Everything You Need To Know About Art Hanging

A lounge interior with a sofa, cabinet and dining table and a yellow themed art print on the wall.

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Displaying an art piece is in itself an art. Finding the optimal art hanging system and location to hang an art piece is just as important as the art itself. Not choosing wisely can result in a masterful art piece looking dull or out of place.

The factors which determine how the art piece will look displayed in your home, shop, or office depend on many factors. All these must be taken into consideration before putting it up for display. Below are some of the main factors that should be thought through.

1. Choose Your System Wisely

The art displayed is supported by an art hanging system. This system comprises rails, cables, and rods. All these must be chosen based on the location of the display. Getting the right tools and equipment for the job should be a priority.

2. Context

Art always interacts with its surrounding context. The art you have chosen should be looked at how it interacts with its environment. Whether it would be better in a home, or an office. The height of the ceiling, the lighting, and the angle of the windows and doors all determine how the artwork will be perceived.

3. Height And Fixings

Depending on the art hanging system the artwork will be hung from the ceiling or wall-mounted. It is important to get sturdy fixings that will not disturb the art piece each time someone walks by. The height and build quality of the ceiling and walls should also be known beforehand.

4. Negative Space

Close attention should also be placed on the wall the artwork is displayed upon or in front of. Negative spaces play an Important element when multiple artworks are displayed together. Viewers observe the negative spaces in between artworks when their eyes go from one piece to the next.

5. Contrasts And Resemble

The display of art pieces should be choreographed. One art piece should fall into the next, either through contrast or a common theme. Therefore, it is important to play around with different art pieces to find the best place to display each of them such that they tell a story when displayed together.

Displaying art has two aspects. The physical, which is the art hanging system used and the physical context of its surroundings. The artistic angle dictates how the art communicates with other art. Both these elements greatly determined how the artwork is perceived and thus all must be carefully examined.

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  1. I can’t say I’ve ever given it a whole lot of thought and yet clearly I must have when I’ve hung the bits of art I have as I’ve thought of these too! The negative space is a really good point. I think it’s good to not over do it so that any piece you have, whether it’s a canvas or a cheap poster, can be appreciated in its own right without being crowded out by something else. xx

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