30 Habits Of Organised People

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You are not born super-organised, you will need to cultivate healthy habits, which will help to keep you organised. So, good news for you, you can learn to become even more organised than you thought possible.

Productive people are successful people; they do this by being organised that can be you. When you think about being organised, it doesn’t mean you have to be up at 6am, multiple planners, colour coded charts, sticky notes etc., you can make small positive habits that will help you to have a more organised life.

When you organise all areas of your life, it will boost your productivity to enable you to be more successful. Being a more organised person does not just improve your chances of success, but also it helps to reduce stress, improves sleep, helps you to live a more balanced lifestyle, improves your relationships, helps you stick to goals and much more. You want to reap all of these benefits (I mean of course you do!) and you can with the help of these 30 habits.

Here are 30 popular habits of organised people that you should start practising:

1. Use To-Do Lists

To-do lists are a small habit that can make a huge difference to your organisational skills. Having that beautiful notebook to keep your to-do lists in is important because you need to like where you store them, as this will help you to stick to using them effectively. You will want to check out Eloise Hall notebooks that will be perfect for you to record your to-do list. Writing all your tasks in a list makes them seem more manageable, help you to stay focused and to hold you accountable.

2. Automate Bills And Savings

Being on top of your bills can help you to feel organised. Automating all your bills will allow you to pay all of your bills on time as well as your savings. This action takes little effort, but saves you so much time.

3. Prioritising

Prioritising your tasks is important as you can allocate resources and focus on the most important tasks with the closest deadlines. This habit helps you to avoid missing tasks.

4. Take Time Out For Self-Care

You don’t need to be just physically organised; you also need to be mentally organised as well. Allocating time in your day and week for you to practise self-care is vital to avoid a burn out.

5. Declutter Regularly

Clearing and tidying your space regularly helps you get rid of those loose papers, file paperwork and donate your unwanted items will help keep your home and workspace organised and free from distractions.

6. Set Goals

Setting goals helps to motivate you, challenge you and to become successful. Your goals give you focus and can keep you organised.

7. Aware Of How To Destress

Balancing all areas of your life can be stressful at times. It is healthy to understand when you are feeling stressed and techniques that help you to relax and bring you a sense of calm.

8. Regularly Check Emails And Letters

Keeping up-to-date with your emails and letters means that you be aware of upcoming bills, notices or events that you need to be aware of. This stops your emails and letter correspondences building up.

9. Set Routines

The human body thrives on routine, especially during times of unpredictability, uncertainty and stress. Setting routines gives you a sense of control. You know what you need to do at what time that improves your organisation.

10. Know When To Ask For Help

You cannot do it all; learning when to ask for help is a strong asset. It stops you from becoming overwhelmed and burning out. People around you will want to support you and it means that you will have more time to do other tasks.


11. Know How To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination can reduce your productivity and success. Learning what your distractions are what motivates you to push forward can be a strong habit to practise.

12. Write Everything Down

Relying purely on your memory is not productive and can mean that you forget important information. When you write things down, you are holding yourself more accountable and likely to achieve the tasks.

13. Preparation

Prepping the night before can save so much time the next morning e.g. trying to pick outfits and packing a bag etc. it means that you wake up and feel ready for the day and do not waste time being unproductive. Also, it could mean a few more minutes in bed – a win-win!

14. Good Time Management

Planning out your time effectively allows you to achieve all the tasks you need to without being overwhelmed or missing deadlines. Using a schedule or planer would improve your time management.

15. Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails

You can get so many unwanted emails which hit your inbox on a daily basis, not only is it frustrating, but it can stop you from noticing new, vital emails you need. Regularly unsubscribing or blocking unwanted emails can save you time and keeps your inbox organised.

16. Have A Cleaning Routine

Putting a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning routine for you home in place can be helpful for you to organise you time. It helps you to ensure that your home is maintained at a level of cleanliness at all times and no place is forgotten.

17. Keep A Password Book

Having all your passwords written down safely can help you stay organised especially when you have multiple email and social media accounts. When you have all your passwords written down, you can then record the date that you last changed them. You should regularly change your passwords to protect yourself online.

