7 Blogs That You Should Be Reading This August

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How are we at the start of a brand new month already? The Summer is flying by already – let’s hope that the sunshine comes back.

For me 2021 is going by so fast, what about you? This month I have decided to take a back seat with my Pinterest account with the change in algorithm and having my account marked as spam I am becoming very frustrated. I have chosen to put my efforts into updating older content and increasing my DA score.

Now, let’s drive into this month’s advertisers. There really is something for everyone this month. Check out these 7 bloggers and show some love on their blog posts.

Enviroline Blog is written in green lettering with the words environment, mental health & ED recovery all in black lettering.

Caroline is an environmental and ED recovery blogger. Caroline is a lover of: musicals, cats and is a big fan of Strictly. Caroline shares openly and honestly about being in recovery from an eating disorder and uses her platform to help educate people and create awareness, so other people know that they are not alone. Caroline is an engaged member of the community and is really active in comment threads.

I recommend reading these blog posts:

  1. Things no one tells you about eating disorder recovery
  2. How to have a sustainable period
  3. 4 ways nature will improve your mental health

A blog banner that says our favourite jar in rose gold over navy blue paint brush strokes as well as pink brush strokes. The tagline reads a lifestyle and family blogger

Claire is a blogger who I have been following for a while and she is another huge supporter of my blog, but a real support with my recent chronic illness diagnosis. Her support is hugely appreciated.

Claire is mum of one, a step mum to two and a future bride to be! Her main job is working in a school office. Claire started her blog as a Christmas gift for the family and then it became a place where she could speak openly about the difficulties she faced when she lost her mum. She loves to document her family life.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. 6 special acts of kindness to support bloggers
  2. The next exciting stage of wedding planning
  3. Live to travel and love to journal

Sunshine Sarah's blog banner with sun and sun rays behind a green bottle of champagne

Sarah is a Yorkshire blogger who enjoys documenting her travels and walking through the Yorkshire Dales. She shares blog posts on mental health, Netflix recommendations, veganism, eco-friendly options and much more besides! Sarah is a supportive blogger, who actively shares others’ content and posts, leaving genuine comments.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. 8 Netflix shows with strong female leads
  2. Finding the best sun cream for you this summer
  3. Running basics – the gear guide

Goal of happiness written in white with a pink background

Charlotte founded Goal Of Happiness after she changed her own life. She suffered with her mental health and with positive changes has changed how she lives with her mental health. She is now is helping others help themselves with her blog to change their life and mindset.

Charlotte is a trained chef as well as and at home body shop consultant. She loves everything to do with fitness. Charlotte is currently training for a half marathon.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. 10 reasons to start exercising
  2. The surprising benefits of drinking water
  3. 10 tips on how to calm your anxiety

A blog banner that has a pink notebook and phone on a desk. With Sarah’s blog name.

Sarah has been blogging since 2017 and in 2020 she finally made the plunge to blog full-time.

Sarah has a blog and also runs a Youtube channel on a variety of topics such as: blogging, social media, productivity, law of attraction and much more.

Sarah’s passion is to help women live a happier and healthier life. Check out her Etsy store and utilise her planner products.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. 6 monthly blogging tasks that will grow your blog
  2. What is the law of attraction + does it really work?
  3. 7 rookie Pinterest mistakes you could be making

Voluptuous is in black cursive writing with red writing saying chatterbox and a doodle of red lips.

Kerry Ann blogs all about: lifestyle, beauty, fashion and mental health. She lives just outside of Belfast and has a passion for reading. Kerry also runs a book blog about reading content. Not only running 2 blogs, she also makes homemade jewellery, bookmarks and other gifts.

I recommend these blog posts of hers:

  1. Bestie breakup – How I’m moving on from one and 5+ tips so you can too
  2. My biggest dating disaster stories
  3. The delicious summer accessory you need

Peculiar Adventure written with a ghost doodle on the left and crystal doodles on the right

Jenna is a writer, traveller and paranormal enthusiast. She enjoys spending time outdoors, relaxing at home with her husband and two black cats. Spending far too much money on Lush products.

Jenna shares posts about travel, lifestyle and paranormal. There are posts for everyone. Jenna has two black cats named Libby and Lana. Jenna is an aerial hoop performer and enjoys camping and hiking.

I recommend these blog posts of hers:

  1. The history and the horrors of the Cecil hotel
  2. Nautical Terror: Exploring the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
  3. Ghost Islands: Four of the spookiest places on the seas

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Which blog are you going to check out? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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48 thoughts on “7 Blogs That You Should Be Reading This August

  1. They all look like great blogs that I want to check out, I’m always looking for new blogs that are interesting to me, thank you for sharing. xoxo

  2. These all look like such amazing blogs, and you’ve got a great selection too! I especially love the sound of Charlotte’s, it sounds great for mental health. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Great suggestions you have for this month! I only knew Caroline out of them. I will definitely check the rest also!
    thank you for sharing!

  4. There are some great ones here as well as a couple I haven’t heard of. I always love discovering new bloggers so these posts are my favorite. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I always like a post with blog ideas as it can be quite hard to find the sorts of blogs you want to follow. Will definitely be checking some of these out.

  6. There are so many amazing bloggers this month, but there are a few blogs I’ll definitely have to check out as I have not heard of them before.

  7. I am excited to see some writers I am not familiar with here! Voluptuous Chatterbox and Sarah Marie are both new to me, but I love the sounds of their content and style.
    Thank you for sharing. <3

  8. Such great recommendations! I especially love the logos, they really grabbed my attention and give me a good glimpse into what each blog is like

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