consistently in order to drive traffic to your blog. There are a variety if different bullet journal spreads that can benefit you and your blog.

Here are 10 bullet journal spreads to help keep you organised with your blog:

Blog Schedule

Having a blogging schedule is so important when you are trying to grow your blog. It allows you to be organised with posting regular content consistently which can help you build a regular audience as well as increase your DA score.

When you have designed your blogging schedule, you are then able to pin your content had of time, which will then give you more time to allocate to admin tasks (link) and to engage with your audience.

Blog Stats

Using a spread to record your blog stats can be really beneficial for bloggers. Every month, you can record your likes, comments, visitors and views. This can help you to spot patterns and track your blog’s growth. Regularly recording your statistics can help to motivate you to work on your blog to increase your blog traffic.

Although monitoring your blog statistics can be beneficial, it is important – especially when your blog is new – not to be too hung up on your statistics. As your blog grows, you can then start to focus more on statistics.

Brain Dump

Blog post ideas can come to you at different times, so it is important to write all of them down, even if you think that it may not be the best idea. Jot down titles, post ideas or topics that you wish to cover. Having a brain dump means that you can refer to these pages when you are looking to plan your blog content. This page spread can be helpful when you are struggling with blog post ideas and having writers’ block.

Record Your PR And Brand Contacts

As your blog grows, you will build brand relationships and you will want to record these PR and brand contacts for future reference, or if you want to pitch them a new sponsored content idea.

It is important to build strong brand relationships because as a content creator, your brand and PR connections help build your reputation, your site’s credibility and your career.

Monthly Social Media Calendar

As a blogger, you are likely to have several social media platforms. In order to grow your following and increase your engagement, you need to post regularly and consistently.

Planning all content ahead of time can help you post consistently and be organised with all the content that you want to share. It also means you can plan content ahead of time using your blogging schedule; this can be very beneficial when booking in brand content.

Hashtag Lists For Social Media

Hashtags are beneficial in promoting your blog content and your social media platforms. It helps readers search for specific information that they are looking for.

There are certain types of hashtags which are popular and can bring a lot of traffic to your content. Using a page in your bullet journal with a list of the best hashtags can act as a great reference to use in your social media posts.

Most Popular Blog Posts

There will be certain blog posts that will gain more blog traffic than others. Recording the best blog posts can be so beneficial. Identifying the topics that are the most popular on you site can help you to create similar content on your blog in order to draw in new readers.

Reading Notes

When you are reading a really helpful blog post, or an article, you may want to remember some of the information. Having a spread in your bullet journal, where you can write your reading notes down enables you to be able to refer back to them and utilise them in your life.

Writing down your favourite quotes from books or articles can also give you motivational quotes to use in your bullet journal spreads.

Post Writing And Checklist

To keep you organised with writing and posting on your blog, you can use a checklist to check off each task to keep you on track.

There are several stages to posting a blog post: writing, typing, taking and/or selecting photographs, links and scheduling. This system will help you to know what tasks need to be completed at all times.

Monthly Blogging Goals

Setting goals is hugely motivating for you when growing your blog. Whether your goals are to achieve a certain follower count, blog traffic or even working with a certain brand, they will enable you to have focus on improving your blog or your social media.

Setting small but achievable goals can help you to remain motivated with running your blog and each month can challenge you. Every month is an opportunity to track your progress.

How do you stay organised as a blogger, do you use a bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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49 thoughts on “10 Bullet Journal Spreads To Help You Be A More Organised Blogger

  1. I like your bullet journal you use for your blog. I don’t use one for my blog, but I do for my own personal wellbeing.
    For my blog, I just use a monthly calendar and write down when my blog posts are to air and a notebook to write down posts in drafts or ideas.

  2. Thanks for sharing, very cool post. Do you use bullet journaling instead of a planner?

  3. I love this! Your layouts are so pretty! I literally just have a rough notebook and a couple of spreadsheets to plan my posts but with so many empty notebooks I have I’m definitely inspired to start a BuJo for my blog 🙂 xx

    1. These aren’t good. I am still practising with layouts etc as it’s been a while since I was bullet Journalling. Thank you, aww if you do make sure you tag me in your pictures so I can see. Thank you for reading and commenting xx

  4. this is a great post! I’ve only used my bullet journal for a month but will definitely use these ideas in my august spread!! x

  5. I just bought a bullet journal specifically for my blogging so it was nice to get some ideas as to what all to put in it. I already have a bullet journal for my weekly schedule, but it’s nice to have one for this specific topic. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Oh really? That’s awesome!! Aww, I hope these have helped. If you do a blog post be sure to tag me on Twitter so I can see and read about your layouts! Thank you for reading and commenting x

  6. Journaling is such a powerful thing to do. I try to do it everyday and for everything (to do lists, diary, goals..) even if most of the time I do it on my phone. I know it’s better on the paper but the last of time is a problem sometimes!
    xx Dasynka

    1. Any chance you get to write whether it’s on your phone or with a pen it’s good! Definitely, you have to what fits your schedule! Thank you for reading and commenting xxx

  7. Some great ideas to help you as a blogger! I never thought of tracking some of these things, but I certainly will now. Though, I am not sure how.

  8. Hi Lauren. Some great tips there – I particularly like the ‘brain dump’ concept! I’m afraid that I’m still in the Dark Ages and using a spreadsheet for everything blogging-related …

  9. These are wonderful bullet journal spread ideas to help with blogging organization – which is KEY! I’ve been recently starting to get more into stats (as I’ve got more now!) so this is a good idea of ways to track a couple! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh I love this so much! I always see bullet journals be a creative outlet but I like that you have made it to be an organizational tool too. I’m a big note taker so I rely on pen and paper still but I love the idea of designing it as a bullet journal! Thanks for sharing, Lauren xx

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

  11. I love the idea of using a bullet journal for the blog too. A social calendar and a place where to write down contacts and new ideas on a creative page sound great! I always love your bullet journals set ups! Thanks for sharing these tips x

  12. Love this! Your bullet journals are always so inspiring. I really need to up my game on this. I have been improving but there’s so much more I can do to get better. Thank you!

  13. Great tips, so far I mostly organize blogging stuff in Notion but I’d like to incorporate some bullet journaling as well :- )

  14. These are some great ideas! I have been bullet journaling for over two years now but haven’t really used for blogging except the ‘post writing and checklist’ spreads but I might create more spreads now xx

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