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Where did the 2021 summer go? It feels like it was gone in an instant! I spent my summer with all my loved ones and it was amazing to have that quality time together.

We are into a new month and I am looking forward to the autumn months where I can wear lots of layers, enjoy hot drinks and enjoy all the activities which the season brings.

This month, I have some new advertisers which I am excited to share with you as well as some amazing repeat ones. These bloggers share a range of blog posts, so there is something to inform or inspire everyone.

Check out my September advertisers and show their blogs some love!

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Kayleigh is another blogger who advertised with me last month and I am happy to be sharing her content. She has been a driving force for affiliate sales and has been a great inspiration for other bloggers to start making money online.

Kayleigh has become a full time blogger and has created helpful e-books on affiliate marketing and blog monetisation. Kayleigh is currently working on a PhD, where her thesis is about painting and sculpture. She shares posts on finance, blogging tips and travel to name but a few. She loves food, travelling, classical literature and experiencing a variety of cultures.

I recommend these 3 posts of hers:

  1. 5 Amazing fashion trends you need in Autumn 2021
  2. 4 Helpful haircare tips you should know
  3. 6 Reasons why you should host with Bluehost

Sunshine Sarah's blog banner with sun and sun rays behind a green bottle of champagne

Sarah is a Yorkshire blogger who enjoys documenting her travels and walking through the Yorkshire Dales. She shares blog posts on mental health, Netflix recommendations, veganism, eco-friendly options and much more besides! Sarah is a supportive blogger, who actively shares others’ content and posts, leaving genuine comments.

You should read these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. Brightening Up My Room With A Photowall Sweden Canvas
  2. Creating A Gallery Wall With Poster Store
  3. Veganism Two Years On

The sentence 'a long came Rosie' in a playlist script font.

Sophie is a mum to a little girl called Rosie and is based in Sheffield. Sophie is a lover of crocheting and trying new recipes.

For the last 10 years, she has been working in cosmetics and started her blog last year whilst on furlough. She shares blog posts on skincare and food as well as sharing the adventures of her and her family.

Check out these 3 blog posts of hers:

  1. Liz Earle EyeBright – The essentials that you didn’t know you needed
  2. Feel Unique beauty box August 2021
  3. PMD Personal Microderm Review

That Mama Club design logo which has two hands hovering above each other.

The Mama Club blog is a group of 8 mums who started on Instagram last summer and it has grown quickly. The 8 mum bloggers live all over the UK, Australia and Japan. The concept for their website is to share experiences, raise awareness and create a safe place for people to come. They cover blog posts on: lifestyle, motherhood and sexual health; there is something suitable for everyone.

I recommend these 3 blog posts:

  1. 5 Tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  2. The best books to read this Summer
  3. TMC Talk: Toxic Shock Syndrome

Navigatio spelt in bubble writing with a city background

Nele is Dutch, but lives in the UK. She works as a travel blogger a freelance SEO editor/writer. Nele runs a travel blog called ‘The Navigatio’.

On the Navigatio, she shares her love for urban travel, the excitement of experiencing new cultures and history. Her hope is to inspire like-minded couples to plan their next urban adventure.

Nele is an experience writer, content creator and SEO expert. If you are looking to develop your blog and knowledge, I highly recommend her e-books; I purchased 3 of them that were extremely helpful.

Here are 3 blog posts that I recommend you read

  1. Best UK city breaks
  2. 3 week Japan itinerary
  3. Plan a trip with Google Maps

Tidbits of care written in purple writing with a pink background and purple flowers

Giulia is a 40-something lifestyle blogger, who is based in Canada and runs the blog ‘Tidbits of Care’. She started the blog through her desire to live a more authentic life, grow as a person and create the right balance in life.

She wants her blog to inspire others who may not know how to practise self-care and to let those suffering from anxiety know that they are not alone. Giulia is a lover of animals and enjoys reading and crochet.

Here are 3 blog posts to check out:

  1. How to declutter books for book lovers
  2. Fabulous self-care tips for days that suck
  3. 6 powerful crystals to have in your healing kit

Vice city themed logo background with the words concealed voices in bold white and pink writing

Joey is a blogger based in the UK. He started his blog a few years ago after the hardest chapter of his life which included losing his grandmother.

Concealed Voices can be more than a blog. It can be a movement to force change in society. A way of life to give hope to men who are deprived of happiness as well as help to create a community to educate, inspire and motivate men across the world.

I recommend that you read the following of his blog posts:

  1. Let’s talk about mental health
  2. 3 reasons why men should blog
  3. My life with pets

Do you follow these bloggers? Which bloggers are you interested in checking out? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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  1. ooh there’s a couple of new names here, but a lot that I haven’t come across before. Thanks so much for sharing – I’ve got some blog hopping to do for sure!

  2. There’s a lot of great blogs that I love up here, as well as a couple of new ones I don’t recognise! I hadn’t heard of Navigatio before but they sound fab, I’ve been looking for a new travel blog so will have to check it out at some point. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Some I already know but I will definitely check out the others – thanks for sharing these bloggers!

  4. I come back again and again to advertising as an amazing way to find new blogs to read and am often never disappointed! Concealed Voices and Navigatio are writers I am new to and I am excited to explore their content.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post, I know a couple of these bloggers and some I don’t. Thanks for sharing amazing bloggers, will definitely check them out☺️

  6. I’m following some of these and will check out the others. I had no idea that Kayleigh is working on a PHD that’s amazing!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post, I’m always looking for new bloggers to follow! There are some familiar named here who I follow and love their content, but there are some new ones as well! Thank you for recommending!

  8. You’ve got some fantastic bloggers lined up this month, and a few I’ve not come across before, so I’ll have to go check them out. Thanks for sharing this!

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