Sustainable Home Interior Ideas With Poster Store

Two blue abstract posters with black frames leaning against a brown wall.

*AD. These products were gifted to me for a review, but all views are my own.

Sustainability for me is so important and I have been making real changes to all aspects of my life to ensure I am doing my part for the environment; this is the same for my home décor.

When Poster Store reached out to me about collaborating I knew their products would make a great addition to my home especially as we are in the middle of decorating certain rooms in the home. I have always loved the look of gallery walls for interior design and Poster Store has posters and prints for the best inspiration.

Who is Poster Store?

Poster Store is a fast growing Swedish company created by two brothers Oskar and Tobias Renlund. They specialise in high quality and sustainable wall art that is locally printed in Stockholm on ecological paper, their printing partner Exacta Stockholm and their paper is certified by FCS (Forest stewardship Council) and NordiSwan (Ecolabel International Environment Guidelines ISO14001). This means all wood that they use is responsibly sourced and meets high environment and social standards, you can enjoy your prints completely guilt free!

Posters & Prints

You can find an extensive poster selection of different themes and categories that are bound to inspire you to create your own gallery completely unique to your home. Poster Store releases a new poster collection every Tuesday, so there are always new Scandinavian designs for you to explore.

Each poster is printed in 200gsm premium paper with a matte finish. There is a huge list of categories to choose from. If you need extra help, make sure that you check out the inspiration section. Once you have chosen your favourite wall art, you can then choose the size you want. The prints range from 13 x 18cm to 70 x 100cm. you can then select a frame for your print that come in black, white, gold, oak, copper, walnut and silver. There is a colour to suit each print and the interior design you have in your home.

As we are currently renovating our kitchen and office, I thought that choosing some prints to add to the décor would be perfect. I am really pleased with the designs I have chosen, but it was so hard; I just wanted them all!

Two posters in black frames. The poster on the left is a cocktail guide and the other is a wine guide.

Delivery & Packaging

Poster Store offer free shipping on all orders over £39 and at a cost of £4.95 for orders under £39. You are able to track your prints from their office all the way to your home for peace of mind.

All the prints come securely packaged in a protective plastic wallet with each frame wrapped in bubble wrap. Each side of the acrylic glass covered with a plastic film to protect the glass before you are ready to hang your prints.

I was pleasantly surprised with how quick they arrived as I was so excited and hate having to wait for deliveries!

What I Chose From Poster Store

For my office, I chose the Abstract Blue Watercolour No.1 and No.2 poster, in the 30 x 40cm size. My favourite colour is blue and I adore the flow of the blue shades paired with the gold. Having these two prints together will be a beautiful wall decoration; a creative decoration for a creative space.

An abstract blue poster in a black frame.

An abstract blue poster in a black frame.

I love positive quotes and use them in my bullet journal a lot, so I chose ‘Don’t Be Like The Rest of Them’ poster in the size 21 x 30cm and ‘Thoughts’ poster in the 13 x18cm size. These quote prints will also be featuring in my office.


A small poster in black frame that says "Change your thoughts and you'll change your world".

In the kitchen, I will be displaying the ‘Cocktails’ poster and ‘The Wine Guide’ poster that are both in the 30 x 40cm size; I mean who doesn’t love a cocktail?

A poster in a black frame

A poster in a black frame that is a cocktail guide

The last poster I ordered is by far my favourite and you can find it in the animal category and it’s the ‘Leopard in the Wild’ poster. Big cats are my favourite animals and this photograph is stunning. I couldn’t leave it behind!

A poster in a black frame of a wild leopard.

Poster Store offer extremely affordable eco-friendly prints for you to transform your homes interior to your unique style.

The lovely people at Poster Store have given me a 35% discount to share with my readers. The code applies to all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). It is not to be used with other discount campaigns. You have a month to use this exclusive code, so get shopping and remember to use ‘LAUREN/35’ for 35% off! Valid from 29th June to 29th July.

What is your favourite print I chose? Do you have a favourite from their website? I’d love to hear in the comments.

51 thoughts on “Sustainable Home Interior Ideas With Poster Store

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been looking at posters and prints as want to redecorate my bedroom so this is amazing!

  2. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing – I really love the two blue watercolours you selected they would look so beautiful in any space! Also the office quotes you chose would definitely be my choice as well. 🙂

  3. Wow, these are some stunning prints, Lauren, you made some excellent choices for each room! I think my personal favourite is the leopard, what a gorgeous photo, I can quite see why you couldn’t leave that one behind 🙂 Thank you for the discount code too, I shall have to head over for a browse!

  4. Oh these are gorgeous! We have something similar and find them so calming to look at – the way the colours work is so relaxing

  5. These look amazing and really love how they suit your office! I love inspiring quotes and abstract paintings, they can change the space so easily x

  6. To be honest, I have not heard of Poster Store but thank you for bringing them to my attention. The fact that they are making a concerted effort to do this sustainably warms my green heart. Also beautiful designs. Xx

  7. Love this! Having sustainable decoration ideas is so important and these all look fab! I especially love the quote about changing the way you think and how that can change the way you see the world. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that these are sustainable, and pretty at the same time. You have picked some great prints. I love the marbled/ink ones with the flecks of gold, and of course the cocktails!
    Thanks for sharing them, I bet they look wonderful in your home.

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  9. I love how I’m seeing all these Poster Store collab now I’m doing my own collab with them! 😂😍
    Love the prints you chose babe xo

  10. I had never heard of Poster Store before this but I’m glad you recommend them. It looks like they not only print very professional and modern work but are also modern with their packaging by making it sustainable. Thanks for this informational post!

  11. Nice choices! Love both of the quotes you picked. They are two concepts I try to live by! Also love animals and big cats… Have a black panther tattoo. 😀 … I’ll take a look.

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