7 Blogs To Check Out In June

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A new month means new advertisers’ post showcasing some great bloggers and creators. We are now half way through 2021 already! Anyone else just blinked and missed the first half?

2021 for me has meant a tough start to the year with a lot happening with my health and trying to learn to manage my conditions. Not going to lie, it is challenging, but I have the best support around me.

This month, I want to focus my time on updating my older blog content. I have been making successful steps towards increasing my DA score and I also want to continue to work on this area in my blog.

I am really looking forward to sharing these bloggers. I have some regular advertisers as well as some new bloggers. Check out these creators and show some love for their blogs.

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Lisa is a dear friend who I met many years ago through blogging and she is one of my biggest supporters. She leaves genuine comments and shares my content. I am so thrilled that I have Lisa advertising with me.

Lisa is a content creator and blogger from Bath. Lisa works to help businesses and brands connect with their ideal clients. Lisa is a mum to a young daughter, a cat lover and shares blog posts on her beautiful garden.

I recommend these 3 blog posts:

  1. Unique garden décor ideas from Etsy you’ll love this summer
  2. Fun science experiments for kids at home
  3. Gardening in May

This brilliant day is in capital letters with a picture of the sun at the start and a stem with 2 leaves at the end. Underneath in capital letters it says lifestyle and personal development blog.

Sophie is a lifestyle and personal development blogger who shares posts on: sustainable living, positivity, book reviews and much more. There really is something for everyone! Sophie is often supporting other creators’ content with sharing their posts and making genuine comments.

I highly recommend these posts of hers:

  1. How I package house plant cuttings to send in the post
  2. 7 self-help books that actually helped me
  3. 10 reasons to love walking even if you hate exercise

Gemmaa Jayne in block capital letters with captials underneath saying lifestyle, travel and health and fitness. In the background is

Gemma has advertised with me in previous months and I am excited to be sharing Gemma’s content with you. She is a lifestyle blogger who also shares travel, fitness and home blog posts. She has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Child Psychology (how amazing!). Gemma enjoys sports; she loves swimming, dancing, running and hiking. Another awesome achievement is that she has competed in 2 half marathons!

I recommend the following 3 posts:

  1. 5 ways to keep sane during the work week
  2. Self-care habits that will better your life
  3. Top 6 reasons why you should review your goals

A blog banner that says our favourite jar in rose gold over navy blue paint brush strokes as well as pink brush strokes. The tagline reads a lifestyle and family blogger

Claire is a blogger who I have been following for a while and she is another huge supporter of my blog, but a real support with my recent chronic illness diagnosis. Her support is hugely appreciated.

Claire is mum of one, a step mum to two and a future bride to be! Her main job is working in a school office. Claire started her blog as a Christmas gift for the family and then it became a place where she could speak openly about the difficulties she faced when she lost her mum. She loves to document her family life.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. Why it’s time I make simple pleasures a priority
  2. 5 great reasons to get a National Trust Pass
  3. The best celebrity documentaries

A pink blog banner with a red lined heart above the tagline that is in caps the procrastinating mum also in red ink

Lisa is a 30-something wife and stay-at-home mum. Lisa is a lover of all things Harry Potter, pizza and prosecco. She started her blog about a year after going on maternity leave.

Lisa writes about anxiety, parenting, fertility and beauty. She has always struggled with anxiety and decided to start writing about her anxious life in the hopes of helping others realise that they are not alone.

I recommend that you check out these 3 blog posts:

  1. What does self-care mean to you?
  2. The importance of gardening for you and your mental health
  3. How to get your feet ready for summer

Kayleigh Zara blog banner, black calligraphy writing with gold stars around the lettering

Kayleigh is another blogger who advertised with me last month and I am happy to be sharing her content. She has been a driving force for affiliate sales and has been a great inspiration for other bloggers to start making money online.

Kayleigh has become a full time blogger and has created helpful ebooks on affiliate marketing and blog monetisation. Kayleigh is currently working on a PhD, where her thesis is about painting and sculpture. She shares posts on finance, blogging tips and travel to name but a few. She loves food, travelling, classical literature and experiencing a variety of cultures.

I recommend these 3 posts of hers:

  1. 7 reasons you should be an ultimate bundles affiliate
  2. 30 email opt-in incentives to grow a mailing list in 2021
  3. 3 great reasons to consider using MOYO studio stock images

The sentence 'a long came Rosie' in a playlist script font

Sophie is a mum to a little girl called Rosie and is based in Sheffield. Sophie is a lover of crocheting and trying new recipes.

For the last 10 years, she has been working in cosmetics and started her blog last year whilst on furlough. She shares blog posts on skincare and food as well as sharing the adventures of her and her family.

I recommend these 3 blog posts of hers:

  1. My 7 Spring Beauty Essentials
  2. Really easy 3 ingredients S’mores Traybake Recipe
  3. Beauty samples I have used up lately

Do you follow any of these bloggers? What bloggers do you recommend? I’d love to hear in the comments.



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36 thoughts on “7 Blogs To Check Out In June

  1. Hi Lauren, and thank you so much for having me back again, it’s always a pleasure to advertise with you! And I’m in some great company too this month. Kayleigh, Claire, Lisa, and Gemma Jayne are bloggers I follow and love but Sophie is new to me. Looking forward to reading lots of fab blog posts this month – bring on summer at last! xxx

  2. The only one I’m not entirely familiar with is Along Came Rosie so I’ll definitely be checking out her blog! Thank you for sharing – you have some great advertisers this month xxx

  3. I love soo many of these bloggers already! A few are completely new to me and I can’t wait to explore their content and follow their socials!


  4. Oooo lots of fab bloggers & posts I’ve not come across before! Will bookmark this post and go through them when I’ve got a bit more time. Thanks for sharing, it’s a great way to discover new writers and a give some appreciation to their efforts at the same time!

    Caz xx

  5. I love these types of posts! I read a few of these blogs and love them but there are a couple that I haven’t heard of – I’m excited to check them out x

  6. It made me smile to see that I recognized several of these blogs already! Clearly, I think you have great taste if you’re showing them off hehe. I can’t wait to check out the others that are new to me!

  7. It is lovely to see so many of the blogger faces I interact with here, among them Lisa, Kayleigh, and Gemma, as well as find some new writers to explore! Thanks for sharing an interactive list of people sharing their passions across genres. 🙂

  8. There are so many great bloggers this month, and I love Lisa’s, Claire’s & Kayleigh’s blogs! I’m not familiar with Along Came Rosie so I’ll definitely have to check out Sophie’s blog!

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