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9 Productivity Tips All Bloggers Need To Get Things Done

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Blogging is a full time job whether you are a hobby blogger or blogging to make a career. There are so many elements to blogging and it is important that you are productive to work to deadlines.

If you want to make your blog your career, it is important that you treat it like a profitable business. This means that you treat it like a profitable business. This means working to deadlines, being consistent and the most organised person to develop your blog.

It is not always easy to be productive, but you can learn to be a more productive blogger and will positively impact the growth of your blog and your organisation.

Here are 9 productivity tips that will help create successful bloggers:

1. Create A Blogging Posting Schedule

A blogging schedule means you design a plan to have designated days and times that you are going to post new blog content on your site. Having set days and times, builds consistency and site’s credibility.

A blogging schedule can help you plan your content ahead of time, which can help you be a more organised blogger. This can also be so beneficial when you are pitching content ideas to brands. If you have a blogging schedule you can learn tips to help you stick to that blogging schedule.

2. Write In Blocks

When you have free time it can be helpful to allocate time to writing in blocks to be the most efficient with your time. Writing several posts ahead of time, so that you can schedule them can take a huge weight of your shoulders. It also can mean that you can pitch ideas to clients and brands with specific dates in your posting calendar. You will have the peace of mind knowing you have content scheduled and means you can focus your attention on other areas of running your business.

3. Use Scheduling Apps

You cannot be completely present on all social media and your blog all day everyday, unfortunately there is not enough hours in the day. However there are ways that you can keep your presence on these platforms and your audience engaged.

Scheduling apps help you to post consistently on multiple platforms to keep your accounts active and opportunities to engage with your followers. There are a variety of scheduling apps that you can use (I use Hootsuite). Scheduling content for weeks at a time can also help to take some of the pressure off and you can focus on other aspects. Although it can take a large chunk of time to start with, but it will save you time in the future.

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4. Take Regular Breaks

Blogging can be extremely full on trying to balance all the elements and can end up causing a burn out. A burn out is something that you need to avoid at all costs. Creating a work schedule can help you work specific hours and then have time to switch off from technology and relax daily.

Taking regular breaks can help you stay motivated with your blog and take care of your physical and mental health. You cannot be productive and get things done without being well rested.

5. Remove Distractions

Whether you are writing a blog post or working on your social media accounts, eliminating all distractions can help you be the most productive with the time you have. Making sure that you are working in the right environment for you can help you to stay focused on the task at hand. Avoiding scrolling on your phone when you are writing as it is a sure way to get lost down a rabbit hole.

6. Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is a great tool in being able to draw in blog traffic to older content. You could update and share the older content to help improve its relevancy as well as increasing your DA score. In between your new blog posts, it is productive to share older content and promoting the posts on all your social media can help to drive blog traffic and your engagement.

When or if you have writers block repurposing blog content can be a really helpful way to still drive traffic but also to help you focus on creativity and your business..

7. Check Your Social Media And Emails Less

Reaching for your phone to scroll on social media or checking your email can inhibit your abilities to be productive when working on your blog. Setting a time allocated for social media and emails that need your attention means they still get completed just not when you are in the middle of blogging task.

It is important to prioritise your time and the blogging tasks you are doing need to take priority over an email that has just come into your inbox.

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8. Do Not Multi Task

Multi-tasking has always been seen as a strong attribute, but it could also be your downfall. Sometimes, when you are juggling several tasks, you may not be able to complete them to your usual standard. Focusing on one blogging task at a time helps you to put all your effort into each task to be successful. Start with the most important tasks first. Again, prioritising will help you be more efficient and will avoid you missing deadlines.

9. Use A To Do List

To do lists are hugely beneficial for productivity and organisation. When you are using a to do list for working on your blog, it is important to write down all the tasks you need to complete. Then, you can allocate the more important tasks to ensure they are completed by the deadline. Writing all your tasks down means that you are less likely to forget any. There is also a feeling of accomplishment when you get to cross off a task, it can motivate you to be more productive with your time.

Yes, this blog post is all about being productive as a blogger, but it is crucial to remember that you should take breaks because you are no good to anyone if you burn out.

What productivity tips help you? I’d love to hear in the comments.



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