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Should I Post Videos Or Pictures On Instagram

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Both pictures and videos seem welcome on Instagram. But which is the best way to communicate your company’s message? The answer to this question depends on the message you wish to convey and your brand.

Pictures Provide a Faster Form of Engagement

The debate between pictures vs. videos on Instagram continues to cause some confusion, but research shows that pictures provide a faster form of engagement. While you need to post pictures more often, they certainly make it easier to stay connected with your customers. A mix of both videos and images is helpful too. However, if you post videos, they need to be well-executed and entertaining, as you need to work harder at making them stand out.

Focus on Pictures

According to studies, picture-based content receives more likes and engagement than video content. Therefore, visitors prefer to interact with pictures. Because picture-generated content does not provide any long-term impact, you need to post regularly. Not only should the images be high-quality, you need to add posts daily to convert followers to customers. It’s a lot harder to use videos, as you need more resources to create them than when you post pictures.

Again, Instagram followers are more likely to check out an image than interact with a video. That’s why pictures receive more “likes” than videos. However, don’t let that stop you from posting videos. While pictures might get more likes, videos receive more comments.

How to Make the Most Value Out of Posting

Probably the best way to assess using pictures vs. videos on Instagram is to use both types of content but focus more on adding pictures regularly. You can support this effort by adding high-quality videos 1 to 4 times per month. To further support your efforts, you need to make sure you are posting the right types of pictures.

Post UGC Images

One of the best ways to ensure you receive a good response is to post user-generated content (UGC) pictures on Instagram. UGC pictures convince viewers that your brand of services or products are both credible and beneficial. Encourage customers to post pictures, as doing so will greatly influence your status online.

Create Memorable Posts

Almost as good as UGC pictures are behind-the-scenes images. Viewers to Instagram like to find out more about what goes on in your company. Sharing how your company operates helps to promote interest and customers. Just make sure any images you post are authentic. They should not look staged. Whether you post pictures or videos, make sure you provide content that stands out and will be remembered by your followers.

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