18. Have A Weekly Planning Session

Having one day in the week (Sunday is usually popular) where you can plan your upcoming week is essential. Using a paper or digital planner allows you to fill in your appointments, to-do tasks and social events for the week. This enables you to start a week knowing exactly what needs to happen.

19. Meal Prep

Whether this is batch cooking for the week, prepping your meals the night before, or just having a meal list for the week, all of these methods help to save time and save you ordering a takeaway.

20. Keep A Tidy Workspace

If you work from home or in an office, it is equally important to keep your workspace tidy and free from clutter. Having a clear workspace allows you to work without immediate distractions and you are able to out your hand on any files or information you may need. A tidy space means a tidy mind.

A open notebook flat-lay on a white surface. On top of the open notebook is 2 polaroid photographs and some flowers. Around the notebook is a white pair of scissors, a black pencil is balancing on the corner of the right side of the notebook.

21. Clean The Kitchen Every Evening

You do not need to deep clean the kitchen every evening, but simply clearing away your dinner plates and pans will save you time the following day. You will also not wake up to a smelly kitchen!

22. Keep Tote Bags In Your Car Or Bag

Having a tote or reusable bag in either your handbag or car will help you to save money on buying plastic bags and you are helping the planet by being more sustainable.

23. Prep The ‘Launch Pad’

The ‘launch pad’ refers to the area you visit before you leave the house; this could be a unit by the door or your kitchen table i.e. the place where you will often leave your keys, bag and maybe your work documents. If you make sure that the evening before everything is there, this can make leaving the house much easier and quicker.

24. Use A Planner System Or Bullet Journal

There are a lot of different planner systems on the market that is tailored for everyone. Digital or paper based planning systems help you to plan and keep track of all areas of your life. If you are looking for bullet journal information, I have a complete guide to bullet journal set ups.

25. Declutter Your Purse/Wallet/Bag Regularly

Removing, filing or recycling receipts can help keep your purse, wallet or bag clear from clutter.

26. Designate A Laundry Day

Having a certain day allocated to doing your laundry helps you to stick to a routine; it can also be really beneficial when you have a big family to be able to keep on top of the washing.

27. Organise Your Wardrobe

When you have an organised wardrobe, whether that is by colour, size or garment type, it can make finding those outfits much more efficient. It also looks so much more appealing and inviting.

28. Spend 15 Minutes A Day Tidying Up

15 minute clean ups are designed to maintain a room. Having a quick cleaning session in a room several times a week will keep your home looking and smelling great between more intense cleans.

29. Make Your Bed Every Morning

By making your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a sense of pride and will encourage you to do more tasks.it reinforces the fact that small things in life matter.

30. Shop Mindfully

Shopping mindfully simply means thinking twice before making a purchase. This means that you are more likely to buy less and make better choices. This is a really helpful habit when you are trying to declutter your home.

These are just 30 small habits that you can start practising in your life that are going to make you more organised and therefore more productive.

Do you consider yourself to be an organised person? I’d love to hear in the comments.


70 thoughts on “30 Habits Of Organised People

  1. Love this post. I’m a very organized person and I see myself in a lot of these points. The one that’s letting me down at the moment is de-cluttering. My room, wardrobe and drawers are a NIGHTMARE and it’s definitely stressing me out a lot!

  2. This is an interesting post. I do so many of these things on the list such as keeping a to-do list, keeping a password book and a few more. I never realised how organised I was until I read this post.

  3. I live for lists. My whole life is a list or a reminder! I can’t recommend setting multiple alarms enough to remind you to get up, drink water, do this, do that etc.

  4. Love these tips! I want to be more organised, I do have my bills automated but decluttering would be useful! so will definitely be using these tips.

    1. Thank you for these tips. I try to do most of these, but I love the tote bags tip (I do this). Also the launch pad idea. I try to do this but not always that organised.

  5. These are great tips. I try to have a quick blitz of the house every evening. There is nothing worse than coming down to a messy house in the morning.

  6. Love this post, Lauren, so many useful tips. Yes, I think I am quite organised, I have my paper diary, the calendar in the kitchen, and multiple To Do lists for my work. I also use Trello, which helps with client work. My top tip is to note down the use-by dates of food on the kitchen calendar, which helps with meal planning and also ensures we use food before it goes off! x

  7. Generally speaking, I am a pretty organized person but I do go through cycles where I need a little support with it (life just does its thing, etc). This comprehensive list will be super useful when I need a few more ideas or a boost!

