5 Popular Bullet Journal Myths That Are Not True

A Bullet Journal spread with stamps and stickers on the page. Flowers and stamps dotted around the journal on the table.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

You come across a bullet journal spread or photographs and you feel the urge to start, but there is so much information online about bullet journaling and not all of it is true. There are bullet journal myths that circle the bullet journaling community that need to be debunked.

Have you got a brand new bullet journal and the doubt is creeping in? Are you worried that you be able to be consistent? Do you think that you’re not creative enough? These are some of the myths that are going to be debunked and should not be the reason that you don’t try bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling is a powerful organisation tool that can help you boost your productivity and improve your productivity, so do not let a myth put you off utilising this great system. 

Here are 5 bullet journal myths that you should know before starting a bullet journal:

1. It Is Too Expensive 

You scroll on Instagram and Pinterest an all you see is beautiful journal designs using beautiful pens, paint, stickers or even washi tape. You are drawn into thinking you need all the supplies on the market to have a successful bullet journal. But it doesn’t need to be expensive at all.

Realistically, all you need is a pen and bullet journal; it is as simple as that. If you are on a tight budget, you do not need to purchase a branded, dotted notebook. However, if you want to purchase specific stationery supplies then that it good too. I love stationery shopping!

2. You Need To Use It As A Planner

Bullet journaling has been primarily shared and advertised as a monthly planner. Yes, it is one of the most efficient planner systems on the market, but you do not need to use it as a planner. If you wish to use it as a monthly planner that is great; however, it can be a journal for gratitude morning pages, doodling and practising hand lettering for example.

You can tailor this journal for whatever you want to focus on. It can be your space to explore your creativity as a form of self-care or even if you just want to brain dump ideas, thoughts and feelings. It is about your bullet journal being individual to your needs.

3. There Is Only One Way Of Bullet Journaling

There is the official bullet journal method that Ryder Carroll developed, but over time, bullet journalers have developed their own unique style and habits that work for them.

The joy of bullet journaling is that it is super versatile and you can design it how you want. One aspect of a design or ideas may work for some but not for others, so it is important you should use it how you want to. There is no pressure to have your journal looking a certain way.

A bullet journal spread that has cut out pictures of flowers glued on to the pages with grass tapped onto the pages. with a quote and words written in black cursive inkPhoto by Emily Park on Unsplash

4. You Need To Be Creative 

When you hear someone say ‘bullet journal’, you instantly think of creative or elaborate spreads. For some people, they love having that creative outlet, experimenting with doodles and lettering.

However, you do not have to be creative; you don’t even have to use colour if you would prefer not to. You can have a minimalistic design in just black and white. If you are planning to use your bullet journal as your monthly planner, then people sometimes find that a less creative design is more functional.

Once starting your bullet journal, you can try different layouts and see what works best for you. If you want your pages to be more colourful and creative, adding stickers and washi tape can be a simple way to achieve this if you do not feel confident enough to doodle or draw.

5. It Takes Too Much Time & You Have To Be Consistent

You do not need to pick up your bullet journal every day especially if you are not using it as a monthly planner. It may be just that creative and mindful activity that you use when you need some self-care.

If you are using your bullet journal as a planner, you will develop the habit of reaching for it and utilising it to be more productive. However, you do not have to reach for it on a daily basis in order for it to be working for you.

There is nothing wrong with taking your time when designing and creating your monthly spreads, but if you are worried about it taking up too much time, it won’t if you want a simple and quick set up and minimal spreads. 

These are top myths and comments that I see online about bullet journaling. It is important that uo know that these ate not true and bullet journaling can work for you.


What bullet journal myths can you debunk? Has this made you think about starting a bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.





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93 thoughts on “5 Popular Bullet Journal Myths That Are Not True

  1. I am terrible at keeping organised and tried bullet journaling. But, I think I put too much pressure on how it looked rather than how it was used, so it is safe to say I haven’t kept up with it very well. It’s good to see that there is not one true way of doing the bullet journal…maybe I will give it another go!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  2. These are great myths to debunk. I have definitely heard all of these excuses used by others and some by myself! It’s time to get back into bullet journalling. No excuses! Great post 🙂

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