Effective Goal Planning With Yop & Tom

Forest green goal planner notebook with a gold triangle on the front and power of 3 written in gold

AD. This product was gifted to me, but all views are my own.

Setting goals helps to instigate new behaviours; they help guide your focus and sustain the momentum in life. When you set goals, they will not only motivate you, but can also improve your mental health, personal and professional success.

Working on setting specific goals can increase your likelihood of success. When you write down your goals and targets, it gives you accountability and the motivation to achieve what you set out do.

The brand Yop & Tom was created in 2019, in London, by 2 friends, Joppe (Yop) and Tom. They wanted to help you unlock your potential through intentionally designed paper products. Their produces are specifically designed to aid you to disconnect from the digital world and allow you to reconnect with what is really important to you. They want the products to help you be more productive and achieve your goals.

Previously, I worked with Yop & Tom this year on my Veganuary series in January. I shared a selection of the best vegan and sustainable stationery products on the market. I shared a bullet journal from their collection that I feel more than outs Archer & Olive bullet journals to shame. Not only do they offer bullet journals, but they have these popular goal planners. If you are looking for some help in creating your goals, ‘The Power of 3 – Undated Goal Planner’ can help you by grouping them in 3s.

Double page spread in the goal planner explaining what power of three meansA double page explaining how to use this goal planner

The Power of 3 Undated Goal Planner comes in 3 nature inspired colours: Sunshine Yellow, Charcoal and Forest Green. The planners have the following features:

  1. Size A5 (148 x 210mm)
  2. 120gsm sustainably sourced are in pure white
  3. Stain-resistant, vegan leather cover with a fastener and 3 divider ribbons
  4. 222 pages with a yearly overview and focus, 4 quarterly spreads, 12 monthly spreads ad 53 weekly spreads

The rule of 3 is a well-recognised concept in a variety of areas in life. Science has proven that human beings are instinctively designed to process information through pattern recognition. It is true that your brain processes and remembers information that is shared in 3s much more easily.

The Power of 3 technique has 3 distinct phases:

  • Goal setting
  • Goal execution
  • Reflecting and migrating goals to the next time period

In the goal planner, it explains all about the Power of 3 and information about each section of the planner. Not only do you have the information, but from page 208, you can see the examples of how you can utilise this planner, which I found really helpful.

A yearly overview set over two pages in a column set upAn example of how to use the yearly overview pagesA one month planner spread over two pages.An example of how to use a one month planner overview

A 3 month goal planner set up over two pages split into sections writing tasksAn example of how to use 3 month goal planner set upA blank yearly focus double page spread in the goal plannerA yearly focus spread in the goal planner with examples of how to use itAn example of how to use the 3 month goal planner pages

I am really looking forward to using this goal planner in order to help me set achievable goals and be able to track my progress. What I love about this planner is that it’s undated, so not only can I start this planner at any point in the year, but if I have a flare up due to my chronic illness, I can skip a month or two if I need to. I can tailor it completely around me. The white pages are bright white, which makes the page set ups clean and minimalistic. I am making conscious efforts to be more sustainable in all areas of my life and that includes my stationery. I know when I am using my Yop & Tom Goal Planner and Bullet Journal that I am reducing my impact on the planet and using responsible sourced paper.

I have used goal planners or notepads before, but they were very basic and just had a space to write down a goal and a to-do list. The Yop & Tom goal planner has detailed step-by-step set up for you to break down your goals and what you want to focus on. This makes big goals less daunting and helps you to make the steps towards achieving the goals you set.

You might be thinking ‘why do I need a goal planner?’ There are so many benefits of writing down and planning your goals. Here are 7 reasons why using this goal planner will be effective:

  1. It will boost your productivity
  2. Help you to keep reliable records
  3. Helps you to schedule effectively especially with time management
  4. It holds you accountable
  5. It helps you to get clear about what you want
  6. It narrows your focus to eliminate any possible distractions
  7. Helps you to stay motivated

Setting goals can be overwhelming, so using a goal planner can take the pressure off and allow you to channel your efforts into achieving your goals. I recommend checking out Yop & Tom on Instagram.

How do you plan your goal setting? Have you used a goal planner before? I’d love to hear in the comments.

42 thoughts on “Effective Goal Planning With Yop & Tom

  1. I love how minimalistic and ordered it looks! I find some planners have either too much or not enough and this sounds like a great middle way. I am very impressed by how the pages are divided and are focused on goals. I must say that you have an amazing writing x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The planner is very detailed and broken down in a way that it is easy to use. Great that it is small enough to fit in a book bag.


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