  8. Woah this was like reading into my life! Although maybe I need to go over a couple of points!

  9. Since I do most of this I should consider myself as organized, but sometimes I feel like I’m a mess 😅 I plan my week on Sundays and have a daily to-do list but still lag behind on schoolwork, etc, I guess I need to try harder.
    Thanks for sharing Lauren, there were a couple that I’ve never thought of doing like a password book!

    Loren | plaidandsugar.com

  10. I am pretty organized. I have a cleaning day. My schedule is so busy, so this post is filled with a lot of help for me to be more organized. Thank you!
    I stick to routine by nature but I’m bad at destressing, and asking for help. I like to be “strong, Independent, do things myself, and all I do is work, work, work. I was raised this way.

  11. Wow, so many awesome ways to stay organised! I do most of these, and would consider myself a generally organised person. Recently I’ve been very strict with emails – unsubscribing, deleting, filing them as soon as they’re dealt with. Great post x

  12. So true! These are the habits a well-organised person must have. And I’m grateful that I have 28/30 of these habits. I just need to add two more. Hopefully, I will be a successful person with these habits. Thank you for sharing. Good post.

  13. This is great! I think you weote everything down. There was not even a single tip that I read and thought that this could be left outside the list. Great job! Everything you mention is useful.

  14. I love this 🥰 I must admit I thought I was organised but after reading this post I can see that I have more to do. 😂
    Thank you so much for sharing, brilliant tips.

  15. I absolutely love this post about organizing. I am seriously trying to get a handle on becoming more organized. Your tips are fantastic. Although I am currently implementing some of them I will try to begin many that you have included. Thank you so much for sharing this important post.

    Pastor Natalie

  16. This is a great post!! Creating routines is such a powerful thing to do. Recently I set some recurring reminders to create a routine and man have I finished so many things. Totally love it! Thanks for sharing this post

  17. I am not the most organized person in the world. I do keep a paper planner for my 4 business avenues, and it helps a TON. I need to learn more about time blocking, because honestly my time gets away from me, even when I have things planned for the day. I want to be able to have the time to grow my businesses, instead of just sitting at Zero, doing the same thing over and over.

  18. Love this! I’d like to think I’m pretty organised but I could definitely still pick up a couple of these habits. I really need to work on having weekly planning sessions and the tech side of things – I’m a nightmare when it comes to my emails! Thanks for sharing x

  19. 😆The launch pad! I love it! My launch pad includes my bag, properly prepped with everything I need, including car keys, shoes, and a coat/sweater.

    Decluttering and cleaning are a form of self care for me; the activity and movement get me focused and excited. I also enjoy unsubscribing to emails I notice I never read. Having a minimal inbox every day is awesomely refreshing as I can focus on only what I need to.
    Thanks for sharing your tips and thoughts!

  20. I do so many from this list! I actually write a list most Fridays for things we need to do over the weekend. I have a pretty writing pad just for that haha

  21. Yes, there are several online and desktop tools to stay organized but nothing can replace learning to reach out and ask for help.
    When you are helpful to others, its not a tall order. Its a win win scenario when you are open-minded.

    H E

  22. These are all great tips. I like to think I am fairly organised and after reading this post and knowing that I do the vast majority of these maybe I am more organised than I think I am. I have lists for absolutely everything, I also have my passwords written down, because it is so frustrating not being able to log into something because you can’t remember the password.

    Sarah | http://www.aspoonfulofvanilla.co.uk

  23. Absolutely love this post! I could say that I’m an organized person 🙂 I use a planner to keep everything on track and help me remember everything I need to do on a particular day. Thank you for sharing this x

  24. I’m pretty organised and do most of these things. Except I’m terrible at asking for help and try to do everything myself. Which is really silly. Thank you for the reminder!

  25. That’s a fantastic list of things to do to be organized. I am not a very organized person so these are certainly helpful tips for me. Thanks for sharing

  26. daily schedules and lists help me so much! sleeping and finding ways to destress is just as important for productivity like you mentioned.

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