21 Sunday Habits For An Organised Week

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Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the week? You just want to hit the stop button because before you know it, Sunday has come around again and you feel totally unprepared for a new week.

It can be so frustrating to wake up on Monday morning and be desperately trying to get organised for the day and the week ahead. This is why it is essential to allocate a day to get prepared and do tasks that could hinder, or cause you stress, before you even go into your Monday morning.

Practising good habits can help you to be more productive and have more time for important tasks because you have completed all the small, mundane tasks. These are 21 Sunday habits to start to make your week more manageable. It’s best to utilise the habits that you feel most comfortable with, rather try to use them all in one day!

Meal Prep

Preparing your meals can help you to save so much time. Instead of coming home from work every night and having to cook food, you can ensure that all your meals are pre-prepared. This will make your evenings less complicated, with more time to relax and unwind.

Batch cooking –This is the best way to optimise the time you have at home. You can use containers to store all your prepared meals in the fridge or freezer, so that they are ready for you to grab and go!


Allocating time to look after yourself and relax can help you to mentally prepare for the day week ahead.

After a busy week, you are probably feeling exhausted and just want to unwind. This is important because you need to have a clear and focused mind for the week ahead. Self-care activities can be small tokens of kindness to your body and mind.

Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Reduce your screen time
  2. Have a pamper with a bubble bath
  3. Journal about your thoughts or about your day
  4. Practise a good evening routine for a better night’s sleep
  5. Try mindful meditation

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Clear Your Space

A tidy space means a tidy mind. You want to start a Monday morning with an organised work and home space.

Clear and tidy your bedroom – this can help you relax and actually help you get a better night’s sleep

Remove loose papers – sorting through your receipts, letters and other paper documents can help to declutter your space and you’ll know where all your important documents are

Clear your workspace – if you work from home, there is something so motivating about coming into a clean and organised space. Having a clear space helps to eliminate all distractions which will help to boost your productivity to achieve yur weekly tasks

Schedule Social Media Content

If you are a blogger, using your Sunday to schedule your social media content can be so beneficial. Scheduling content ahead of time can help free up time for other important tasks.

Hootsuite is a platform that I use to schedule content and promotions. It helps to keep my social media followers engaged with my content even when I am too busy to be online. 

Write Daily/Weekly To Do Lists

Using to do lists is a great way to improve your organisation. It helps you to ensure that you meet all your deadlines.

  1. Write down all your tasks – to plan your to do list for the week, you should write all your tasks down that you would like/need to achieve in the week ahead
  2. Prioritise your tasks – once you have all your tasks written down, you can then start prioritising tasks for each day of the week. This will stop you from procrastinating and achieve the tasks before your deadline.

It means that you can start your Monday morning already aware of what you need to get done and you do not waste your time preparing for your week.

A lined A4 notebook, with a black wrist watch and a weekly planner.

Inbox Zero

It can be so overwhelming when you open your inbox on a Monday morning and be flooded with emails especially if they are from the previous week.

Using some time on a Sunday to go through the previous week’s emails can be really helpful. You can remove spam and prioritise your emails to get started on a Monday morning.

Practising inbox zero can mean that you are far less likely to miss important emails and deadlines.

Plan Your Week

In order to have a more organised week, you should plan certain aspects of your week.

  1. Schedule your self-care – regularly practising self-care can help refresh your mental health which can enable you to refocus and have increased motivation.

  2. Use A Planner System– whether it’s paper based like a diary, a bullet journal or you use a digital planner. You can then schedule appointments and put tasks in each day. When you wake up each day, you will already know what you have to achieve that day.

If you are looking to improve your productivity, a bullet journal can help you to keep track of all aspects of your home and work life. Start setting up your bullet journal and boost your organisational skills.

This is a huge list of 21 habits that will help you to be more organised and productive for the week ahead. Even if you choose to implement a few of these practices, it is going to dramatically improve your productivity.

How do you get organised for a new week ahead? I’d love to hear in the comments.



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74 thoughts on “21 Sunday Habits For An Organised Week

  1. If I didn’t live in a house of multiple occupancy and I had the space, I definitely get back into bulk cooking and freezing. Unfortunately I exist in a single room so some of these are near impossible to do, but I can see how all these could be beneficial

  2. Wow! So many amazing tips! I love the one about about deleting all unnecessary emails, but I am too much of a pack rat for that one. However, having a list of intentions is my JAM! These past few years, I have SWORN by that method and have been SO much more productive. 🙌🏾📝

  3. Great suggeations. I ususally use Sunday as a rest day. I turn off my phone and leave it in a draw. I dedicate it to being with my family and relaxing. I will also tidy up and plan my week ahead but that’s about it. Got to recharge those batteries! Thank you for sharing 🙏

  4. Some really useful ideas (I love Sundays for being able to set the tone for the next week) — I like to organize ahead in some ways but also don’t want to be too rigid in my approach/expectations. You’ve given me a couple of ideas that will help with the things I want/need to be a bit more efficient about. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is all great advice! You are right clearing my work space helps me plan better for my week ahead. What I need to work on now is planning for self-care and my blogging time. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love this! I definitely need to clear my workspace more 😂 when I do that it’s almost as if I’m clearing my mind! Great post!

  7. Great ideas! This is inspiring me to go through stuff in my home and clear space, as well as clear space in inbox and computer! Thank you!

  8. I really need to start doing this, especially the meal prep! The amount of times I waste money on lunch because I’m too lazy to make lunch in the morning is a joke haha!

    Courtney x

  9. Great suggestions! To-do lists are great for me because I tend to get overwhelmed by the things I need to do, and having something guide me through my day really does help. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  10. You’ve included so many great suggestions. I like to have a Sunday reset too and fine it really helps me to have a great week. I try to plan any outfits I want to wear too so thats one less thing to think about.

  11. Absolutely great tips here! I love using a Sunday to get prepped for the week ahead, especially with my son since he will normally have school. Writing to do lists always help me stay organised, don’t know how I’d manage without them.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  12. Great post; I need all the help I can get with being organised, so I’ll bookmark this for future reference. There are some great ideas here and seeing as I’m writing on a Sunday, there is no time like the present to get things in order 🙂

  13. So many great tips on this list. I am terrible at being organised, and always feel like I am running out of time on a Sunday because I try to cram everything in. Might have to just use a few of these tips to get me organised for the week ahead, and then I can use my time better on the weekend!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  14. These are such great tips. I always plan my week on a Sunday and I schedule any tweets and try and make sure all blog posts for that week are scheduled, especially as I work shifts so it can be hard to find time to do everything so doing it all on a Sunday or before I go back to work for the week (depending on when my days off are) helps me feel more organised.

  15. Great range of suggestions! I feel like I should definitely do a lot more planning for the week ahead, and that would work nicely with the to do lists, too. Thanks for sharing x

  16. I’ve been naff at getting myself organised for Monday mornings with the blog over the last few weeks. I’m usually on it, ready to hit the week with a good start.
    Your tips are excellent, I’ll be following them to the letter


  17. Great suggestions! I actually am trying to get back with journaling (didn’t have much time lately but I really want to go start that again). You are so right about creating a routine that goes well for you. It is good to be prepared!

  18. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it’s my only day off and I love spending it just relaxing and being with my husband. I usually spend most of the day reading, but by the evening, I definitely try to focus on prepping for the upcoming week. You’ve got some excellent tips here to make the rest of the week much better!

  19. Having a clear workspace is something that I can stand by. I am always the most productive when my home/office is clean. It gives me the feeling of having a clean slate to express my thoughts and ideas more readily. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I have been unsubscribing from so many mailing lists and promotional emails lately to clear up room in my digital life and feel a little more free. It has been a big help in not being hit by a dozen messages I am not interested in reading.

    Love your idea for batch cooking for the week! That would take a load off my mind.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  21. Love this list! I am a person who needs to-do lists and I plan my week accordingly every Sunday! I do all my chores on Sunday and clean for the week. It helps me feel refreshed and relaxed to crush the week! Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

  22. Some brilliant suggestions Lauren, I use Buffer to schedule my posts is Hootsuite a better alternative? I need to be better organised in terms of a weekly plan, I have started to document my posts and schedule for the week but it’s still a bit haphazard and I need to be more disciplined. You have certainly given me the motivation to improve in this area.

  23. These are all excellent ideas! I like to set some time aside on Sunday evening and write some goals I want to achieve for the week. I’m going to try set some time on Sunday to schedule blogging content so I don’t have to stress about having no posts to go up haha


  24. For me, planning and making a to-do list are the most important things. Without them I feel like lost and don’t know how to start my week / weekend. But I agree with you. All these habits are important! Great post!

  25. I agree with you tidy place, tidy mind. Something I’ve been following for a while now. I feel a mess inside if I’m in a messy place haha. Great suggestions!

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